Friday, March 25, 2011

Brandon destroys Tigers 7-2

Ugly loss for the Tigers. The Tigers play with such extremes in their game it makes a fan extremely frustrated. They looked very nervous and hesitant, and their usual best players had games to forget.

I thought that only 5-6 players came to play playoff hockey: Thomas Carr, Emerson Etem, Wacey Hamilton, Hunter Shinkaruk, Curtis Valk played playoff hockey. Everyone else just put on a jersey and skated, and if the Tigers expect to win a playoff game let alone a playoff series, their going to need more than a line playing playoff hockey.

This was not a game where the Tigers played hard and got beat. This was a game where players weren't moving their feet and they weren't throwing hits. When the Tigers don't play physical and finish their hits, they usually stink up the joint like they did tonight.

Vey was frustrated, the defense wasn't communicating very well, and Tyler Bunz looked extremely nervous. Despite all that if one of their early "goalposts" had went in, it could have been a very different hockey game.

I hope in Tomorrow's game the Tigers come out with some fire, because it would be extremely disappointing to watch such a talented group of players become a team Tiger fans want to forget.


Colin said...

You are too nice! The only Tiger to show up and play playoff hockey was Valk! Kid weighs 100lbs and was throwing his body around and making things happen. Bunz was shaky...too cocky and over-confident. Vey thinks cause he is the scoring champ he doesn't have to do anything anymore. If he keeps it up he will be getting the green jacket for the playoffs too! Etem...meh! Konan....brutal! Owuya....not that good, but what do you expect, kid never gets a chance to get settled with a consistant d-man. Same as Parkonen. Coyle, worst player on the ice. Wish people would quit pumping this kid up. He isn't good. Gives the puck away too much and for a so called offensive defenseman he sure lacks the skill to be one. Done! There is my rant!

Anonymous said...

The Tigers look intimidated to me. Valk who's what 150 pounds threw 3 of the best hits in the game. Owuya Businius, Konan were god aweful

Anonymous said...

Anyone have details about Bunz' injury?