Friday, September 16, 2011

Tigers Cut Defenceman

The Tigers cut 16 year old Ty Stanton earlier today.

I didn't like his Intrasquad game, but I really liked his last couple periods against Lethbridge in the exhibition game, where the Tigers won 10-1. If Stanton can develop his defensive ability and get stronger he could have a good shot at making the team next year.

Ryan Aasman (19)
Kyle Becker (17)
Dylan Busenius (18)
Spenser Jensen (16)
Matthew Konan (20)
Tyler Lewington (17)
Scott McKay (19),
Sebastian Owuya (20)
Patrick Parkonnen (18)
Alex Theriau (19)

So roughly 3 cuts to make.

I have learned that Sebastien Owuya has made the Jets Main Camp


Anonymous said...

Where is kyle becker?

TigerTurf said...

He is still up here as far as i know. 2nd name on the list.