Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tigers Defeat Rebels 3-1

Tigers take a commanding 3-0 series lead.

Brief Thoughts
The Tigers showed a bit of nervous energy for the first 5 or so minutes, but then played a very high energy game, received some good goal-tending from Tyler Bunz, and got a couple timely goals.

In the first period I thought the Rebels looked like they were out to intimidate the Tigers. Shots after the whistle, extra oomph on their body checks, and shots to the back of the head. I thought the Rebels started adapting in the second period, they were more out to win the one-on-one battles in the trenches and not playing the "tough guy" card.

The refs tonight put their whistles away for parts of the game. I thought the Tigers got called on some very borderline calls, however were fortunate not to go down 5on3 on a couple occasions, so it kind of equals it out. I also thought the Refs let a lot of the rebel rough stuff go in the first period.

I was pleased with the Tigers physical presence. Rebels Petrovic, Elson, Hopkins were all hit pretty hard and took their time getting up after some body-checks. I hope the Tigers put that Owuya hit on the replay, that looked like a beauty, I think it was #10 Turner Elson looked shook-en up after the play).

Grbavac got into a wrestle-right with Turner Elson who jumped Grbavac after a nice hit. Thomas Carr and Alex Petrovic had a spirited bought at the end of the game. Both players looked like they took some damage.

I thought the Tigers defense did a very good job at slapping away loose pucks, and not giving the rebels very many high-quality chances. They put sticks in passing lanes and were making very smart decisions with the puck. They weren't giving the rebels any easy opportunities.

Game 4 Tomorrow. It's going to be a battle! Its do or die for the Rebels, and you can be sure they wont go without a fight.

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I can smell it Burnt like toast the rebels are done