Friday, December 30, 2011

Tigers Defeat Canes 3-2

Small Recap.

Tigers called up Gavin Broadhead for the game tonight.

I thought the Canes kinda shot themselves in the foot. The game winning goal was scored after the Hurricanes Coach Rich Preston went beaking off to the ref and got tossed. Their lack of discipline cost them the game. The Tigers scored right away on that Powerplay, and at that point it gave the Tigers a 3-1 lead.

It was nice to see some "other" goal scorers tonight with Kale Kessy, Jayden Hart, and Curtis Valk scoring goals. Jayden Hart was given a penalty shot and will probably get some ribbing from his teammates after falling over on the attempt.

Brad McEwen
I was able to listen to the radio broadcast during one of the intermissions. One of the Questions Ridley asked Tigers GM Brad McEwen was: Are the Tigers going to be "buyers or sellers" and how did the prospects look at the macs tournament?

Paraphrasing his words...

Tiger Prospects
McEwen mentioned that he got a good viewing of quite a few Tigers prospects at the macs tournament. A couple names he mentioned that impressed were alex mobray, chad labelle, ty stanton and there was one from shattucks I didnt quite catch his name.

He also mentioned that the Tigers brought a couple players up to have some time with Tigers developmental coach Jeff Ovens.

Trading Front
Regarding the trading front McEwen mentioned along the lines that quite a few teams were still uncertain a bit into the direction they wanted to take and were kinda waiting a bit to see how things played out.

Brad McEwen didnt mention specifically that they were going to be buyers but hinted that they would look at thier prospects and depth charts see where they could strengthen an age group, but also warned that making one move doesn't guarentee a championship team.

With the precedent set last year with the high prices for Cody Eakin and Brayden Schenn a couple teams who would be sellers may be trying and waiting for likewise returns on this years players.

The trading Deadline is January 10th.


Anonymous said...

Good game! Boston is sure stepping up! Wonder if we may see some under performing veterans on the trading block, maybe in a package deal with a prospect (Sheen)? Veterans like Bredo, McKay, Petryk? All good but probably lower in the points then what the tigers hoped they would be (Bredo has 3 goals), but has defensive skill.

Anonymous said...

Terrific discipline shown by the Canes last night. Players were just following the coaches lead when it came to being stupid. Not hard to see why they are where they are in the standings.

Anonymous said...

Jayden Hart should use the Schlemko shoot out move

Anonymous said...

It would be stupid to trade Bredo is by far our best defensive forward and when he is with etem and hunter he provides the defence that line needs so etem and hunter can free wheel more

Anonymous said...

Agreed Bredo definitely gives us that defensive element that this team so desperately needs. I would never trade that. Unfortunately the others you mention wouldn't bring much in return. Bunz definitely is in a zone. Strong confident and brutally focused. Who would have thought we would not have lost a game while Etem was away. Keep it going guys!

Anonymous said...

anyone hear any trade rumours?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
Tiger Turf, tiger fans, Tigers coaches/staff and billets.
2012 Tigers will be as fun to watch as ever, I like all the effort and never give up play the Tigers show every game (rookies and Vet's), Great group of guy's.

Anonymous said...

I say stick with what they have, change nothing.
Happy Birthday to Kenny Cameron,
Birthdate: 1993-01-01

of all days to have a birthday - and happy new year. Good things coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Tigers listed 17 year old defence man Jared Wilson from the Calgary Royals. Looked him up, he is top 20 in scoring in the AMHL with 25 points (9 goals and 16 assists) in 24 games. With the deadline coming up this may be a kid they pull up if they are sellers.

Anonymous said...

I haven't see Wilson but from what I've heard he is almost comparable to Kris Russell. Can run a power play and moves the puck really well. Think he would be lethal with Shinkaruk on the PP and could be an impressive rookie next year.