Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tigers Drop Home Opener 4-2 to the Canes

The Tigers also dropped last years home opener by the same score.


Konan, and Theriau were absolute walls playing defence. They looked good together. Boston Leier showed great hustle and got into a very spirited fight in the first period. Theriau has great lateral movement on the powerplay.

Hunter Shinkaruk generated the most offense and was using his speed, very dangerous throughout the night. (only 17 and the best forward on the ice!!!!)

Tyler Bunz let in 1 weak goal through the legs but stopped a bunch of quality scoring chances.

Adam Rehak (the new euro) showed an aggressive spirit. He is not your typical euro, has that dirty shirt style of play and continued his scoring ways from the pre-season.

I thought Cole Grbavac, Kellan Tochkin, Curtis Valk could have played better. Despite being a local kid and I hate to say this but I don't think Ryan Aasman is the right guy the tigers need on the back-end. I'd like to get a look at how Lewington, Becker and Jensen play during a regular season game.

I liked the TIgers top defensive pairing but they need someone else to step up and join Scott McKay to complete a solid top 4. I felt like they didn't quite get that. If the Tigers can solidify their top 4, with Bunz on the back-end defense can be a strength this season.

The Tigers started off the game in control, however the Hurricanes pushed back quickly and I felt like it caught the Tigers by surprise, as the Canes pounced on Sloppy defensive coverage from the Tigers to take an early 2-1 Lead. From their on in it was a see-saw parade to the penalty box.

The game was marred by penalties galore from both teams. Mark it up as a learning experience for the refs and the players as the refs were extremely loose with their call selection.

The Tigers had their chances, but they went 0 for 9 on the PP. While giving the Canes 10 PP chances.

Grbavac Fight

Their was one play with 5:39 left in the game that I didn't particularly like, but it was entertaining at least.

Kale Kessy was hit from behind into the boards and Cole Grbavac charged in and gave Albin Blomqvist a whoopin'. Now Kessy is a big boy and the hit wasn't overly raunchy, and anytime other than the last few minutes of a game where your behind by a goal I would 100% support Grbavac's decision to fight.

However that fight took a potential powerplay situation away late in the game (with the instigator). Even Moreso that Lethbridge took back to back penalties soon after and the tigers could have had a few more minutes of quality power-play time.

Etem Watch
Etem was a scratch for Anaheim's preaseason game against Vancouver. The Ducks play their 3rd game in a row sunday against L.A

WHL Gamesheet
Hurricane watch

Next Tiger Home game is Wednesday against Regina


Anonymous said...

I thought aasman was one of the better tigers tonight! One guy they have to do something about is busenius he's just been brutal?

MHTigerfan said...

Ya I agree. Aasman was solid back there for them. He is what they need, a guy that is solid in the d-end with limited offence side.
I though the d men were not the issue tonight, went 0-9 on pp and lost 4-2. Tough to blame anthing but offence tonight.
They got players playing out of their element right now, they will get use to it. Tigers have a lot of "individual" skill and it's a matter of time before they put it together.

Anonymous said...

Solid? He man horrible defensive judgement and was out of positon a lot and kept getting caught off bad judgement calls, horrible for a 19 year old defenseman as for konan for as big as he is he needs to show some more grit. Tochekin should be cut off the team he puts in no effort at all in his game. And keep in mind besides konan and theriau are defense has now starrted a lot like busenius and paarkonnen were regular scratchs. But any idea why gaudet didn't play?

Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing about H.S. being the best guy on the ice. Generates zero physicality and like it or not it is an integral part of the game.For being the best forward on the ice where was he on the score sheet.Hope he will have a bright future but the focus on his spinaramas distracts from those that are the workhorses on the team.

Bo200238 said...

Tiger defence have to hit or check the other team. I know they only want 5 penalities or less a game, but they have to hit and take the chance of a penalty or not. They are walking around the defence or walking aroud the outside without being stopped. Stick checking is for beer league ( a non contact league.) Not one de-man tonight was tough. Gaudet was sent home. I don't know why because I kind of liked the kid. Age ???? Would have liked to see him in a few more games.
As for the forwards we have a bunch of grinders up front. Not many natural goal scorers someone you can count on every game. Time will tell.

TigerTurf said...

I don't like Aasman's defensive positioning and play away from the puck. I think he is too passive and doesn't have the hockey smarts to be an effective whl defenseman.

Shinkaruk has a very quick wrap around. If your tired of hearing about him well he will probably be mentioned quite a bit this coming year. I suspect he will be paired with Etem on the top line.

now that etem is back I wouldn't be surprised to see 1 more forward cut real soon.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be sad at all if they were to cut Tochkin and pick up another 20 year old. Too me he shows no heart and doesn't care.