Monday, July 18, 2011

Next Season

Old News
The Tigers have invited 18 year old wheaton King to training camp. Last year he played in 38 games recording 11 points and 33 penalty minutes.

Cole Grbavac just put out an article about Cole Grbavac and how he is preparing for a big season. He participated in Dallas Stars Development Camp. Grbavac also skated for them last year during pre-season.
Kellan Tochkin
I have also heard from a source that it is likely that 20 year old Kellan Tochkin will be back for another season with the Tigers.

20 Year Old List
Matt Konan - lock if not signed. ***
Scott Ramsay - Heard that he is going to college and likely not coming back
Kellan Tochkin - likely to come back
Linden Vey - GONE
Cole Grbavac - Lock if not signed
Tyler Pitlick - GONE
Sam Dezman - Likely Gone (concussion)
Deven Dubyk - Traded or Released
Sebastien Owuya - could be back

The likely candidates are
Mathew Konan
Kellan Tochkin
Cole Grbavac

Sebastien Owuya would need to beat out Mathew Konan for a spot, and beat out new Import Adam Rehak, and/or Patrik Parkkonen. Its looks unlikely but we will have to wait and see what training camp brings. The Tigers could have 3 euros and 4 overagers until cut down day.

Next Year Projection
Forwards **not the expected lineup but just for depth purposes.
*Note only showing prospects who played last year and first round picks.

Etem Shinkaruk Grbavac
Rehak Tochkin Valk
Kessy Bredo Petryk
Leier xxx xxx

Riley Sheen
Adam Rehak
Jayden Hart
Wheaton King
+ Prospects

Matt Konan Alex Theriau
Dylan Businius Scott Mackay?? (Defense or Forward)
Patrik Parkkonen xxx

Spenser Jenson
Kyle Becker
Ryan Aasman
+ propsects

Tyler Bunz
Dawson MacAuley
Deven Dubyk (likely trade bait or released)

So that leaves 4 forward spots open and 2 defense spots open. However prospects that didnt make it last year could fill those spots. So expect one or two to be traded/released if any new prospect makes a significant impact.

It looks like the Tigers first and 3rd lines could be very strong. Their secondary scoring is hard to predict. It has the potential to be a very big plus, but it could also struggle if the new euro cant adapt well and/or tochkin struggles, or injuries happen.

The Defense
The Tigers will need a breakout performance from Dylan Businius and consistency from Scott Mackay and the Tigers will have a decent top 4. IF this group can clear rebounds and make a good first pass out of the zone, the Tigers overall game got a lot better. However if those 2 struggle we may see trades made and/or more time given to the rookies.

I'm not sure what to think. If certain combos can gel, they will be the dark horse of the league and suprise, especially with the loss of guys like Pitlick, Vey, and Hamilton. However their's alsoo the possibility of having the supporting players/ depth not up to par if the 18 year olds dont step up their game.

They have a combo of smart, physical, fast and skilled forwards, They should maintain an average offense at worst.
The Question will be on how the secondary offense and defense gels together.

It seems like they have the ingredients of where thier not expected to be a power house yet could suprise if things mix together well. Yet they could also cook up a rotten batch of cookies. A safe bet would put them in teh middle of the pack 5th-6th. However I wont be suprised to see them fall or rise in either direction.

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Anonymous said...

Mospanchuk no longer affiliated with Tigers, Zakaryan went home last year instead of working hard to earn ice time, Dezman is done hockey, so is Ramsay.