Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tigers Defeat Portland 4-2

Short Reviews on weeknights :)

I thought the Tigers were the better team in the first period, Portland was the better team in the second period.

In the third period the TIgers were awarded two poweplays late in the game. Portland really spreads thier guys out on the kill and plays pretty aggressive. THe first powerplay the Tigers had a real tough time gaining entry to the zone, and offensive opporunities were non-existant. The 2nd poweprlay was almost over when the Tigers were finally were able to take advantage of portlands wide PK as Cole grabvac fired a quick one timer from the slot on a pass from curtis valk.

Portland really likes to step up at the blueline or anywhere else on the ice and they have a bunch of guys who are capable of throwing open ice hits. EMerson Etem scored a goal, had a breakaway in teh first period, and portland was really gunning for him standing him up on the blueline. Etem was oooh so close numerous times in getting prime opportunities, but portland managed to just nudge him enough off the puck. I thought Dylan Bredo played real well tonight, and Scott Mckay played very well up front at forward, winning a lot of puck battles.

I thought Adam Rehak struggled a bit tonight. Rehak since his hot start has really cooled off, and took a couple offensive penalties.

James Bettauer
He looks like a very smart player on the backend. Good first pass, and does all the little things right. Puts the puck in good positions on the ice. He has a nice shot from the point and is capable of stepping up on the rush.

I thought his overall speed was a little below average and it looked like he wasn't used to the ice time/conditioning could be better. It was only his first game but I mostly liked what I saw.

His overall forward skating speed is a little slower and it also looked like he wasn't used to how much playing time he received.

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Anonymous said...

Bettauer makes a good quick first pass...I like him, and his spin-o-rama move.