Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 4-3 SO

Tonight was a funny game. The Tigers almost scored the first goal of the game on a delayed penalty. The puck was slapped down the ice and it hit the side of the net.

I thought the Tigers defenceman as a whole played better than the first two games at home, yet they gave up a lot more shots on the score-clock.

Edmonton Looks like they have gotten a bit bigger and a bit faster this year, however we saw them slip back into old habbits as they took some bad penalties(9 straight) and sat on their heels with a 3-0 lead. The Tigers scored 2 goals 42 seconds apart late in the second period by goals from Emerson Etem(goal mouth scramble) and Dylan Busenius (seeing eye shot from the point). Kale Kessy then sniped a shot over the shoulder of Edmonton Tender Jon Groenhyde on a 2 on 1 early in the third to tie the game 3-3.

For the First Oil King shot Bunz was lucky as Kristians Pelss didn't get good wood on his shot as he missed trying to put the puck over a stretched pad.

Second Oil King shooter Curtis lazar lost the puck stickhandling at the blueline and didnt get a shot.

First Tigers shooter Hunter Shinkaruk scored. Second Shooter Emerson Etem had the puck flip over his stick and only managed a bad angle shot. Third Shooter Curtis Valk put a backhand deke past Jon Groenhyde for the two points.

Game Thoughts
I thought the Tigers Defenceman played a much better hockey game, despite their troubles handling the puck on the powerplay, and the shot disparity.

When they get more help from the forwards to clear their zone on the first attempt their shots against will go down.

Tyler Lewington played in back to back games and I liked his smarts and play on the ice, despite him being on the ice for the oil Kings first two goals. Watching one game between Aasman, Jensen and Lewington I liked Lewington's game the most, as he looks smart on the ice and fairly composed. Still has some learning to do but I think he is the type to catch on quickly.

I liked Curtis Valk and Reid Petryks game. I think its just a matter of time before Reid Petryk starts producing more points, he's patient and is smart offensively. The more I watch Jayden Hart the more I like his game. Very high Hockey IQ and supports his line-mates real well. We saw him take a few shifts on the 2nd line.

Powerplay Troubles
Edmonton Took 9 straight penalties and the Tigers played the last 10 minutes of the game virtually on a powerplay.

I noticed two things:
1. When the Defenceman didn't pass the puck until after their blueline they almost always lost control from sticks in passing lanes and the puck ended back in their zone.

2. When the Tigers did get puck possession they would make a pass then hold onto it for a few seconds letting the oil kings get re-set, then make another pass, hold the puck, let the Oil Kings get set, and on and on..... They only made noise when the Oil Kings allowed a forward to walk into the slot from down low.

I think they need quick movement to open up holes in the box for those short diagonal or cross ice passes. Or rapid fire from the point and generate rebounds and tips. Perhaps Bring back that swinging defenceman power-play that creates open space.

Oil Kings I noticed
I kept my eye a lot on the Tigers rookie D man Tyler Lewington so I wasn't particularly keeping a close eye on the Kings but...

Keegan Lowe took 3 penalties all which were unnecessary.

Klarc Wilson hit Dylan Busenius from behind. I think a contributing factor to as why Wilson received a 5 minute major and not a minor penalty is because aftewards he sat on Busenius' back for 10 seconds then gave him a shot when he got up.

Michael St. Croix is very quick and shifty on the ice.

The line of Josh Lazowski, Rhett Rachinski, Tristan Sieben had very good first period. They managed to create some offense in tight with short accurate passes, and scored their teams first two goals.

Their penalty kill was working hard and pretty effective. Out of the 20 minutes in the third period the Oil Kings were shorthanded for 13 of them. They gave the tigers fits entering the zone and about 10 of those 13 minutes were spent firing the puck down the ice.


Anonymous said...

The game was all over the place, I think one that they should feel lucky to have won. Konen was a major disappointment for me, he does not handle the puck well, fumbled it a few times on the PP, and shows little urgency on the power play - he hangs on to it was too long and the Kings could get into good position. And every game now, he throws the puck to the other team. He was the most frustrating player on the ice tonight.
It was nice to see Bunz hang in after a few quick goals and recover to have an excellent game. Valk and Petryk were excellent, good effort, good checking in both ends.
I think we have a solid chance in every shootout, unreal how Etem, Hunter, and Valk can do the SO, I also think the new euro would be good!!
Overall, a lucky win, won't work like that next time!!!

TigerTurf said...

I'm not a coach and could be barking up the wrong tree but..

I thought Konan was working harder against the Oil Kings, and took a step in the right direction. His offence or two way game will come with confidence and comfortability its still early in the season.

Personally I dont mind his game compared to other defenceman who have passed through and thier are elements in Konan's game I really like (long reach, mobility for a big guy). His reach is perfect for the penalty kill.

However their are still parts of his game that could use improving.

Ex. Konan has such a long reach that sometimes he is too liberal and cheats with his pokecheck and throws his center of balance off by reaching too far forward.

It slows him down and takes effort to move back into a proper center of balance, a quick side to side by the forward creates panick and puts him in disadvantagous positions, as he is already out of his center balance and trying to correct it while the forward moves laterally is extremly difficult. (At the whl level his quickness and reach can sometiems make up for that)

But This makes him look passive, when he is trying to be aggressive.

At the next level talented forwards have the potential to exploit that. A guy like datsyuk who specializes in throwing a defensmans center of balance out of line would rip him apart.

I've always been a fan of watching both the puck and the body, using your stick to follow the forward stickhandling (looking for opportunites to pokecheck at the blueline) but more importantly maintaining a proper center of balance with forwards body in relation to the net.

TigerTurf said...

this is obviously more diffucult when in the corners where defenceman are flat footed, and thats where his reach is really beneficial justas long as you dont overcommit.