Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiger Legend

There are so many blogs and article on the net filled with News of Desjardins leaving. If I linked them all It would fill a couple pages so I'll just embed the piece that was on Chat TV.

By Liam Nixon of Chat TV. I found it on Jon Keen's blog this morning but I'll embed it here as well.

Their are many people in the Hat who are junior hockey crazy and as one of those people I can't thank him enough for all success he has brought with him to the Tigers. I still get goosebumps every-time I watch Brennan Bosch skate down the Ice and pot home that Double Overtime Game 7 Winner. I hope Willie does well in Dallas. It was only a matter of time before he moved on to bigger and better things. Maybe he can convince the Stars to send Jace Coyle back to the Hat another year?

I hope sometime during the next year Desjardins will be able to stop by for a game to receive a proper thanks from the crowd. He is already a Tiger Legend.

A big question on my mind is how does this affect the Tigers short and long term future? It has been speculated that Brad McEwen will go from head scout to GM. Shaun Clouston will go from associate coach to head coach. Will another assistant be hired?

Even with a legend like Willie moving on I am not too worried about the Tigers immediate future. In the short term the Tigers appear to have quite a few solid 17 year olds, and some solid talent already here.

The questions on my mind is how will the new GM be able to plug weaknesses and get value for players that need a change and how the Tigers will fare in 3-4+ years down the road after Willies mark has left the team.

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In the offseason with limited news on Average I get about 120 unique visitors a day. During the hockey season on average I get roughly 150 daily. When something big happens like a trade or the GM/coach leaves It jumps to 500-700 unique visitors.



Anonymous said...

God help the Tigers if McEwan becomes GM. It took 4 years in Swift to fix his mess.

Anonymous said...

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