Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kootenay Defeat Tigers 3-2

Short Recap

I thought the Tigers put in a pretty good effort tonight. They have changed up thier systems a little and it is working well for them. I thought It was a very close game and the Tigers deserved a better fate.

Kenny Cameron's first game in net at home and I thought he looked a little nervous at times. Their were 2 long goals he would have liked to take back, but he also came up with some very good saves including a nice stacking of the pads save early in the game.

Rhyse Dieno had a very good game and Spencer Jenson has really improved quite a bit over the last month. Thought Reid Petryk also played a good physical game. I thought Matt Konan played a nice physical game in the first half of the game.

I really like that the Tigers have bumped Trevor Cox's ice time up. He always seems to create good plays in the offensive zone. Trevor scored a very key goal to tie the game up at 2-2 after a bit of a momentum breaker when Kootenay scored off a long range slapper.

Thier were some real hard hits in the first period. I thought for sure thier were going to be some fights in this one but none developed.

Emerson Etem scored the Teddy Bear Toss goal halfway in the second period. He has one more game left before leaving for the World Juniors.


Anonymous said...

Tough loss, thought we deserved better!! Great play by Kenny, bounced back from a couple shaky goals. Bob said he was extremely nervous prior to the game. One under his belt, a win is in the future for him! Good play by the team!!!

TigerTurf said...

Despite the Loss I was happy with thier play. Cameron has been a bit snake bit. Hopefully the team can rally around him and come out with a win on Wednesday

CatFan said...

I believe that Cameron will only improve with increased ice time. He played very well tonight but he need to improve his positioning on the long shots. Still I believe he will be a very solid goalie.

Anonymous said...

Cameron was ok, making most of the saves he needed to but I thought the Tiger defence did a good job limiting the Ice's chances. Looked like he was having problems finding his angles, something he's going to need to work on.

Anonymous said...

Tigers defense were pretty good but the 4 on 4 Ice winning goal was the difference. Major break down there. I thought Kenny Cameron played well for first home game and the teddy bear toss probably took the edge off his game concentration. Ice scored questionable goal just after. Rookies will adjust to these experiences and build the mental toughness we fans come to expect.
Cameron gave the team a chance to win keeping it close, Tigers third period scoring has disappeared but they probably know that.
Let's see what red deer game has to offer, I think the Tigers are getting grumpy with all these home loses no matter who is goalie. Bunzy has not had much luck at home either, snake bitten for sure.
Rookies playing well, and it will take these experiences for them to develop.
I like our chances. GO TIGERS GO, show the rebels whose boss in your house.