Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black & White Intrasquad Game!


First time I saw a lot these players, so descriptions will be extremely brief. Kinda wished I kept a closer eye on some of the forwards, as they tended to blend it together. which is not a bad thing.

Spenser Jenson(16)(defense) - big agile, mobile, plays the body well. Needs some coaching but has a shot at making the team this year.

Blake Penner(15)(forward) - Quick, feisty and has a gritty aggressiveness in his game. Threw a lot of hits.

Riley Sheen(17) - Slick hands looked pretty shifty and has some speed to his game. Good hustle and picked up his man in the D-Zone.

Adam Rehak(19) - new Euro Loves to shoot from anywhere. Has an aggressive nose for finding the puck. I think he scored 2 or 3 goals in the Intrasquad game.

Cody Schlosser(15 Goalie) covers and controls the lower half of the net real well. shots up high seemed to handcuff him.

Dawson McAuley(17 Goalie) - Was victim to a number(3-4) of rebound goals. Real big in net, and made the first save though.

Kenny Cameron (18, goalie) has a Tim Thomas like attitude fighting for the puck. Quick and agile, Never gave up on the shot and made some good 2nd and 3rd saves. Has the potential to edge out McAuley if he can keep it up long-term.

Wheaton King(forward) - bigger body the few times I saw him he was throwing out hits, Good positioning.

Reid Petryk - looked really good controlling the puck. Noticed him and shinkaruk the most.

Jonathen gaudet (19)(forward) - This years version of Sam Dezman. Skated real hard, bigger body and threw some hits, looked real solid. He will have to play hard every day if he wants to get a spot.

Devon McAndrews(16)(forward) - HUGE looked like he was 6'5. Didnt get a long look at him but The couple times I watched him the smaller guys seemed to be skating around him. Although he did seem to posses some good straight line speed.

Emerson Etem(19) had a couple big rushes, He was playing the body and being aggressive.

Ryan Aasman(19)(defence) - wasn't particularly impressed. Good skater, but seemed to be fighting the puck. He had the initial poise of a veteran but I remember watching quite a few times where he fumbled the puck, and had no finish. He will have to be better if he wants a spot.

Hunter Shinkaruk(17) was flying out their and was easily beating all the rookies to the puck. Best Tigers off the night.

Gavin Broadhead(16)(forward) - I honestly thought he wasn't playing until I saw him in the third period. Watched him closely for a couple shifts and he looked real good at controlling the puck along the boards and anticipating the play. Based on those couple shifts he may be a front runner for a spot.

Nathyn Mortlock(15)(defense) looked very small on the ice.

Ty Stanton's(Defence) I liked his offensive instincts, but he might be a liability defensively.

Cameron Gotaas(forward) - (16) Very speedy, very small.

Thier was one line for team black, Paige Maul? Riley Sheen?, Brennan Hunker? cant 100% remember but they created lots of havoc stealing pucks and creating offense for team black. Rhys Dieno, and Trevor Cox I remember thinking they created some pretty good offense for team white But team white also struggled defensively at times.

The game roster is down below. Html is buggering up with blogger code so it may be a ways down.

Team Black
Team White
Goalies Goalies
Kenny Cameron Tyler bunz
Cody Schlosser Dawson McAuley
Devon dubyk Spencer Bomboir
Skaters Skaters
Wyatt Trumbley Sebastien Owuya
Ty Stanton Scott McKay
Nathyn Mortloch Ryan Aasman
Matt Konan Tyler Lewington
Spenser Jenson Quinlan Moore
Emerson Etem Jared Wilson
Wheaton King Hunter Shinkaruk
Riley Sheen Gavin Broadhead
Brennan Hunker Cameron Gotaas
Allan Killback Rhys Dieno
Cole sanford Trevor Cox
Wyatt Johnson Blake Penner
Paige Maul Reid petryk
Boston Leier Curtis Valk
Dylan Bredo Jayden Hart
Adam Rehak Devon McAndrews
Kale Kessy Jonathon Gaudet
Patrick Parkkonen Chad Labelle

Allan Caldwell over at his blog has the Tiger players left at camp.


Anonymous said...

Did you see much of Rhyse Dieno?

TigerTurf said...

I remember watching Dieno and Trevor Cox have some good offensive chemistry on the same line. They both looked fast and skilled.