Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ice Take a 3-0 Series Lead

.....With a 3-1 Victory over the Medicine Hat Tigers.

It was a very long game as their were two major Delays. A pane of glass came loose and they had to replace it, as well as Ice player Drew Czerwonka went head first into the boards after attempting to hit Tigers Sebastien Owuya from behind. On the replay it showed that Czerwonka upper thigh brushed into Sebastien Owuya's "behind" and it tripped him up.

Edit: Apparently Czerwonka is OK and he walked out of the hospital wanting to get back into the game.

The Ice so far have displayed a much smarter team and Kootenay Ice Goaltender Nathan Lieuwen is stopping the few chances that come his way.

Hopefully Cole Grbavac's return tomorow can provide a spark for the Tigers, as I'm sure many Tiger fans are hoping for at least one if not two more games at the Arena this year.


ELL said...

They take the ice player away in an ambulance and you describe it as an attempted hit from behind. Poor form.

TigerTurf said...

Glad to hear he's OK, but even the TV broadcasters were relaying that if Czerwonka went through with the hit it would have been from behind.