Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dubyk's Thoughts on Being Claimed

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The following quotes were from the News Article
"Right now, I am kind of mind blown," said Dubyk over the phone from Humboldt. "I am a Bronc right now.

"None of the coaches have phoned me from the Moose Jaw Warriors. The only way I found out was going on the Internet, and I found out I was claimed. That is where I am sitting right now.

"I thought I put up good enough numbers to get listed or even traded," said Dubyk. "I went down to Humboldt, and you know what, I am with them right now, and I don't have any plans right now about what I am going to do.
"We will see in a couple of days."
"""""(End Quote)

--Article Goes on to interview the Warriors Director of hockey operations Alan Miller, and he wasn't sure if Dubyk is their answer but wants to find out.


- Well If Dubyk does go to Moose Jaw it sucks that the Tigers get nothing for him. The Tigers must have been aware of Moose Jaw's interest as the MH News article suggests, and that's probably why they delayed putting him on waivers.

If Dubyk makes moose Jaw he gets another crack at the can to open some eyes if he can play solid #1 hockey. If the Jaw were to hold onto him for a month or two and then release him, he might have a tougher time finding somewhere to play.

He has a tough decision to make.

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