Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arm-Chair GM Scouting Report

2nd Annual Arm-Chair GM Scouting Report

Will be inputting N/A for players I don't take interest in at the next level. Ha. May edit sections over the next couple days.

Using Hockey's Future Projection Rankings
Note: Dont judge purely by the number ranking as the potential rank is just as if not more important.

Tyler Bunz Hockey Age:18
I liked his development throughout the year, I thought he continually improved. The Tigers whl goaltending coach made a slight adjustment to his game mid-season as they said he was coming too far out of his net. Judging by the numbers and his overall game it definitely helped him catch fire late in the season. Last year he developed his positional play, this year he continued on with that and his reflexes/quickness also got a lot stronger, as a result his rebound control improved.

Bunz will be back next season. He was arguably one of the best goaltenders in the league last year. The Tigers keeping their GA for the year under 200 was a large credit to Bunz' play as the Tigers Defense was average.

My Mid-Season Rank: 7.5 C
End-Season Rank: 7.0-7.5 C
Hockey Future Rank: 7.0 D

My goalie experience is rather limited. Bunz in his 18 year old year was at the level of Keetley in his 20 year old year.
Devan Dubyk Hockey Age:19
At times he displayed brilliance but had poor focus at times. I give him credit that he helped get the Tigers through the first round of the playoffs when called upon.

I thought Dubyk had troubles getting focused mentally in the first period, and when he had poor games he had poor focus. He has some talent but I don't believe he is consistently focused enough to make it to a higher level of play. That being said I thought his overall game showed a lot of improvement this year as he looked a lot bigger in net.

He likely will not be back next year as a 20 year old back-up. I'm not sure if there is much of a market for a 20 year old goaltender, but he could be had for a relatively cheap price. He has experience in winning a playoff round, and has the potential to be a real surprising upstart #1 guy if he can stay consistently focused.

Mid-Term Grade: 2.5 C
End Season Grade: N/A
Hockeys Future: N/A
Sebastien Owuya Hockey Age:19
I was initially disappointed in his caliber of play as I expected more from a Drafted prospect. However he continually started to grow on me from the last two months of the season and playoffs, as he was a more confident player, and was the best Tigers defenceman in rounds 2 and 3.

He is a big strong kid with a long reach that creates space for himself in the D-Zone. He has the ability to make a perfect pass but doesn't always show it. He is physical along the boards, but sometimes it looks like he gets intimated and shies away from physical scrums. Needs to improve his balance and get stronger on his feet

He's not ready for the next level, later bloomer being a 20 yr old next season. He needs another year at the junior level to develop his skills as he is still too raw.

He has a couple skills in his game that are very like-able, which is probably why he was drafted. He needs to develop his quickness/stronger on his feet and do a better job at defending 1 on 1 and keep an active stick before he is considered to move on to the next level, as the quick players sometimes burned him to the outside. Right now I would mostly pass on him, or perhaps give him a tryout on a minor league team to see where he is. I would rather re-evaluate him after another year of junior/europe.

Mid-Term Grade: 5.0 D
End Season Grade: 3.5 D
Hockeys Future: 6.0 C

Patrik Parkkonen Hockey Age:17
It took him a while to adapt coming over from Europe, but I thought he showed good improvement from his first game to his playoff appearances. This season was for him to get his feet wet. I thought the Tigers played him too much early on in the season, and he struggled.

I like a lot of the fundamentals in his game. He scoops the puck up along the boards very quickly, good skater, has the potential to see the ice well and be a smart player. Despite his smallness he is very adept at one on one play. He just needs to get faster, in the playoffs it looked like he was much more capable of keeping up with the play.

He displays no fear in taking hits from players who see cross-hairs with him being a smaller player. He will just have to get faster for him to contribute more next season which we saw glimpses off during the last 2 playoff games this year.

I dont like him enough to get drafted. He has potential to be an above average junior Hockey player, however I'm uncertain as to if that potential would translate at an nhl level.

Mid-Term Grade: Unsure
End Season Grade: N/A
Hockeys Future: N/A
Alex Theriau Hockey Age:18

His style is similar to Former Tiger Cam Barker. Theriau has a good shot, and has a smart hockey sense. If there is one negative to his game its that his acceleration/foot quickness is rather slow, but that may have partly been from his leftover ankle injury he suffered mid-season. If he improves on his quickness he cold develop into a solid 2 way defenceman, but right now I see his max potential as being more of a 6th/7th depth guy in the NHL, because of his footspeed.

Mid-Term Grade: N/A
My End Season Grade: 5.5 C
Hockeys Future: 6.5 C

Matthew Konan Hockey Age:19
Big, tall and has a long reach, likes to squish forwards along the boards. He needs to improve upon his defensive awareness. Sometimes he is prone to leaving a man slightly open. Has a good amount of quickness for his size. A Defensive defenceman, with an above average first pass ability.

His overall progress had been slow and steady. He needs to get stronger, improve his defensive awareness and learn that he can poke-check without reaching.

He will be a 20 year old next year, and I believe he needs one more year of hockey at the junior level. I think he is good enough to play at the ahl level and may have an outside shot at developing into a 3rd pairing guy at an nhl level. I would be in favor of sending him a camp invite.

Mid-Term Grade: 5.5 C
My End Season Grade: 5.5 D
Hockeys Future: N/A

Thomas Carr Hockey Age:20
Was a leader of this years Tigers team. Thomas has above average smarts, slightly above average skill, and a willingness to stand up and lead his teammates. Sometimes he has a case of stone hands where he's prone to mishandling pucks in random places. My personal opinion is that he doesn't quite have what it takes to reach the NHL. I'd see him as more of a 3rd pairing guy in the ahl, possibly 2nd over time. I think CIS hockey would be his best route.

Mid-Term Grade: N/A
My End Season Grade: 3.0 C
Hockeys Future: N/A
Jace Coyle Hockey Age:20

He signed a 3 year deal with Dallas earlier in the season. I think a large part of that had to due Willie Desjardins. Coyle's style of play projects to be more of an offensive defensman.

His biggest asset is his speed/stamina. However Coyle has many flags that will hold him back at the next level. He is hesitant to go into the corners, as he is not that physical and will have a tough time containing forwards along the boards. His first pass and overall decision making is questionable. His defensive awareness and work ethic in the D-zone needs massive improvement.

I think he's likely to see some ECHL time for his first season. I think he will top out as a 2nd/3rd pairing #2 PP guy in the Ahl.

Mid-Term Grade: 3.5 B
My End Season Grade: 4 D
Hockey's Future: 6.0 C
Scott McKay Hockey Age:18

He reminds me a lot of Thomas Carr, a little more raw, less experienced but with a slightly higher hockey IQ potential. Next year will be his year to shine as he will be 19and expected to contribute and be a steady presence either on defense or forward. As of right now I don't see much interest in him at the next level.

Mid-Term Grade: unsure/3c
My End Season Grade: N/A
Hockeys Future: N/A
Dylan Busenius Hockey Age:17

Draft eligible this year. He projects to be something similar to a Jay Bouwmeester type player. A defenseman who has an offensive skill set but uses it more defensively than offensively. His play this year has baffled me. At times he looks very talented with a high degree of potential, but at times he looks like his potential will take a long time to develop.

Sometimes he is a little hesitant with the puck coming out of his own end, but I think part of that had to do with the Tigers systems with forwards taking off early and not giving him good passing options. His defensive awareness in his own end could also use a lot of improvement. The Tigers benched him late in the playoffs for a game.

He has a decent set of hands, has decent size, and good mobility for a guy his size. I would look at drafting him with my 7th pick, as Busenius is still fairly raw, and as such is hard to judge what kind of player he will end up being. I think he needs that confidence boost to play consistent and develop that potential he has hidden.

Mid-Term Grade: 6.5 D
My End Season Grade: 6.5 D
Hockeys Future: N/A
Scott Ramsay Hockey Age:19
Didn't get see him enough to make judgement due to injuries. From the limited action I saw from him he plays a simple physical game.

Mid-Term Grade: N/A
My End Season Grade: N/A
Hockeys Future: N/A

Wacey Hamilton Hockey Age:20

He is very good at creating room in the neutral zone, and for a smaller type body on the ice displays a physical ability. He shows toughness playing through injuries and has a higher than average skill-set at the whl level. A leader on the ice and in the dressing room. Above average speed/acceleration.

I still see him as being more of a career minor league, that will take a few years before challenging for an nhl checking role. The only thing I hate about his game is that he is the type of player that will take penalties at inopportune times. He projects to be a speedy 3rd/4th line grinder type who could chip in with an odd goal and play the penalty kill.

Mid-Term Grade: 4.5B
My End Season Grade: 4.5B
Hockeys Future: N/A
Kale Kessy Hockey Age:18
A calm physical presence on the ice. Plays a smart positional game. His ability to scout out hitting opportunities is very high, however sometimes he has a tough time holding up on borderline or gray area hits.

His offensive ability is rather limited, as he has below average puck control. However he most often gets a shot on net when given an opportunity. Kessy has also displayed a talent for standing in front of the net as a screen and tipping pucks. He has a slower acceleration but his top speed is above average.

I think next season should continue playing physical and work on getting the garbage goals/tips, and develop his ability to play along the boards.

My opinion of him is more of a 4th line energy/physical guy. He could even possibly see ice-time on a 2nd PP unit banging and crashing in front of the net as he is not afraid to do that.

I think he is worth a 5th-6th round pick. However I could see a team really value his physical ability and take him in the 4th. There were reports on the net that a couple teams were keenly interested.

Mid-Term Grade: 5.5C
My End Season Grade: 5.5C
Hockeys Future: N/A
Dylan Bredo Hockey Age:17
A big bodied smart defensive player. Wins a lot of the small battles and takes care of his own end. Frequently on the ice when the Tigers had a one goal lead late in the game. He doesn't take penalties. He showed massive improvement over his 16 year old season.I could forsee him becoming one of the whl's top defensive specialists before his whl career is done.

Projects to be a pure defensive 3rd/4th line player. I'd consider picking him up with my last pick, depending on the pool of other players available, but would rather offer a camp invite. Defensive forwards are not really sought after. Although I find his smarts/size intriguing.

Mid-Term Grade: 5.5D
My End Season Grade: 5D
Hockeys Future: N/A

Emerson Etem Hockey Age:18
Emerson developed a couple extra dynamics in his game. His long reach and straight line speed created a deadly penalty killing ability. 2. He developed his play-making skills. He used to always go wide but now if the situations calls for it he is not afraid to cut to the middle, and has created a couple moves that are very effective. As I've said before he wont take long to reach the nhl after juniors.

He will be given a shot at making Anaheim next year. I think eventually he will come back to the Tigers but Anaheim might take a long hard look at him and let him play 9 NHL games before being sent back.

Mid-Term Grade: 7.5B
My End Season Grade: 7.5 B - 8.0C
Hockey's Future: 8.0 C

He will be at least a 2nd liner in the NHL. I think that a lot of scouts undervalued him and were concerned about hishis "one-dimensional game" which he shred this year.

Boston Leier Hockey Age:17
Was a depth player for the Tigers this year. Plays a feisty game and not afraid to drop the mitts. I thought he improved quite a bit over the 2nd half, and worked his ass off. Next year he should be a 3rd liner.

Don't see any NHL interest in him as of yet being a late bloomer.

Mid-Term Grade: Unsure
My End Season Grade: N/A
Hockey's Future: N/A

Curtis Valk Hockey Age:17
Played mostly on the 4th line with a few spurts on the first line filling in for injuries. I thought he was one of the most improved players this year. He got a lot faster towards the end of the season. Next year he will have a shot at playing on the 2nd line. He should be able to double his point totals next year.

I wouldn't draft him at this point in time, but would keep an eye on him as he might have potential to break out next season. He needs to get faster before he has nhl considerations who will be very wary of his size.

Mid-Term Grade: Unsure
My End Season Grade: N/A
Hockey's Future: N/A
Reid Petryk Hockey Age:17
Anchored the 4th line for most of the year. Has good size, showed a good ability at protecting the puck/board play. Not worth a pick at this point in time, but may keep an eye for potential camp invites/try-outs later in his career. Hopefully next year he will be able to push 40 points.

Mid-Term Grade: Unsure
My End Season Grade: N/A
Hockey's Future: N/A
Kellan Tochkin Hockey Age:19

Has a patient style of play, more of a perimeter player. Needs work on his skating. He does have an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time. You could compare him to a smaller version of former Tiger Tristan king, but with better vision but rougher skating ability.

Tochkin is already signed and drafted. He is not quite ready to move up a league. He needs to employ a steadier work ethic, keep his feet moving, and get faster. He does seem to posses a pretty good passing ability.

I think he could very well be sent back for another year. For his long term potential IMO I don't see him getting past the AHL level.

Mid-Term Grade: N/A
My End Season Grade: 4.0 C
Hockey's Future: 6.0 D
Linden Vey Hockey Age:19

Excels at protecting the puck in the corner and along the boards. He maintains a low center of gravity and constantly fights for optimum body position on his opponent. Very quick turning ability. His vision and hockey IQ is off the charts.

He posses a very deadly laser-beam of a wrist shot that he can fire off quickly. His passing ability at the whl is top notch. He was constantly thinking 2-3 steps ahead of his opponents.

As this year wore on IMO Vey received a ton of icetime on the PP,PK and first line. He started getting lazy in the defensive end and conserved his energy for offensive chances.

His weakness is his physical game. He does not like to be hit, and rarely throws out hits in a game. A talented and skilled player but he has virtually no physical presence on the ice.

L.A is stacked with prospects so Vey will have time to toil in the minors. A safe bet would be 3rd line, as he possesses a pretty good checking ability.

Mid-Term Grade: 7B
My End Season Grade:7-7.5c
Hockey's Future: 6.5 C
Cole Grbavac Hockey Age:19
One of my favorite players over the last few years. Last year I said his slow start may have cost him getting drafted but there was something about him that really peaked my interest. This season Cole had a big breakout year, and kept improving all season.

Excellent ability along the boards, physical and protects the puck very well. Finishes his hits, not afraid of anyone, wins a lot of small battles on the ice, warrior like mentality. There were a lot of times where he took on a much bigger opponent and wasn't afraid to take a few punches to deliver a knockout blow. He'll take punishment in front to score the garbage goals, and he is an intimidating presence on the ice.

His stone hands started disappearing 3/4 way through the season and he started popping in goals in the playoffs, and showed some surprising agility. I think he is capable of playing in the AHL next year, but another year of junior would be better served for his development in generating more offense and seeing how far his potential could go.

I believe Grbavac has the potential to play on a 3rd/4th line in the NHL. His energy and work ethic on the ice is incredible as he is always battling. I could definitely see him serving on a 3rd line in the AHL for a few seasons, then getting a chance at cracking a 4th line role.

If I'm not mistaken Grabvac is still eligible for this years NHL entry draft I would definitely be in favor at picking him up in this years nhl draft with one of my 6th/7th round picks. If he doesn't get picked I would be heavily interested in sending a camp invite. At worst he is a 3rd line grinder/PK heart and soul energy guy in the ahl.

Mid-Term Grade: 3C
My End Season Grade:5.5-6 C
Hockey's Future: N/A
Hunter Shinkaruk Hockey Age:16
He surprised a lot of people this year as he became a steady presence on the 2nd line, after taking virtually a whole year off hockey to recoup a broken leg. He started the year strong, but his game topped off during the mid season grind. He recovered his game 3/4 the way through and was a dangerous threat around the net.

Very high enthusiasm level, and loves playing the game which is infectious to his teammates. Dirty shirt style of play, aggressively pursues the puck. Has above average vision, passing for a 16 year old.
Not eligible for the draft until 2013. Right now I could see him go anywhere from 5-30 first rounder, but he still has 2 years to go.

Mid-Term Grade: 7.5D too early to tell
My End Season Grade: 7.5 too early to project
Hockey's Future: N/A

Tyler Pitlick Hockey Age:19

Power forward. Amazing agility for his size, very quick stick-handler. Has a rifle for a shot. Dynamic offensive ability. Saw big improvements on his consistency and defensive zone play. I wish he was back for another year. I have heard him say in interviews that he wished he would have came over earlier.

Mid-Term Grade: 7.5C
My End Season Grade: 7.5 B
Hockey's Future: 7.5 C
My Tiger Prospects Ranking
*only counted draft eligible and up
Emerson Etem--- 7.5B-8C
Tyler Pitlick---7.5 B
Linden Vey------7-7.5C
Tyler Bunz------7-7.5C
Cole Grbavac----5.5-6C
Wacey Hamilton
Alex Theriau
Kale Kessy
Mathew Konan
Dylan Businius
Sebastien Owuya
Kellan Tochkin
Jace Coyle
Dylan Bredo
Thomas Carr
Curtis Valk
Reid Petryk
Scott Mackay
Boston leier
Patrik Parkkonen
Devan Dubyk


Anonymous said...

Is there any word on how prospect Paige Maul has developed? What kind of role is he expected to have on the club?

TigerTurf said...

I heard he played in an all-star tournament for whats called the "best of the rest" of u.s.a hockey, and he led his team in points.

No idea what the competition or age limits are.

Making the team as a 16 year old is very hard to do. But the Tigers will have more spots than usual open up for next season.

Any 16 year old that makes the team will probably fill a 3rd/4th line role unless they prove to be an exceptional player like Hunter Shinkaruk last year. But even Shinkaruk started on the 3/4th line until about 10 games in when he got a chance to move up.