Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tigers Defeat Chilliwack 5-4

A bunch of Chilliwack fans in attendance tonight. If you missed Tonight's game you missed a very good hockey game. Both teams were very physical and skating like the wind.

How often do you see both goalies score on themselves? It happened to both teams goaltenders tonight. I guess having the other guy do the same thing will take the sting out of it a little.

Jace Coyle Injury
The Tigers lost Jace Coyle midway through the second period after a heavy hit along the boards. When he got up he was limping, apparently he banged up his knee so says the coaches after the game.

After the hit a number of Chilliwack players were going "woooo" to celebrate their teams big hit. The Tigers fans sure picked up on it and were wooing the Chilliwack gang out of the building at games end.

It was a very physical game. I thought the Tiger forwards did an excellent job at helping clear the front of the net and getting the puck out of the zone with players breathing down their neck. I thought Jace Coyle had a very rough night, he didn't play well, Thomas Carr had some good moments but also had some bad moments.

Hunter Shinkaruk
I was impressed with the play of Hunter Shinkaruk again. It took him a while to get going but once he did he was creating chances and was a key contributor. It looked like tonight he got much more ice-time than usual and he performed very well. Was a little surprised to see he was a -2 on the night.

Vahe Zakaryan
I haven't really notice him on the ice very much compared to other players but he never seems to make a bad play. I hope when Pitlick comes back Vahe and Shinkaruk can create some chemistry with Grbavac. Or whoever they else they will play with. He could be one of those dark horse players who all of a sudden gets on a roll.

Patrik Parkkonen
Chillwack forward Brendan Persley raced across the Ice and leveled Parkonenn
Parkkonen got up and didn't seem to show any I'll effects from the hit.

Any player is fair game for a hit but when you see a player book it after the smallest player on the ice I was more than happy to see Mathew Konan skate over to Persley and throw some uppercuts his way.

Edit: Watched the video changed my mind:) Initially thought it was charging but It wasn't. It was a clean hit, ref had it right.

After a brief discussion and nod from each player they engaged in a very spirited 'bout. Konan was given an instigator penalty on the play. I'm not 100% sure on the ruling but in past fights when their was a discussion before dropping the mitts the instigator has not been called.

Too Many Men
Right before Chilliwack's 4th goal The refs and linesman missed a too many men on the ice non-call. There was 6 Chilliwackers on the ice defending, they broke up the ice out of their zone, realized they had to many players and got real lucky with the non-call. Had Chillwack tied the game, that would have sent everyone into a frenzy.

Emerson Etem and Linden Vey had very good nights. Etem with the hat-trick, Vey with a couple breakaways and 3 point game. Cole Grbavac played solid. The young D-men played well. Lot of people I talked to said Valk played well. I thought he struggled a bit. HE was hit hard 3-4 times and couldn't get good wood on a couple chances he had on the powerplay.

Kale Kessey
He threw a couple good hits like he always does, and earned the hit of the night. He drew a penalty stirring up Ryan Howse at the faceoff circle then received a cross-checked to the back. Although his puck handling skills tonight were off, every-time he had the puck he couldn't keep it on his stick.

Unless the defensman starts upping their game and playing more consistent, the Tigers may need to look at bringing in another defenseman sometime down the road if they plan on challenging for the WHL title. Its still early in the season but imo they are lacking a #1 2 way defensive stud who can eat huge minutes and play in both ends.

Jace Coyle looks like he is struggling at times perhaps being used more than he is used to.

Medicine Hat News Article

Edit 1: Added bit about defensman
Edit 2: Rewrote the Patrik Parkkonenn hit.
Edit 3: Added News and Gamesheet Links

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kootenay Defeat Tigers 3-2

Game Thoughts
I thought the Tigers threw the body out a little more tonight. They certainly gave Kootenay some war wounds.

I thought the Tigers played very well for the first two periods. Previously they have been having trouble breaking out of their end when pressured.

They played much better breaking out of their own end and controlled the flow of play. Crisp Tape to tape passes and guys furiously skating to get into position when they didn't have the puck. The Tigers won the first two periods. (Although there were two brutal giveaways which gave Kootenay mini-breakaways which Tyler Bunz stopped)

Kootenay managed to hang around and keep the game close and capitalized on some chances in the third period. In the third period suddenly the Tiger forwards were taking off early miles down the Ice trying for home run passes and Kootenay was forcing turnovers.

Kootenay already without their top defenceman in Brayden Mcnabb, saw Paul Martin injured after he fought Kale Kessey in the second period. He didn't return until 10 minutes remained in the third with a new jersey and a full face shield. Hayden Rintoul was also injured I didn't see him out in the third period.

Nathan Lieuwen played real strong in net and didn't give the Tigers any easy goals.

Wacey Hamilton
The onus is on him to play more disciplined. He cost his team dearly taking two dumb penalties. A lazy hook and Kootenay scored on the powerplay. Then a lazy slash which negated a Tigers powerplay in the dieing minutes.

Emerson Etem
Probably his best game this year at the Arena. He had 4-5 top notch scoring opportunities including hitting a post. Lieuwen will give him nightmares about a few of his chances.

Curtis Valk
Nice to see him snipe one in off the crossbar. He has a ton of skill but behind a lot of guys on the depth charts.

Nathan Lieuwen
Played unreal. He displayed an incredible lateral movement ability and was very square to the shooter. His style reminded me a lot of Tyler Bunz.

Scoring Summary
1. M.H Busenius, (1) (Etem, Kessy), 11:07
(Shot from the point deflected off a Kootenay Ice player.)

1. KTN Antilla, (5) (Leach, King), 11:50
(Leach fired a shot from the point, the puck bounced off the endboards right to Antilla who had a partial open net

1. M.H Valk, (1) (Etem, Bunz), 12:58
(2 on 1. Valk hung onto the puck and ripped a shot off the crossbar)

3. KTN Antilla, (6) (Magnus, Ismond), 2:55
Jesse Ismond made a nice move to deke around Scott McKay. Ismond fed it to a wide open Christian Magnus who took a shot with the net half open but Tyler Bunz made a nice save. Joe Antilla swatted home an easy rebound.

3. KTN Fraser, (5) (King, Leach), 14:52 (PP)
Matt Fraser corralled a loose puck in the corner walked out into the high slot and fired a shot top shelf.

3 Stars
1. KTN - 20 Joe Antilla
2. M.H - 26 Emerson Etem
3. KTN - 31 Nathan Lieuwen

I'm not entirely displeased I saw some good things out there in their own zone in the first two periods. Were still waiting to see a complete 100% effort for a full game though.

News Links
Medicine Hat News Article
Cranbrook Daily Townsmen Article

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bretton Cameron Signed by Stockton Thunder

STOCKTON, Calif. -The Stockton Thunder, proud ECHL affiliate of the National Hockey League's Edmonton Oilers and San Jose Sharks, and head coach Matt Thomas announced today the team has signed rookie right winger Bretton Cameron. Per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Pitlick Suspended Three Games
The player he hit(Nathan Deck) P.A's 20 year old captain has a torn MCL and will miss 4-6 weeks.

Pitlick has served 1 game so far. If anyone has a video of the hit please email me:)

Tigers Vs Kootenay Tonight
Kooteney Will be another good test to see where the Tigers are at. Kootenay is on a 4 game winning streak and is 7-2-0-1 in their last 10 games.

Kootenay's Defensive Stud Brayden Mcnabb will be a game-time decision as he nurses a shoulder injury. Kootenay's Brendan Hurley is also out with a hand injury.

It will be the first game between the two since last year when the Tigers knocked the Ice out of the playoffs in 6 games. Kootenay practiced yesterday in the hat so they will be well rested and prepared with a chip on their shoulder.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tigers Defeat Raiders 9-2

Looks like the Tigers got their offense going tonight. They were very good on special teams going 3 for 6 on the powerplay, killing off all 4 raider power-plays, and scoring a short-handed goal.

Tyler Pitlick was given a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for kneeing Raider Nathan Deck. I haven't seen the hit but it's possible that Pitlick may be given a suspension.

Edit: Still haven't seen the hit but Raider fans are saying Pitlick tried to pin his man against the boards and led with the knee sounds like the hit may not be suspension worthy.

Ryan Harrison was able to put up 2 goals and 1 assist on his former team.

Scoring Summary
1. P.A Maylan, (3) (Bettauer, Parker), 16:20
1. M.H Vey, (2) (Harrison, Pitlick), 18:16
2. M.H Etem, (5) , 3:54 (SH)
2. M.H Hamilton, (4) (Grbavac, Owuya), 10:23
2. M.H Harrison, (4) (Vey, Grbavac), 10:38
2. M.H Etem, (6) (Hamilton, Owuya), 12:48
2. M.H Vey, (3) (McKay, Carr), 17:09 (PP)
2. M.H Grbavac, (3) (Carr), 19:09
2. P.A Svendsen, (6) (McNeill, Herrod), 19:27
3. M.H Carr, (3) (Leier, Bredo), 15:12 (PP)

3 Stars
1.Linden Vey
2.Emerson Etem
3.Cole Grbavac

Prince Albert Herald Article
Pitlick had some interesting comments about his kneeing major in the article.

Tigers are in Saskatoon Tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tigers Defeat Warriors 3-2 SO

Scoring Summary
1. M.H Etem, (4) (Busenius, Hamilton), 10:52
1. M.J MacMaster, (4) (Cox, Edwards), 17:21 (PP)
2. M.H Carr, (2) (Harrison, Pitlick), 15:42 (PP)
3. M.J Howden, (6) (Bowman, Hood), 19:50 (PP)

Shootout Summary
36 Wacey Hamilton No Goal
4 Jace Coyle No Goal
15 Linden Vey Goal

27 Spencer Edwards No Goal
28 Dylan Hood No Goal
21 Quinton Howden No Goal

3 Stars
1. M.H - 30 Tyler Bunz
2. M.J - 33 Thomas Heemskerk
3. M.H - 15 Linden Vey

Warriors - 33
Tigers - 26

The Tigers have been consistently giving up 30+ shots every game this season. That doesn't look very good from the team defensive side of things.


Sounds like Tyler Bunz had a pretty good game against the warriors. The Tigers were the better team in the first 2 periods, but the warriors turned the pressure on in the third period and took it to them.

Medicine hat News Article
Moose Jaw Herald Article

A side note local Hat Kid Ryan Aasman was traded to the Swift Current broncos from Seattle for a 5th round pick. Ryan Aasman is an 18 year old and stands 5'10 180 lbs. This is his 3rd whl team. He has been held pointless and was a -2 in 8 games for seattle with 2 penalty minutes.


Team WHL vs Russia
Announced Today. Linden Vey Will be the only Tiger on the squad. He will participate in both games.

These games let team Canada get a better look at players that may be eligible for the upcoming WJC, hence why no Tyler Pitlick or Emerson Etem on the list. I am disappointed that Bunz wasn't selected for a game. Probably means he will have to start playing lights out if he wants any consideration for a WJC camp invite.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 6-4

Just a couple thoughts on Todays game.

The line of Tyler Pitlick, Linden Vey, and Ryan Harrison was a force every time they were on the ice. These three have looked good together.

The Tigers need that same kind of pressure from the Emerson Etem, Wacey Hamilton, Kessey line when they are out.

Wacey Hamilton scored a beauty of a goal going on a coast to coast rush splitting the D and depositing the puck upstairs on Cam Lanigan.

I'm really liking what Hunter Shinkaruk is bringing to the ice. He scored his first whl goal tonight ( A rebound on the powerplay) and I liked his hustle and determination. He has an impressive 5 points in 6 games. I think he should be able to push the vets for more icetime as the season progresses, perhaps even supplant someone on the 2nd line?

Cole Grbavac is "one of the" unsung heroes for the Tigers so far. Often he takes shifts with a pair of rookies on his line, and he has still put up good numbers with 5 points in 7 games

Tyler Bunz was hot one minute and shaky the next. He made a nice breakaway stop, an incredible 2 on 1 pad save, and stopped a handful of Oil King close calls, but he also let in a couple goals he would have liked to have back, and his rebound control wasn't very good tonight.

Edit: Slight re-wording
I didn't like Jace Coyle's Defensive game tonight during the first two periods. He had a couple defensive breakdowns and I noticed a few times where he was afraid to get hit in the corner and let the opponent outwork him. He's hesitating and holding on to the puck too long before making a first pass.

Scott McKay took 3 minor penalties :(

Sebastien Owuya was scratched and is day-to-day with a muscle pull.

I thought the defensive play of both teams was un-coordinated at times. Miss-communication leaving a man open was common.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 7-1

Apparently the Tigers started off the game very slow not getting their first shot on net until the first period was half over. Edmonton's lack of finish in the first period would come to haunt them as the Oil Kings fired 15 shots on net but Tyler Bunz held the fort.

Kale Kessey was back on the ice and scored 2 goals in his season debut. Another positive was that the Tigers managed to score 6 even strength goals. Thomas Carr was a team high +4 on the night.

Thomas Carr, Hunter Shinkaruk, Tyler Pitlick, and Cole Grbavac all had 3 point nights.

Prior to tonight's game Edmonton was on a 5 game winning streak after dropping their first 2 games of the season to the rebels

Scoring Summary
1. M.H Grbavac, (1) (Shinkaruk, Zakaryan), 13:59
1. M.H Kessy, (1) (Pitlick, Carr), 17:23
1. M.H Carr, (1) (Shinkaruk, Grbavac), 19:00
2. M.H Konan, (1) (Harrison, Pitlick), 10:43
2. M.H Grbavac, (2) (Pitlick, Carr), 11:36
3. M.H Etem, (3) (Hamilton), 4:43 (PP)
3. EDM Abney, (3) (Stephenson, Pysyk), 11:00
3. M.H Kessy, (2) (Shinkaruk), 13:24

Medicine Hat News Article

Edmonton is in the Hat Saturday night for a rematch

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kessy Close To Return

Medicine Hat News Article

Kale Kessy hopes he will finally get to make his debut in the current WHL regular season this weekend.

This power forward for the Medicine Hat Tigers has been out for a little over a month due to an injury, which almost occurred by a freak accident. During the team’s 4-1 pre-season victory over the Broncos in Swift Current back on Sept. 10, Kessy went to throw a bodycheck on an opposing player, missed and slammed awkwardly into the boards.

He ended up aggravating a bone in his upper thigh area, which has kept him out of the Tigers lineup since that time. His wait to get back into the lineup might come to an end this weekend as the Tigers travel to Edmonton to take on the Oil Kings on Friday. Both teams will also face each other in the Gas City on Saturday (7:30 p.m., The Arena).
Read the Full Article at the Medicine Hat News

Also a few former Tigers are having very strong starts in the nhl.
Tyler Ennis has 4 assists in 4 games
Clarke MacArthur has 4 goals and 1 assist in 3 games.

Both players are playing on their teams 2nd line.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cougars Defeat Tigers 5-3

Jekyll and Hyde
Which Tiger team showed up tonight?.....Well both

Unfortunately the team that doesn't like to skate or hit somehow played most of the game.

The Tigers played hockey for about 10 minutes tonight. 2 In the first period and 8 in the third period. A lack of consistent play seems to be the theme early in the season.

First Period
Second Period

The second period was the worst period of hockey the Tigers have played in that rink in the last 8 years....Wish I was kidding.

Last 8 Minutes
The fans that left early completely missed the best part of the game.

The Tigers turned it around a complete 180. Down 4-1 Tyler Pitlick swatted in a Jace Coyle rebound then a minute later Vahe Zakaryan made an incredible move scooping up the puck and doing a wrap around to beat Cougars netminder James Priestner (one of the quickest wraparounds I've ever seen, Tyler Ennis like) To make it a 4-3 game. The Tigers continued to hound the zone.

Jace Coyle lobbed a shot on net and it rang off the post.
The arena was rocking with only 1/2 the fans left in the building.

Unfortunately all was for naught as the Cougars Charles Inglis managed to score on an empty net breakaway to seal the deal 5-3.

Tiger Thoughts

Gotta give Kudos to Cole Grbavac, Wacey Hamilton, and Sam Dezman. They all showed tons of heart during a very tough stretch of gameplay. Grbavac with 2 fights, and physical play. Dezman with a fight and physical play. Hamilton was moving his feet and trying to get something started.

Can anyone confirm if Dezman was back on the ice after the fight? I cant remember if I saw him or not.

Devan Dubyk just didn't have it tonight. He looked slow reacting to the puck, and was juggling rebounds all night.

Ryan Harrison had a few real good shifts after Tigers forwards couldn't get open and he had to carry the puck. He did make one bad giveaway that Dubyk stopped.

Sebastien Owuya is reaching for the puck too much, he needs to be more physical. Jace Coyle I thought played an up and down game. Wasn't moving his legs and was getting outworked for the puck. But made a couple nice rushes up the ice.

Emerson Etem was working harder on the ice than last weekend.

So many passes that didn't connect. The Tigers gotta find a way to break out of their zone when the opponent is using an aggressive forecheck. I thought the forwards were cheating a lot breaking out of the zone to early. They played too high up the boards and nobody was crossing the middle looking for a breakout pass.

A couple of the defenceman seem to be just throwing the puck up the boards to uncontested areas

Cougar Thoughts
Their goalie James Priestner is really vocal in net. He was Yelling how much time was left on the powerplay, and when a Tigers forward was left unprotected in the slot. Its not often you can hear a player from where I sit but then again you could hear a pin drop for parts of the game tonight.

Cougars have a really big team and they showed tonight they can skate pretty well, when they work hard. They displayed a ton of confidence when the Tigers weren't skating.

I was impressed by the offensive ability of defensman #28 Martin Marincin. He has a big frame and a very long reach. He has a nice offensive flair to his game being able rush up ice on the powerplay and smoothly skate past opponents with solid puck control. Turns out he is Oilers property ( the 46th selection) I like that pick for them.

I can see why Brett Connolly was a first round pick. He looks real solid, will go into dirty areas and has a laser of a shot.

Spencer Asuchak, 6'4 215lbs He is a huge presence in front of the net. He scored 2 goals tonight and looked pretty good.

Tyler Pitlick hammered Caleb Belter along the boards and he left the ice right away. Looked like a shoulder injury. Cougar players started keying on Pitlick after that but he rose to the occasion and played very well during the last stages of the game.

Jesse Forsberg played a solid game. He laid a lickin' getting into a fight with Tigers Cole Grbavac after a high tempo'd missed check. Forsberg seems to make good first pass and seems to have a high Hockey IQ.

I wish PG came to town more often. They have some players I want to watch again and get a better understanding of their game.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hitmen Defeat Tigers 5-2

Scoring Summary
1. M.H Etem, (1) (Vey, Coyle), 4:25 (PP)
1. CAL Bubnick, (2) , 9:07 (SH)
1. CAL Kosterman, (1) (Bubnick), 17:42
2. CAL Kirsch, (2) (Roach), 9:20
3. M.H Etem, (2) (Coyle, Hamilton), 2:34 (PP)
3. CAL Bubnick, (3) (Beach), 6:04
3. CAL Sylvester, (2) , 17:32 (EN)

3 Stars
1. CAL - 14 Jimmy Bubnick
2. M.H - 26 Emerson Etem
3. CAL - 1 Michael Snider

Sounded like the Tigers had a handful of scoring chances but couldn't finish them off. It also sounded like they are having a tough time playing consistent throughout the game.

It's interesting to note that the Tigers only have 2 even strength goals in 4 games. However their powerplay has been pretty good with 5 goals.


Medicine Hat News Article on the Game

Calgary Herald Article on the Game

Fight between Boston Leier and Rob Trzonkowski
Looks like Leier knows how to chuck 'em

Bretton Cameron

Turns out he was just released by the Hartford Wolfpack. No word on where he plans to play now.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Late Tuesday

The Medicine Hat News has a good article about Sam Dezman breaking into the whl at 19 and his injury problems in past years.

I also did some searching on last seasons 20 year olds.

Bretton Cameron is making a strong case to stick with the Hartford wolfpack of the AHL. He is there on a tryout contract and has scored a couple goals in preseason play. He will be in tough to make their roster but he is making a case for himself to stay.

Thomas Kundratek is also with the Hartford Wolfpack, he was one of the rangers first cuts.

Mark Isherwood was just recently cut from (AHL) Peoria Rivermen and sent to the Alaska Aces (ECHL)

Road Game Tonight against the Calgary Hitmen.


Former Tiger on the Move
Cody Carlson was just traded to the Prince George Cougars for Art Bidlevskii. The Tigers play P.G on saturday. So we could likely see him play.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Interesting Articles (updated)

I found a really interesting Blog article from a guy who "rides planes and talks to strangers"

His last topic of conversation was about the Medicine Hat Tigers. Apparently this guy is from Florida, was visiting his daughter and decided to come see what hockey is all about. He managed to talk to Tigers Head Coach Shaun Clouston and shared his thoughts about him on his blog.

You can read his thoughts here. (The good stuff is closer to the bottom of the blog article)

Joey Frazer
Yahoo Sports Writer Neate Sager wrote an article about Joey Frazer's whirlwind of a week from being a 20 yr old overager victim to becoming the Tigers Newest Assistant Coach.

You can read the article Here


Dubyk Stones Rebels in Road Victory - Medicine Hat News article on pair of Weekend games.

Failure to Execute
Red Deer Advocate article on the weekend Games. The Rebels head coach Jesse Wallin says the shots on goal weren't indicative of the overall gameplay as the Tigers had some odd man rushes.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tigers Defeat Rebels 4-1

I listened to parts of the broadcast from both teams broadcasters.
The Tigers got off to another 2-0 lead and held it for the first period, despite the Rebels pounding 18 shots on net. The rebels scored the only goal in the second period. Then late in the third period the Tigers scored a Key goal and then an empty netter to seal the deal 4-1.

Sounds like Deven Dubyk had another real solid game stopping 36 of 37 shots. He played a huge part getting these 4 points against the rebels this weekend.

Scoring Summary
1. M.H Etem, (1) (Coyle, Konan), 11:56 (PP)
1. M.H Zakaryan, (1) (Grbavac, Shinkaruk), 17:20
2. R.D Dumba, (2) (Nugent-Hopkins, Froese), 8:48 (PP)
3. M.H Vey, (1) (Grbavac, Parkkonen), 17:04
3. M.H Dezman, (1) , 18:02 (EN)

3 Stars
1.Deven Dubyk G - Medicine Hat
2.Matthew Pufahl D - Red Deer Rebels
3.Linden Vey RW - Medicine Hat

Shots On Goal: 37-22 Rebels
One Fight between Thomas Carr and Josh Cowen

A Colorado scout was interviewed during an intermission and he noted Wacey Hamilton about how he played well at Colorado camp and the play of Devan Dubyk.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tigers Squeak Out a 2-1 Win

Game Day

Red Deer Rebels 1 @ Medicine Hat Tigers 2
7:00 PM Medicine Hat Arena
Attendance: 4006
Time: 2:14
SOG: 32- 17 Rebels

Game Summary

First Period

I'd give a slight advantage in terms of gameplay to the tigers. They came out storming in the first 10 minutes, then pushed the Rebels back after the Rebels starting really laying out the body. The Tigers managed to score twice early in the game after a pair of Rebel penalties.

On the Power-playLinden Vey took advantage of a rebels Defender who was caught out of position, corralled the puck down low and passed it out to a open Tyler Pitlick in the slot who fired the puck over Darcy Kuemper's shoulder blocker side.

The Tigers would go up 2-0 when Ryan Harrison would take a shot at the top of the faceoff circle. The puck slid up a Rebel Defender's stick and the puck whiffed over Kuemper's right shoulder. Another Power-play Goal.

Second Period

The rebels started taking over the game as the period progressed. The Tigers still managed to get a handful of chances but the rebels started taking longer and longer shifts into the Tigers end. Fortunately the stellar play of Tigers Goaltender Devan Dubyk managed to keep the rebels at bay. The rebelswere using an extremely aggressive forecheck, and the Tigers started panicking, throwing out low percentage passes and couldn't manage to change the flow of the game.

Turner Elson got the Rebels on the board on the powerplay with a pretty tick tack toe passing play, outmannning the Tigers down low. Ryan Nugent Hopkins gathered the puck at his blueline fed it down low to Andrej Kudrna who onetime passed it over to a wide open Turner Elson who tapped it into an empty net. 2-1 Tigers

Third Period

The Third period was all rebels. They controlled the play. Most of their shots appeared to be down low or off deflections and Deven Dubyk who looked like he has grown over last season, played an amazing positional game stopping numerous rebels chances. The rebels couldn't manage to score with a late powerplay, and couldn't penetrate the Tigers zone with their goalie pulled.

The rebels were the much better team tonight. The Tigers came to play for 10 minutes and change. The rebels upped their physical game in the second period and took control of the play, and the Tigers couldn't find a way to respond.

Tigers Thoughts

I thought Tyler Pitlick played an amazing 1st and 2nd period. He was making moves you dont think a kid as big as him can make. In the third I noticed a few plays where it looks like he doesn't completely have the Tigers defensive systems down yet. But still a much improved game over his first game as a Tiger.

Linden Vey. I thought he played a very good game, used his speed and set up a lot of opportunities.

Emerson Etem was still invisible. But starting skating when he had a couple offensive opportunities in the third period.

Vahe Zakaryan - I thought he played real well along the boards in the offensive end during the second period.

Sebastian Owuya - looked slightly overmatched. The rebels were so quick that he couldn't get a good pass off, he was rushing a lot of his passes and that's one part of the game tough to get used to switching from the European game. I thought he was conscious of not getting caught pinching, but the Tigers were missing a physical presence like someone who could get a good hit stepping up at the blueline.

Jace Coyle - It will take him a game or two to get used to junior. He kept swirling back and at the pro level many guys will back off, but the rebels gave him no room and coughed the puck up a few times.

Devan Dubyk - The reason why the Tigers won the game. He played exceptional. I think he has earned another start against the same team, who couldn't quite figure him out.
Coaching - I liked when they used their timeout in the second period. The Tigers had a tired 4th line out against the Ryan-Nugent-Hopkins line.

I disliked that after the rebels pushback in the third period, the Tigers continued to falter. No fights, no big hits no momentum changers. The Tigers started playing smaller than their size suggests.

I didn't noticed the opposite side forward trying to go high to open up neutral zone ice until the last 5 minutes of the period(not sure if it was the players failure to adjust or whatever I didn't like it. (I think today's gametape is a perfect studying opportunity)

I also disliked that lack of physicality on the ice. Two games in a row where the opposition stepped up the physical side of things and started gaining confidence. The Tigers really miss a guy like Kale Kessey.

I did like the defensive coverage at the net. The forwards and the defense did a real good job at clearing away rebounds, and not giving the rebels any easy rebounds.

The rebels were so amazingly quick that it made it really hard for any Tigers defensman to make consistent first passes out of the zone, and when they did the forward who received the pass had limited options and couldn't react fast enough.

Rebel Thoughts

Ryan-Nugent-Hopkins wow. He reminds me a lot like Tyler Ennis except he is a little bigger. It will be interesting to see where he goes in the nhl draft. Will a few inches of size turn a similar caliber player from a late first round pick(Ennis) to an early first round pick?

This kid can play. I only noticed once during the whole game where Tigers forward Reid Petryk managed to pin him with a hit along the boards. Hopkins is pretty slippery, and his puck control is amazing.

I really liked Byron Froese tonight. I watched time after time where he would scoop up loose puck among 2 tiger players, or control the puck along the boards and make make a good pass to a teammate.

WOW Joey Frazer named Assistant Coach

Medicine Hat, AB – Medicine Hat Tigers are pleased to announce this afternoon the hiring of Joey Frazer as the third member of the Tiger’s coaching staff.

Frazer, 20, from Brainerd, MN cleared WHL waivers and became a free agent today. He has taken up the Tiger’s offer to remain with the team in an assistant coach capacity.

“It is a pretty unique opportunity that I was handed, ” said Frazer. “I’m very excited. It’s going to be challenging but I think I’m ready for the challenge. I would like to thank the Masers and the coaching staff for having a lot of faith in me and offering me this job. ”

“It’s been a really crazy week. I go from getting released, which is pretty hard to handle but one door shuts and another door opens. I’m very excited about this. It should be really good and I am looking forward to it, ” stated Frazer.

“We are thrilled Joe has decided to remain a Tiger and join our coaching staff, ” commented Tiger’s head coach Shaun Clouston. “Joe has a tremendous work ethic, a winning attitude and understands the game. ”

“Darren and I are very excited about working together with Joey this season, ” said Clouston.

Frazer will make his coaching debut behind the bench tonight when the Tigers take on the Red Deer Rebels at 7:30 p. m.

That's awesome. This way the tigers get help behind the bench, and they have someone to go on the ice and skate with the team. Extremely happy for that Joey gets to stay with the team. Although I bet its going to be hard for him to see his friends on the ice during gameday.