Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Next Season

Not Returning 100%
Jace Coyle - Graduating
Thomas Carr - Graduating
Wacey Hamilton - Graduating
Linden Vey - Will play pro
Tyler Pitlick - Will play Pro

Uncertain - Not Likely
Sebastien Owuya - (Euro 20) Their may be room for a 20 year old euro in the Tiger lineup, but a few things would have to align for that to happen. Most likely the Tigers will draft 1 euro in the draft anyway. If he does come back to camp he will have to play like he did on the playoffs, otherwise he will be sent home.

Emerson Etem - He could very well play 9 games in the nhl before being sent back. He is good enough for the next level, but it's either NHL or WHL as he was drafted in the whl. I think he will be back, but not after Anaheim takes a good long and hard look at him. If he does come back he will probably also play for Team U.S.A at the World Juniors again.

Cole Grbavac - I could definitely see an NHL team signing him in the off-season. He had an amazing work ethic, and improved a TON during the season.
He would be an asset to any farm system in the ahl. I believe he has the possible potential to be a 3rd/4th line guy in the NHL. I really hope the team that signs him will give him one more year in the Hat to develop his offensive skills a little more, as if they pluck him into the AHL I think the offensive part of his game might take a lot longer to develop.

Kellan Tochkin - He will be a 20 next year. Whether he comes back or not will be decided by the depth of the Canucks Farm team. I don't think he is quite ready for the next level, So if he comes back I wont be surprised.

Vahe Zakaryan - Is he finished with Hockey? and do the Tigers still hold his rights?
Scott Ramsay - Went Home after A concussion. Were rumors that he was returning to school.
Sam Dezman - Concussion Likely not coming back.

Likely To Come back
Matt Konan - It's possible he gets signed in the off-season. I thought he was playing really well until he got injured mid-season and then didn't quite return to his former self. I believe he has another level he can reach and when he does reach it he will have an NHL team sign him next year.

Hunter Shinkaruk 17
Reid Petryk - 18
Curtis Valk - 18
Boston Leier - 18
Dylan bredo - 18
Kale Kessy - 19
Dylan Businius - 18
Scott Mackay - 19
Alex Theriau - 19
Patrik Parkkonen -18
Tyler Bunz - 19 NHL or WHL he will be back

20 Year Olds
Matt Konan - lock if not signed.
Scott Ramsay - unknown
Kellan Tochkin - could be back
Linden Vey - GONE
Cole Grbavac - Lock if not signed
Tyler Pitlick - GONE
Sam Dezman - Likely Gone
Deven Dubyk - Traded or Released
Sebastien Owuya - could be back

The Tigers could be buyers or sellers next year. Konan and Grbavac are locks if they don't get signed or get signed and return. After that you have Ramsay, owuya, and Tochkin, who all have chances to return depending on external circumstances. Unfortunatly for Dubyk it is a numbers game Bunz will be back and will provide Dawson Macauley(sp) a perfect learning environment to be a future starter.

Too early to tell, the Tigers wont have the same depth and they will have a bunch of new faces. Rough estimation including only prospects that were late cuts last year.

Grbavac Shinkaruk Etem
McKay Bredo xxxx
Leier Petryk Valk
xxx xxx Sheen
xxx xxx

Konan Theriau
Parkonen Businius
Becker xxxxx


The Tigers will have room for a good 10-11 new faces. But its not what you loose its what you keep. Its too hard to guess with any accuracy of where they will finish, but they will have the best goaltender, and the best pure sniper/skater on their team. The main questions will be about their depth and secondary scoring. More realistically I think were looking at a 6-7th place team, but there is potential to do better.

Its possible a coach/GM of the year trophy could be handed out if the Tigers were to catch fire next year, considering the new faces that will be in their lineup.


Anonymous said...

You can most likely add Jayden Hart to your list of newcomers. Had 44 pts playing midget in St. Albert this year.

Anonymous said...

mospanchuk quit hockey

Anonymous said...

Ramsey is done for good to many concussions and if the tigers were smart they would keep a 20 year old spot open and go after a tough guy and look for an impact player like McCue was

Anonymous said...

mospanchuk didn't quit

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Etem and Shinkaruk are getting packaged up and will be traded.

Anonymous said...

mospanchuk did not quit