Monday, March 28, 2011

Tigers Big Guns Draw Blanks

Kale Kessy was out serving a one game suspension. Dylan Businius was out with a foot injury. Tyler Pitlick out with a broken ankle, Tyler Bunz is out with a concussion. Sam Dezman and Scott Ramsey are at home recovering from Concussions.

Wheat Kings Defeat Tigers 6-3.
Listened to both broadcasters tonight. Apparently the Tigers created lots of turnovers in the offensive zone, but couldn't bury those chances. Brandon's coach Kelly McCrimmon said the Wheat Kings didn't play well in the first two periods.

Tigers Top 5 offensive players in regular season

Linden Vey---------GP:3 Pts:2 ( 1 was empty netter) -2
Emerson Etem-----GP:3 Pts:1 assist -2
Wacey Hamilton--GP:3 Pts:0 -4
Kellan Tochkin----GP:3 Pts:0 -4
Tyler Pitlick: Injured

3 points in 3 games, and a combined -12. Bottom line the Tigers best players haven't been their best players.

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Anonymous said...

This is probably going to sound like an excuse but I don't think we can underestimate how much injuries are playing a part in this series so far. Pitlick being out is a huge loss, and if you look at Hamiltons stats since his big winger has been out you will see they have dropped off significantly. Hamilton himself isn't 100%, Therau is playing hurt and I believe Linden Vey is also nursing some kind of problem. Are depth guys are scoring but we need the Tochkins, Etem's, Vey's and Hamiltons to start chipping in or this will be a short playoff run.

Anonymous said...

Theriau spends more time prior to the game with the trainer, then the game is long. Nursing three injuries.
Vey, Hamilton, are also banged up.We need other players to step up, support these guys.