Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Canes Vs Tigers Thoughts

Yes I know I'm super late, but didn't have the time yesterday or today to complete something earlier.

I was looking forward to seeing the new guy Kellan Tochkin play. It looked like he was a bit nervous, not necessarily playing in front of the home crowd, but uncertain or hesitant on where to play and not overstepping other players territory.
We saw some good things from him with a couple quick touch passes that shows he is a quick thinker. He is still adjusting to the new surroundings and line-mates.

I thought Tyler Pitlick had an outstanding game. He was the best player on the ice not named Brandon Anderson.

The Tigers in general had a sluggish/sloppy first half, and their first period penalty troubles didn't help. Devan Dubyk mentally wasn't 100%, he had trouble picking up the puck, and his reaction time was slow.

That Huge save Brandon Anderson made with a minute left in the game off Linden Vey was definitely a play to remember. The goalie just casually caught the puck in his glove while laying on his side. || That close to a tie game.

We also saw why players abandon their sticks if dropped even if the stick is still in good condition. Dylan Businius learned this the hard way after going to pick his stick in the corner after it was slashed out of his hands. He left his post and the Lethbridge player was wide open to snap in a one-timer from the low slot area.

I thought It was a very winnable game but chalk it up as a learning experience.

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