Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kale Kessy Suspended 4 Games

The suspension was just updated on the whl discipline page.

He was given 4 games for his hit on Rebel Joel Hamilton. You can view the hit a couple posts below. Earlier in the year he was suspended 5 games for a checking from behind double minor.

1 game for cfb double minor
2 games for checking from behind

1 game for boarding

I didn't think the hit was that bad, mind you the camera angle really sucks. The last suspension He got I fully agreed with his penalty of 5 games.

To me this hit looks more like a case where a tall guy hits a small guy, although the onus is on kessy to avoid contact with the head.


Anonymous said...

What it tells me is that the league admits it was a b**t call but yet didn't quite have the balls to say no suspension. Look at the math - if it was flagrant would he have received a lesser suspension after having served a 5 game?
Not likely. Why don't they just make a rule change that says no high speed hits and be done with it. Until then quit acting like a bunch of pussies as it was a well laid hit. Look at the end of the hit again on the video, KK again partially turned the back of his left shoulder into the other player. There were no elbow, forearms to the head. The other player went backward into the glass. Look on the Rebel site as their video pans for a brief second to the camera behind the net and you will see this. Just a pitiful ,weak, crap call! Monkey in the striped suit was intimidated because someone was injured.
The hit or check to the head has its place when there is an obvious intent to strike at this point of the body. Wasn't the case here. Happy to see the other player seems ok also.

Poppa Bear said...

Great to see Hamilton get back in to the game after this big hit. However, Kessy skates into the zone with feet moving all the way from the neutral zone like he should. THEN, stops skating for a a second or two, before zeroing in on on his target. Kessy makes a strong effort in my opinion to avoid a hit to the head. BIG vs SMALL, and quess who loses out again.!! Kessy got sewered on this one!!
Leier vs Petrovic was another BIG vs SMALL hit,and this time it appears to be a hit to the head. But the difference here is no hometown fans screaming to influence officials to pressure the officials into trying to keep the fans happy. Officials allowed the fans to make the call for them.
No consistancy with this ruling throughout the league. That sends mixed messages to the players.
Kessy had not been playing to his physical ability in recent games, perhaps to avoid taking penalties that would hurt his team. The moment he tries to play his brand of hockey, he gets crucified!! Sorry for Kessy. He ultimately is the player who is the branded scapegoat. Too bad, because we are losing out as fans for this good old time hockey.
If Kessy had done something wrong here, I would fully support the officials call, and league suspension. However,I will not endorse a chickens..t call, just to make the hometown fans happy on this one.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, On a couple of other observations. I believe it is Valk who flushes Hamilton behind the net with his forecheck. Doetzel #8 Dman for Red Deer, should have tried to slow down Kessy's forecheck from the other side of the net. He didn't, and Hamilton gets flattened!!
Great hit Kessy!!!