Friday, September 2, 2011

Tigers Cut Down to 39 listed their current roster

Comparing that to the players who played in the intrasquad game the following players have been cut.

Cody Schlosser
Spencer Bomboir
Wyatt Trumbley
Wyatt Johnson
Allan Killback
Devon McAndrews
Cameron Gotaas
Paige Maul

The Tigers play a couple exhibition games Sunday and Monday in the Oil Kings annual Pres-season tournament. Historically the Tigers have played mostly all of thier new players to see how they fit in, and make more cuts after the weekend.

MHNews Article on the cuts:

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Anonymous said...

Little surprised Paige Maul didn't get a couple of exhibition games. Thought he looked good in the black/White game.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Paige Maul is going to play this year?

Anonymous said...

Do those players cut get an outright release?

Anonymous said...

Paige Maul will be playing Midget AAA in Colorado with a former Tampa Bay Lightning farm team head coach, John Paris Jr. according to USA hockey rosters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info.

Not all the players will get outright released. If the Tigers keep them on their 50 PPl they will retain their rights. This info is generally not released to the public, but communicated to players as they get added/dropped.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon's. Is there a link for the USA hockey rosters?