Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saskatchetoon Defeats Tigers 4-3 OT

Russian Roulette
I thought it was a very entertaining game. I thought the Tigers were playing Russian roulette for parts of the game. They had some very good moments then made a couple really poor decisions with the puck.

Tyler Bunz
Unfortunately Tyler Bunz didn't bring his best stuff either, he let in 2 weak goals along the ice and you could say that may have been the difference in the hockey game.

You can't sorely blame Bunz though. The Tigers failed to pick up a rebound on the Blades first goal and giving up a shorthanded odd man rush to one of the stars on the blades team didn't help his cause either.

Super Short Game Summary

The Blades have a pretty quick team. The Tigers made a roaring comeback scoring 3 unanswered goals to turn a 2-0 deficit into a 1 goal lead.(That linden Vey/Hunter Shinkaruk goal off the faceoff was a beauty) The Tigers managed to hold the lead for a period but they ended up shooting them-self in the foot on the powerplay giving up a shorthanded goal to tie the game and a weak goal by Bunz in overtime.

Its frustrating as a fan because the blades just had 2 power-plays before that. The Then the Tigers give up a gift with a shorthanded goal with 6 minutes left was a bit devastating.

The Tigers aren't an elite team yet, they are above average that has potential but still have pieces to the puzzle missing. However I think you can turn that into a good thing. A team that is peaking now would be hard pressed to improve in the playoffs, whereas the Tigers still have things to learn.

Darren Deitz
I was keeping an eye on the local kid and he impressed. I thought he looked very patient, very poised, and made some defensive plays that shows he has a lot of hockey sense. I really liked his game on the back-end. Very solid 2 way player for a 17 year old. He was playing on the blades 2nd defensive pairing.

He did give up an odd man rush which Linden Vey almost scored on however it takes a special kind of player to pull off what Linden Vey did.

Linden Vey
I thought Linden Vey had a tremendous game. He must have played 25ish minutes. He was the best tiger with Emerson Etem close behind.


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