Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bunz Cut From Team Canada

The Final Cuts are still being made but TSN has announced that one of the Cuts is Tyler Bunz.

Medicine Hat Tigers netminder Tyler Bunz and Louis Domingue of the Quebec Remparts were sent back to junior, leaving 2011 returnee Mark Visentin as the starting goaltender and Plymouth's Scott Wedgewood in the backup role.

On the blue line, Alex Petrovic of the Red Deer Rebels, Kitchener Rangers defenceman Ryan Murphy, Portland's Joe Morrow and Ottawa's Cody Ceci didn't make the final cut.

Ottawa 67s winger Tyler Toffoli, Portland Winterhawks Brad Ross and Ty Rattie, Michigan winger Phil Di Giuseppe, Christian Thomas of the Oshawa Generals, Victoriaville's Phillip Danault and Brett Bulmer of the Kelowna Rockets were among the forwards sent home on Wednesday morning.

Bunz will probably be back in Time For Tonights game. But he has played 4 games in 4 nights so it is unknown on whether or not he will play tonight.


Anonymous said...

This is a good example of Hockey Canada politics, Don Hay says he wants experience, Visitine was no better nor was any other goalie at the camp. Bunzy had played the best of all goalies so far this year. And Hay cut Ty Rattie whose on a roll and top whl player. So much for Hockey Canada experience in team selection.
Tyler Bunz you were and still are the better goalie.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Tyler Bunz, however through out history good hockey players have been cut from the junior team. Every year Canada can put together two possibly three competing teams for the tournament. This does not take away the experience he had. He was the only WHL goalie to even have a chance to make the team. That in it self says alot about his skill. I will still hope for the best for Team Canada, and look forward to Tyler to show the WHL just what Team Canada missed out on during the remainder of the season.

CatFan said...

Actually this really pisses me off. No way does Visintin doeserve to even be on that team. I doubt I will even watch this tournament this year as I am tired of the way the team is picked. Are there even any WHL players left on the team?

TigerTurf said...

Bunz'z Comments from the Calgary Herald

“In my mind, I think they made the right decision,” Bunz said. “Wedgewood played well. He really came in and secured that spot.

“I just wasn’t good enough in camp.”

I agree with him. During the 3 games Scott Wedgewood was the best goalie on the Ice. Visentin played just as well as Bunz did, and since he was the incumbent he was selected.

I am disapointed in Hockey Canada's decision but I see why they chose to go with the other two goalies.

Anonymous said...

If this recent camp is the determining factor, then summer camp ment nothing but to put a carrot out there, and Hockey Canada saying season play up to this point is important with selection is nothing but lip service. Gallegar was invisible at this camp and Don Hay pet made the team? WHL got shafted. Hay is an idiot.
Have to agree with CatFan on this one.

CatFan said...

Exactly, you can't base this decision on one camp. Look at Visintin's stats this year compared to Bunz (especially number of saves and save percentage). Not even close. We'll see what happens but I'll bet that Wedgewood will be the guy in goal by the playoff round. Also, how does Ty Rattie who is hotter than hot right now not make this team?

Anonymous said...

From all reports Wedgewood was clearly the best goalie in this camp, the problem I have is the fact Visentin was handed a spot because he was there last year. It wasn't 4 guys fighting for two spots it was three for 1 which changes the odds a bit.

tigerfan said...

No Bunz, No Rattie, BS!
I agree, blatant politics being played here, its embarrasing for Hockey Canada.
I'd bet "even money" that we wont see Visentin in the net when it matters!

Anonymous said...

Goalies should be Bunz, Wedgewood. Rattie for sure and they also cut Ryan Murphy best Dman in OHL cut??
Don Hay has his goon with Connolly and his pet with Gallagher. Both were no shows at this camp. Hockey Canada is a joke.
Glad we can vent this here, before xmas shopping, would not want to take hockey frustration to the mall. Life goes on , but this sucks.
Happy Hollidays

Anonymous said...

Hockey Canada is a joke. Bob Nicholson as the leader of this mess is totally dated and the entire selection process needs to be revamped. The old boys club and the politics are so blatant that it is hard to stomach. Prepare for another loss, some lame excuses and no accountability.

Anonymous said...

yep, hockey kanada and don hay are a joke and poorly represent hockey as far as i am concerned. But they don't care about us fans anyhow, Were not part of the click. It is all about them, not the game or the boy's playing. Photos posted even before those cut left the building, Hockey Kanada has no class.