Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kessy Handed a 5 game suspension

Kale Kessy was handed a 5 game suspension for his hit on Victoria Royals Defenseman Zach Habscheid. You can see the hit on the post below with the video entitled Kale Kessy vs Steve Hodges.

Kale has already sat out 2 games for the hit.


Also missed posting Round Two between Adam Rehak and Tim Traber during the 2nd of back to back matchups against the royals. Rehak comes out with the win again.


Anonymous said...

i believe I called 5 games in a previous thread. Hopefully he gets the message this time. If he doesn't the next one will be much longer.

Anonymous said...

Why do they take history into account when handing out suspensions? Why not just call what occurred on the ice?

Anonymous said...

Anonmymous 1 you are a an absolute soothsayer, a seer, a prognosticator and an oracle. Too bad you can't see that you haven't got a clue. The hit didn't merit a suspension at all let alone what was given. Hapscheid saw the hit coming and turned himself into the boards. Hockey is a physical sport involving big time hits. I doubt KK will be taking your advice anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon6:13am if you haven't been paying i'll let you in on a secret. All of the players turn into the boards now to protect the puck, whomever starting teaching that is a moron but that's for another day. It's up to the player making the hit to adjust to what's happening. Also if you haven't noticed these are the type of hits they are trying to remove from the game, unfortunately Mr. Kessey hasn't figured that out yet.

tigerfan said...

Good to see more scoring from others, EE cant do it alone.