Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grbavac Handed 2 Game Suspension

Two games under supplemental discipline versus Kootenay on April 22. So He will miss tonights game, as he already sat out game 2.

The hit Grbavac threw was definitly Illegal, even desipte the fact that it was retalitory to Hunter Shinkaruk getting levelled in a similar fasion.

This is the kind of thing the TIgers will have to fight through and not retaliate on. Kootenay wants the Tigers to get mad and retaliate. Keep calm and keep moving your feet, not your mouth.

If there's one common thing about this Tiger team its that just before they hit the ropes they seem to find a way to escape. Hopefully they can put out a good performance tonight! It is televised on Shaw, and the Monarch Theatre in Medicine Hat will also be showing the game.
Go Tigers Go!

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