Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pats Drop Tigers 5-3

The Tigers did their best impressions of Dr Jykel and Mr Hyde with the Regina Pats in attendance.

First Period

The tabbies played very well in the opening ten minutes of hockey creating lots of offense and upping the tempo of the hockey game. An unfortunate hooking penalty to Emerson Etem midway through the first period erased that strong momentum, as Regina changed gears and started to test the Tigers defensive firewall. I thought the Tigers played ok defensively in the first they just had troubles breaking up Regina's cycle and making passes out of their zone.

2nd Period
In the second period it didn't take long for Regina to get on the scoreboard as the talented third round NHL draft pick Jordan Weal sniped a laser top shelf past Tiger Goaltender Tyler Bunz. From their it was ALL Regina in the second period as they piled on 14 shots and built a 2-0 lead as Dyson Stevenson would pot his 2nd of the season.

The Tigers really struggled from the top of the circles and down. It looked like the Tigers were playing perimeter hockey letting Regina swallow in to the inside and also having a real tough time communicating between transition from down low to up high in their own zone. Regina had plugged up the holes and did an outstanding job at penning the Tigers in their own zone. Regina's strong second period is what won them the hockey game.

Matt Konan decided to drop the gloves after a short pushing match behind the Tiger net with Campbell Elynuik. Konan must not have wanted to fight after a couple missed punches from both players, Konan grabbed Elynuik's leg and tackled him to the ice. Konan was given an extra 2 minutes and a game misconduct. dumb decision, if Konan didn't want to fight keep the gloves on.

Third Period
third period started off the exact same way as the second period as Jordan Weal potted his second goal of the game. The momentum would take its second rapid change of the game as Regina Pat forward Campbell Elynuik would get called for slashing.

After some strong pressure Cole Grbavac rocketed a one timer top shelf past goaltender Matt Hewitt on the power-play. The Tigers didn't stop their as they hemmed the pats on their own zone for a couple very lengthy shifts. Scott McKay's shot from the point bounced off somebody in front and beat a screened Matt Hewett for the Tigers 2nd goal in 2 minutes. 3-2 Pats

The Arena was rockin and Regina called a Timeout to settle their troops. Two minutes later Emerson Etem was sprung on a partial break and managed to tuck the puck between Hewitt's pad for the tieing 3-3 goal. Wow what a game. Unfortunately the Momentum would shift one more time.....

14 seconds later Dylan Busenius misplayed the puck attempting to pass it behind the net to Scott Mckay, however Mckay was no-where near the attempted pass. Dyson Stevenson would eventually send a pass into the slot area as Morgan Klimchuck teed it up and blasted a howitzer passed Tyler Bunz ans stunned the crowd.

Minutes ago everyone was celebrating a rapid 3-0 comeback, and now the Tigers were in the hole again. Curtis Valk came oh so close to tieing up the game as he wristed a shot off the crossbar.

A Kellan Tochkin penalty would put a temporary hold on the Tigers charge. The Tigers did manage to control the puck in the Regina end with the goalie pulled however some nervous passing gave Regina a chance to clear and score the empty netter to cement their Victory 5-3

First ten minutes, Last ten minutes.
Boston Leier, Alex Theriau and Emerson Etem were the best Tigers of the night.

Spenser Jenson played well on the back-end. He made one little mistake as he lost his balance with a Regina forward one on one and slashed the guy near the neck, other than that I liked his game.

Curtis Valk had a couple real good shifts at the beginning and end of the game.

The rapid Comeback scoring 3 goals in 4 minutes.

The play of Emerson Etem. Regina was aware and keeping a close eye on him.

Reduced their penalties to 5 disadvantages

Besides Alex Theriau the defensman had troubles.

Matt Konan was too liberal with his stick he is getting caught reaching and poke-checking where he should be rubbing guys out on the boards. Pokechecking is fine and should be a defenceman's first weapon however once you start reaching it gives the forwards an opening.

Tigers need to find a way to get out of trouble and clear their zone to put an end to momentum changes. I'm not sure if its communication with the forwards, or players not getting in position for passes something needs to be tweaked in their own end.

Busenius and Mckay were -2 on the night. (they were 2nd line defensive partners for a chunk of the game)

The Tigers only have one defensive pair playing consistent.
Too many shots against.

Regina Players I Noticed
Jordan weal who scored 2 goals was very noticeable.
I thought Dyson Stevenson played a dynamite of a game for the pats. 2 points and a +3
Brandon Davidson their captain is very smart defensively. I wish the TIgers had a guy like him.

Side Note*

Ryan Aasman was a scratch for tonight's game, with Jensen getting inserted.
Haven't seen Trevor Cox, or Gavin Broadhead dress yet. Riley Sheen was scratched for emerson etem.

Kyle Becker is listed as injured for 3 weeks on the whl injury report.

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Next Tigers Game
They play a home and home with Edmonton this weekend (Friday in Edmonton, Saturday back here)


Anonymous said...

I thought Kale Kessey played well,one of the strongest hits Ive ever seen a Tiger do and a fight to boot.He has picked up his game big time,a fan favorite.Also I thought Parkonan played well for the most part,very well protecting his net.I think Bunzy needs a rest to try out these two rookies,we all know how Bunz can play,we cant say that about a backup guy yet.Valk and Lieier played well and is great to have Etem back,man is he stronger this year,wow.

Anonymous said...

Konen is a big guy, I wish he would be more physical. It seems like he always wants to use his stick to defend, makes it tough to watch. I am unsure if he is worth keeping in a 20'year old position, I think we may find better out there.
I am glad to see they came together, it was too late, but at least they showed what they can do! The forwards have talent, they just need practice and time!
Go tigers go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Konen is undeserving of an "A". I was very unhappy to see that on his jersey. He certainly is not a leader on the ice, he does not seem to try much, does not want to get his hands dirty. Release him, no one else would take him.
I like the rest of the team, when they buy into the system it may be a fun team to watch!

TigerTurf said...

I thought valk like the rest of the team disappeared for the 2nd period.

You are right about Kessy he is starting to learn how to protect the puck better and driving to the net more.

Right now I am loving Leier's attitude on the ice. It reminds a lot of how Grbavac stepped up his work ethic and improved his game.

I think Konan has got into a groove of playing safe, which has dampened his ability to improve. However he most likely wont be going anywhere as of right now he is the 2nd best defenceman on the team.

I think all three of you are right about the tigers potential. Once they get their feet together they will be a tough team to beat.

historically in the whl, teams that come together at the end of the season have a better chance at going the distance than the teams who were good right off the start,

Anonymous said...

I think the Tigers are weak at a very important position, that being the center ice part of the lineup. Jayden Hart is going to be very good and it's going to take Hunter a while to get back into playing center but the two older guys Bredo and Petryk really need to step it up and contribute this year.