Monday, December 12, 2011

Team Canada...Bunz Update

Team Canada held thier first scrimmage tonight.

Bunz played the first half of the game for Team White, who went on to win 3-2.
Bunz let in 1 goal off 15 shots. The goal came in from a bit of a tough angle, from near the outerline of the faceoff circle down low.

Bunz stopped 2 of 4 in the mini-shootout.
Ryan Stone outdeked Bunz
Zack Phillips deked Stopped by Bunz.
Ty Rattie deked Beats Bunz glove side.
Brandon Gormley deked and Bunz flashed a nice glove save.

Don Hay has mentioned that the #1 spot is Visentin's to lose.

One more Game Monday Night. First Cuts will be announced Tuesday Morning.


CatFan said...

What the heck has Visintin done to deserve the first spot other than being a returnee? Letting in 5 goals in the third to lose the gold medal? Letting in 5 goals in the third in the Subway series? His stats this year are not great! Someone enlighten me!!

Anonymous said...

I think Bunz could take it!!!

Anonymous said...

Bunz made 28 saves in his half of the second scrimmage tonight which may lock up his position on the team.

tigerfan said...

Visintin deserves NOTHING, he should earn it. He should be working from a negative postion since he choked under pressure.