Friday, November 25, 2011

Oil Kings Drop Tigers 3-0

Tigers are falling pretty hard right now. 4 points in thier last 7 games. They've faced some tough competition keeping the games close, but have been outchanced lately. Tomorow a tough game in Red Deer before they end thier tough road trip.

I understand that Tyler Bunz was recently sick and the announcers mentioned that Matt Konan was a game-time decisions against the Oil Kings as he was also sick. Parkkonen scratched for 2nd night in a row.

I was pretty frustrated watching the Tigers on TV, they aren't playing to thier capabilities.

Etem looks a little Off. Team are keying on him yes but it looks like he is trying to gain incredible speed off his first stride and he loses balance. He is sticking to a north south game with some small fakes and needs to perhaps put a little more east/west movement in his game. He is having a tough time trying to find any open space. Opponents are on him like flies on poop.

I know Cole Grbavac can play better. His best trait is playing aggressive along the boards with the puck, sometimes looks like he is hearing footsteps.

4th line is playing really well. Might be time to give cox a promotion.

Boston Leier has been the hardest worker along with Bunz.

Kessy is playing a little better, he needs to be a physical presence every game. Doesn't need to fight ( although he should every 3-4-5 games to keep people honest) just make clean contact every chance possible.

Reid Petryk - When he is carrying the puck into the zone I feel like he gives the puck away to often. I'd like to see him hit the blueline with with speed, slow down or loop, then try to hand it off to a trailer.

Bettauer - HAND THIS MAN THE PUCK ON THE PP. His one timer is pretty darn accurate and hard, reminds me of Vey last year.

Scott Mckay - Still think he is a better Dman than forward but too many Dman not enough Omen means he will play forward.


Anonymous said...

Actually I think they are playing to their capabilities and I don't mean that in a spiteful way. I had them pegged for fighting for the 7the or 8th slot in the conference this year and i still stand by that because I think they are just an average team. They are a hard working team that other than a couple of guys isn't full of talented players.

TigerTurf said...

Before the season started I would have agreed with you. I think I said 5th-6-7th but I could see them suprise or fall behind.

THey've had such a strong start that expectations have been raised

THey have the basics and the tools to become a contender, they just have a couple peices missing, and a couple peices that have yet to find thier place in the puzzle.

CatFan said...

I wouldn't jump ship on them just yet. They always seem to struggle a bit at this point of the season and then turn it up after Christmas. They have had a tough schedule in the last 2 weeks and all of the games were close. There are still a few guys that need to step it up or else I believe there will be a trade or two (but nothing major).

TigerTurf said...

I agree catfan. I hope my previous post didnt come across as they wont be good this year because thats not what I beleive.

I think the Tigers have a better team than last year, they are soooo much better defensively. I think at this point in the season it is good to face adversity as long as it doesnt manifest itself.

I'll do a recap of the game tonight including a video sample of the kessy hit, and fights.

TigerTurf said...

just waiting for videos to upload......