Friday, January 7, 2011

Tigers Acquire D man from Seattle

The Medicine Hat Tigers are pleased to announce they have made a trade today. The team has acquired 19-year-old defenceman Scott Ramsay from the Seattle Thunderbirds in exchange for a conditional 4th round 2011 draft pick.
This move puts the Tigers at 8 defenceman with Jace Coyle week to week with a knee injury. You would think with 8 guys on the back-end that something else is up.

Ramsay has missed some time with a concussion injury at the beginning of the season as well as taking time off for an illness in his family. From what I've read Ramsay will provide some toughness and a veteran presence, he is similar to the Tanner Sohn mould with more upside. He is a guy that opposition players hate playing against.

I've been reading the Seattle Thunderbird fan blogs and they have only good things to say about Scott Ramsay in past articles. He was looking for more ice-time than the thunder-birds were willing to give him.
Article by Birds blogger on the trade.

The more I read about him the more I think he will be a very good addition to this Tigers teams. For his NHL rights I beleive he is a free agent but was invited to Anaheim's prospect tourney at the beginning of the season.


Anonymous said...

any idea what the 4th round pick would be conditional on?

tiger fan 4 life

TigerTurf said...

not sure, got a couple ideas though.

Perhaps conditional on if he reports to the Tigers

Perhaps on whether he plays with the Tigers in his 20yr old season. Perhaps the 4th rounder slides to a later round.