Monday, April 18, 2011

Tigers Vs Kootenay

Road Record
Tigers: 22-9-3-2 .681 pct
Kootenay: 20-13-0-3 .597 pct

Home Record
Tigers: 24-9-1-2 ---.708 pct
Kootenay: 26-8-1-1 ---.750 pct

Last 20 Games (regular season)
Tigers: .750 pct
Kootenay: .700 pct

Team Save Percentage (Reg Season)
Tigers: .917
Kootenay: .896

Tigers defense +118. 2244 shots against
Kootenay defense +94 1992 shots against

Defensive Scoring
Tigers Defense scoring: 30 Goals 132 assists
Kootenay Defense Scoring: 48 goals 132 assists

20 Goal Scorers
Tigers: 5
Kootenay: 6

PPG Players
Tigers: 4
Kootenay: 5

Tigers: 21.1% (playoffs) 37.8%
Kootenay: 21.8% (playoffs) 16.7%

Tigers: 81.9 (playoffs) 76.3%
Kootenay: 79.3 (playoffs) 92%

Season Series
Tue Oct 26 Kootenay 3 Medicine Hat 2 Final
Sat Dec 04 Medicine Hat 3 Kootenay 2 Final OT
Tue Dec 28 Medicine Hat 3 Kootenay 6 Final
Wed Dec 29 Kootenay 2 Medicine Hat 3 Final
Fri Feb 18 Medicine Hat 1 Kootenay 4 Final
Tue Mar 15 Kootenay 4 Medicine Hat 1 Final

Goaltending & Defense
Advantage: Kootenay

Tyler Bunz and Nathan Lieuwan are the 2 hottest goaltenders in the league right now. Bunz .938 save percentage Lieuwan a .930 save percentage. Lieuwan and the Ice completely baffled the highest scoring team in the league(Saskatoon) and swept them in 4 games.

Kootenay's Defensive systems are incredibly hard to penetrate as they play an offensive zone trap that limits the speed of the opposition coming out of their own zone, which was a direct counter to the Tigers systems they used in the regulars season. Kootenay's shots against are among the lowest in the league. It will be interesting to see if the Tigers will be able to create room against a very smart and skilled Kootenay Team.

Kootenay also has a much higher ability of scoring from the point than any of the Tigers previous playoff opponents. They will probably do a better job at creating traffic in front of Tyler Bunz.


Kootenay's depth is pretty equal to that of the Tigers. Kootenay's overall defensive play from their forwards has been better compared to the Tigers during the regular season. Kootenay's goal scoring is pretty spread out.

From what I remember a lot of Kootenay's offense is developed off of smart play and offensive zone turnovers. Although this year their forwards are more capable of putting pucks in the net.

Series Thoughts
I think the Tigers "could" be hard pressed to create Offense. Kootenay Will be aiming to shut down Linden Vey and Emerson Etem. Kootenay's Depth will be able to score against any line that doesn't play a smart game. Kootenay's goaltender was streaky during the season but has been a brick wall during the playoffs.

I'm hoping Tyler Pitlick will be ready for game 1, as he would provide a new dynamic that will be hard to predict even for the most prepared team, as he has that power forward ability to fight through tight gaps with high speed. With his return along with the Inspired play of Cole Grbavac, the Tigers could have a solid 3 scoring lines.

Both teams will have a good week of rest. It will be interesting to see if both teams can carry over any momentum from the previous series. It could be a goaltenders duel.

Can't Wait Till Friday!
Go Tigers Go!

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