Friday, September 30, 2011

Gavin Broadhead Sent to Midget AAA Tigers

With the return of Emerson Etem, Gavin Broadhead was sent down to the AAA Midget Tigers this weekend. That means the Tigers forward group is pretty much set with 2 spares up front unless trades are made.

Keeping Broadhead with the "AAA" team also gives the Tigers quick access to possible call-ups if and when injuries occur.

This leaves the Tigers with 26 players on their roster. I believe they have until October 13th to cut down to a 25 player limit.

The Tigers are still carrying 2 spare defenseman and an extra goalie. With the 3 games in 4 nights its possible we might see MacAuley or Cameron get a start in net. both of them have rotated back-up spots for the opening two games.


Stan said...

I would think the odd ones out on defense are Becker and Aasman. Becker is obviously coming off a pretty significant injury, so he'll need time to skate in practice before skating in games, and starting off the season coming off an injury he'd be better served (including ice time) at a lower level. As for Aasman, I can't see the Tigers keeping a 19 year old who is a borderline WHL player now, I'd think they'll keep the five returning vets and alternate Jensen and Lewington in that 6th spot in the lineup.

For goaltenders I think they'll probably end up going with MacAuley as the backup due to him being the 2nd round pick. Personally I like Cameron better, and another season of Midget AAA/Junior A wouldn't hurt for MacAuley as he is a year younger.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is the better goalie, I think he is still around as they did not expect to have this "problem". But a good problem to have!

Anonymous said...

Disagree on Becker. 6'4" 200 pound
puck moving defenseman with offensive ability and great vision is what the Tigers need. Worth a two week wait-the season is a long one.