Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tigers Defeat Chilliwack 5-4

A bunch of Chilliwack fans in attendance tonight. If you missed Tonight's game you missed a very good hockey game. Both teams were very physical and skating like the wind.

How often do you see both goalies score on themselves? It happened to both teams goaltenders tonight. I guess having the other guy do the same thing will take the sting out of it a little.

Jace Coyle Injury
The Tigers lost Jace Coyle midway through the second period after a heavy hit along the boards. When he got up he was limping, apparently he banged up his knee so says the coaches after the game.

After the hit a number of Chilliwack players were going "woooo" to celebrate their teams big hit. The Tigers fans sure picked up on it and were wooing the Chilliwack gang out of the building at games end.

It was a very physical game. I thought the Tiger forwards did an excellent job at helping clear the front of the net and getting the puck out of the zone with players breathing down their neck. I thought Jace Coyle had a very rough night, he didn't play well, Thomas Carr had some good moments but also had some bad moments.

Hunter Shinkaruk
I was impressed with the play of Hunter Shinkaruk again. It took him a while to get going but once he did he was creating chances and was a key contributor. It looked like tonight he got much more ice-time than usual and he performed very well. Was a little surprised to see he was a -2 on the night.

Vahe Zakaryan
I haven't really notice him on the ice very much compared to other players but he never seems to make a bad play. I hope when Pitlick comes back Vahe and Shinkaruk can create some chemistry with Grbavac. Or whoever they else they will play with. He could be one of those dark horse players who all of a sudden gets on a roll.

Patrik Parkkonen
Chillwack forward Brendan Persley raced across the Ice and leveled Parkonenn
Parkkonen got up and didn't seem to show any I'll effects from the hit.

Any player is fair game for a hit but when you see a player book it after the smallest player on the ice I was more than happy to see Mathew Konan skate over to Persley and throw some uppercuts his way.

Edit: Watched the video changed my mind:) Initially thought it was charging but It wasn't. It was a clean hit, ref had it right.

After a brief discussion and nod from each player they engaged in a very spirited 'bout. Konan was given an instigator penalty on the play. I'm not 100% sure on the ruling but in past fights when their was a discussion before dropping the mitts the instigator has not been called.

Too Many Men
Right before Chilliwack's 4th goal The refs and linesman missed a too many men on the ice non-call. There was 6 Chilliwackers on the ice defending, they broke up the ice out of their zone, realized they had to many players and got real lucky with the non-call. Had Chillwack tied the game, that would have sent everyone into a frenzy.

Emerson Etem and Linden Vey had very good nights. Etem with the hat-trick, Vey with a couple breakaways and 3 point game. Cole Grbavac played solid. The young D-men played well. Lot of people I talked to said Valk played well. I thought he struggled a bit. HE was hit hard 3-4 times and couldn't get good wood on a couple chances he had on the powerplay.

Kale Kessey
He threw a couple good hits like he always does, and earned the hit of the night. He drew a penalty stirring up Ryan Howse at the faceoff circle then received a cross-checked to the back. Although his puck handling skills tonight were off, every-time he had the puck he couldn't keep it on his stick.

Unless the defensman starts upping their game and playing more consistent, the Tigers may need to look at bringing in another defenseman sometime down the road if they plan on challenging for the WHL title. Its still early in the season but imo they are lacking a #1 2 way defensive stud who can eat huge minutes and play in both ends.

Jace Coyle looks like he is struggling at times perhaps being used more than he is used to.

Medicine Hat News Article

Edit 1: Added bit about defensman
Edit 2: Rewrote the Patrik Parkkonenn hit.
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Anonymous said...

The Bruins had to many men on the ice for at least 30 seconds. Maybe if they would have had six more officials on the ice they would have caught it.

Anonymous said...

i 100% agree they need a d-man like mccue who none of those cheap shots are thrown and he make an impact just being on the ice, but we also need him to be a shut-down d-man because if we go into the playoffs with those 7 we dont have a top 2 guys to shut down the other teams top line

CatFan said...

The Bruins bench was woo wooing all night, and boy was it getting annoying. It was very satisfying to woo woo them off the ice at the end of the game

Anonymous said...

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