Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tigers 4-2 Victory Over the Rebels Proves Costly

The Tigers had a rough trip back to the Hat, apparently their bus broke down and they didn't get back to town until 8:00 am this morning.

Chat News Just mentioned on TV that Tyler Pitlick will be out until at least the 2nd round of the playoffs(month) with a broken ankle. Apparently Cole Grbavac also suffered a Concussion in red deer.

Tough break for the Tigers, Pitlick and Grbavac are huge pieces to the Tigers puzzle

The good news is that Matt Konan and Jace Coyle are nearing return. It was mentioned that Konan may be ready for this upcoming weekend games.

Scott Ramsay is still out week to week with a concusion, as is Sam Dezman


Anonymous said...

He also mentioned that Grbavac has a concussion.

TigerTurf said...

Ouch, I only caught part of the newscast must have missed that part.

Anonymous said...

Good news with Grbavac talked to him at the game against Edmonton he said he hopes to be in the lineup against Calgary

Anonymous said...

Bosenius, Carr, Conan, Owuya Theriau, all played exceptional this weekend. Carr and Theriau, seemed to have found some chemistry, in their shutdown roles.
Carr looks good on the peeps. Moves dishes well amd has a great shot.
Bosenius and Owuya have stepped up huge with the added respnsibilities.
Conan, seems to have made a complete recovery from his injury.