Friday, December 2, 2011

Blades Defeat Tigers 2-1 OT

Blades looked like the better team through 2 periods of play, but the Tigers finally snapped back into focus and played a very good third period of hockey. The Tigers defense were making good pinches and the forwards were skating with some oomf in thier game. They had a chance to win the game but couldnt capitalize.

Quite the chess match where Saskatoon was trying to Get Defenseman Dalton Thrower and Duncan Siemens out against the Etem/Shinkaruk line.

The refs for the most part let them play, but with 3 seconds left in the third period Matt Konan took a High-Sticking penalty which meant a 4 on 3 disadvantage to start overtime. One minute into overtime Josh Nicholls potted a wrister past Bunz from the slot area for the Game Winner.

Total shots were 45-24 for the blades. Despite the disparity on shots I thought Prime scoring chances were both teams were relatively equal. The Tigers Emerson Etem was stopped on a breakaway and Trevor Cox had an open net but missed again. Boston Leier had a prime chance in the slot but tripped himself up. THe team seems to be holding thier sticks a little too tight.

I liked what I saw in the third period. Its something to build on for tomorows game against Spokane. Jayden Hart, Riley Sheen, and Rhys Deino saw more ice-time than usual and they flourished with it.

After Tigers Defenseman James Bettauer knocked over blades goaltender Andrey Makarov, Dalton Thrower engaged Bettauer in a fight.

From what we've seen at the arena this year, it hasn't mattered who throws off the gloves first or if their is small talk before the fight. The instigator has still been called.

Anyway they dropped the gloves, circled each other and Thrower threw quite a few rabbit punches in which knocked Bettauer down to one knee. Bettauer would get back up and the refs jumped in lickity split as soon as bettauer went down to one knee.

What was unusual is the refs gave both players a double minor for roughing which negated the potential instigator, and gave the blades the powerplay. The blades didnt score however that double roughing was clearly a fight.

Around the WHL
Calgary has been exploding lately. They have been getting some really good goaltending. THe Tigers have played 2 more games than the Hitmen however The hitmen could actually catch the TIgers in the standings if they were to win those games. They have already overtaken Red Deer who has fallen off the map since Rebel Adam Kambeitz has been out with injury. Regina has also slowed down considerably from thier very hot start.

5 points seperates 1st to 6th. It was tight last year, but this year there is no room to move. 1 loss and you fall 2 places in the standings.

Whos Next?
Saturday Night the Tigers take on Spokane a team that has also hasn't been at thier best lately. Spokane Got off to a white fire hot start, but has cooled off. Tomorow should be an intense battle of two teams trying to get back on a winning streak. The cheifs lost a 3-2 OT decision TO Calgary on Friday


Anonymous said...

Konen lost the game for us! I think Lewington is already a more responsible and reliable defenceman! I am getting tired of losing games because of Konen's weak play! I know he has points but he seems to have a knack of taking very poor penalties!!! I would give him away for a bag of pucks!!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard when you top Defenceman is making terrible decisions as a 20yr old and keeps on getting all the ice time in the world. Theriau has not stepped up his game at all this year. Very Disappointing to see. I feel that the tigers could be using Busenius much better. He is a solid stay at home defenceman with an amazing shot at the point! He deserves to be playing top 2 D pairs.

Anonymous said...

Konan didn't lose the game for us. Only scoring one goal was the reason we lost. Rarely in this league does one goal get it done as proved by last nights outcome. Unless we start getting some scoring from someone not named Etem or Shinkaruk were going to struggle as those guys are being smothered by the other teams top d pair and checkers. Coaching staff has to do a better job in trying to get them away from the match up especially at home. Saskatoon had what they wanted on all but about three shifts last night. Just to point out one thing in regards to Busenius, while I agree he's made a big improvement over last year he's last among Tiger d men in +/- at +1. Everyone else including Jensen and Lewington are higher with Theriau and Konan the leaders with +13 and +14.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure the game that you saw but I saw a very poor penalty with 3 seconds left, making 3 on 4 in OT and we all know how that ends. We did what needed to be done to get to OT, S'toon did no more. So by your argumeny, neither deserved to win? Someone has to win, S'toon was more responsible and thus did not take a dumb penalty. The only difference between a loss and win was a poor penalty by Konen, game lost.

TigerTurf said...

While Konan's penalty was the differece.

You could also say that If Etem had scored on the breakaway, or Trevor Cox had potted that open net chance, or if Bunz had made that one save the Tigers would have won. etc

What he is trying to say that Yes Konans penalty was the difference but it wasn't strictly Konan's fault that the Tigers lost the game.

Is one defensive mistake that costs a goal worse than a forward mistake that doesnt score one?

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are but the different is a chancecompared to a disadvantage. Etem not scoring did not put the team at a disadvantage, all was still equal in a game where a shot is a chance to score. But a penalty is different, Etem was not lazy or irresponsible not to score, Konen was and he did put the team at a disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you're getting that he was lazy on the play. Did he high stick the guy, yes but if you watch the play it more accidental than intentional. Fact is he's probably been our best rearguard this year on a team that doesn't have a legitamate 1 or 2 guy on the backend.

Anonymous said...

Best defenseman.... debatable, Bettauer has proven to be a contender. And no, not intentional, although I never said this, your words, not mine. But he is responsible for his own stick and generally with experience you learn to control this at important times, 3 seconds left is definitely one of those times.

Anonymous said...

New night!! Go tigers go!!

Anonymous said...

Defense has struggled at times for sure. Konan likes get himself out of trouble defensively, while getting his d partner in trouble with his passes to his dman partner who may already have pressure on them.
Bettaur has been a nice offensive addition, however his defensive work needs a lot of work.
Theriau has had to play more of a defensive game due to a season long injury, that will require surgery at the end of the season on his hip.
Busenius has played well at times, and at other times seems to struggle with his role as a #4 dman. His game will continue to improve, he just needs time.
MacKay moving to forward, actually has hurt us more. He was playing an inspirational role as a top four dman.
Parkonen has been missed. He gave our top four a rest. Be great to get him back in the line up.
Lewington shows improvement every game.He will be a leader on this team in a couple of years.
This team will recover from this slump and contend in the second half. We need more then anything, secondary scoring behind Etem, Shinkaruk and Valk.
Teams are able to concentrate more attention to these three players, because we are not getting the offensive support from our third line.
Have patience, Clouston will find that secondary scoring in his guys.
Go Tigers Go!!