Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tigers Defeat Hitmen 2-1

Tigers came out with fire again, and were all over the Hitmen in the opening Minutes. Curtis Valk would give the Tigers a 1-0 lead after Emerson Etem coralled a puck down low, and fed it to Valk in the slot who buried his shot top shelf glove side.

After that the Hitmen slowly started spending more time in the Tigers zone. The Hitmen started hammering shots on net and Tyler Bunz played an outstanding hockey game.

In the secod period Hitmen forward Calder Brooks would drive to the net and somehow squeak the puck past bunz as a big pile developed in front of him.

The third period was largely a repeat of the second, However Emerson Etem fed Curtis Valk on a 2 on 1 and made a nice backhand move to beat Hitmen goalie Chris Driedger.

The hitmen would press after that but Bunz played a phenominal hockey game. Bunz would stop 38 hitmen shots. THe Hitmen outshot the Tigers 38-17.

Tigers played an ok road game. Tyler Bunz was amazing in net, and was a huge reason why the Tigers won. I think the Tigers were a little lucky to come away with the 2 points, but it was a much needed win. Boston Leier was scratched after suffering an inury last night. Patrik Parkkonen is still out with a knee injury. Kale Kessy served the final game of his 4 game suspension

The Tigers have 2 huge games next weekend with a home and home against the Kootenay Ice.


Anonymous said...

Hummm, Tigers win and no comments?!. Bunz played his buns off, team played well outshot but still pulled off a win at the dome (noisy sellout fans)and nobody has anything to say. Tigers loose and you all want to hang the players, trade off good hard working guy's, WE NEED A NEW CAPTAIN ? Titanic sinking? Bashed a back up goalie who hasn't played when they lost a close one. And Konan "lost the game for US" as if.
All you people making comments and know it all have nothing good to say when they do good, but Slam the boy's if they loose are not worthy to be called TIGERS FANS. You beer guzzling hypocrits. You never say anthing good about the Tigers and bash them when they loose is a shame.
You are not true Tiger fans or you would support them WIN OR LOOSE.
nuf said.
GO TIGERS GO, Some of us think you guy's are playing your hearts out, Thanks.
And sold out games with all the empty seats is a bit ironic, Come on support the team, geeez.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!

Anonymous said...

This will be my last season with season tickets, they aren't worth the money anymore and the team is horrible to watch they are so lazy, lack that attributes of a skilled team........ I wish i lived in Spokane

75flyersbestteamever said...

I agree to show support for the Bengals when possible but,schedule makers gave us spurts of 4 home games in 8 days, 3 in 5, 3 in 4, and coming up in Feb. 5 games in 11 days...makes it tough for season tix holders (it's damn near a full time job being at the arena during those spells. BTW-we give our tix to those who can make the dates we can't)
Teams run out of gas during these runs, so will fans. It won't always be sunshine and roses..but at least give the team a better chance with someone watching the upcoming schedules..
we are with you Anonymous, win or L-O-S-E.

Anonymous said...

To the guy giving up his/her tickets - good for you. Someone who actually supports the team will scoop them up and SHOW UP. Not just brag they have season tickets to the best and only game in town and seats are empty. Tigers would prefer team support not lip service. Plenty of true fans in this town and better than you who jump on band wagon. Obvious you do not know hockey or support young talent.
Maybe you are the guy beside me VACANT seats. Thanks for bailing , but i bet you are on the wagon during playoffs, booooo.

Anonymous said...

Well, as much as I am sad to see the poor play, I am not a bandwagon jumper!! A true tiger fan through thick and thin. If you don't want to see losses, go watch ballet! Those are the ups and down's of sport!! With those attitudes, please, get out of the arena, there are people who would gladly take you spots!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Konen was stripped of the "A" for that game. The coaches see his poor play also!! Hopefully that made an impact!! Go tigers go!!! Not a bandwagon jumper here either!!! Agreed, give up your seats you lame fans!!!

Anonymous said...

Konan wasn't stripped of his "A" in Calgary. The online game sheet is wrong giving the A to Lewington who is number 5 instead of 6.

TigerTurf said...

I'm all for everyone commenting just a reminder to keep it civil.

The gamesheet had it wrong. Konan still has the A. Just watched the archive game to confirm. I think he is a player that fans like to hate though. If he was more physical he would be a guy scouts would love to watch.

I think its healthy to give positive criticism. But keep in mind that losing streaks happen to everyone, its the great teams that learn a lot about themselves during tough times.

I wanna also wanna say that I still think Grbavac is the best choice for captain, just disapointed in his play. He has been my favorite player for the last two years, even over guys like Etem and Vey.

I am just disapointed that we haven't seen him play like he did last year, especially the game he brought in last years playoffs. I want to see Grbavac get a contract.

It would be inspiring to see a plyer who almost called it quits to be able to make it.

Anonymous said...

I agree! It seems like Cole is gripping the stick, I hope he gets back to his "in your face" hockey where he plays so well in front of the net!! Once the team gets going, he will get going again! Agreed with Konen, if he would hit thence would ve turning scouts heads!! Wish he would! Regardless, go tigers go!!!!

True Tigers Fan ! said...

Thanks for taking out the trash Tigers Turf.
Rep hockey might get a water boy spot in the WHL and Spokane is looking for one. Somebody has a chip on there forehead cause he never got an invite.

Back on topic, Agreed, Let's have more support for the guy's when they win, Bunzy stole one and the team responded, Let Him/them know.They fought for the win against hitmen and will have it tough against the Ice. Let's cheer loud and proud when they play at home this weekend, the young guy's WILL appreciate our support, long trip home ya know. WIN or LOOSE let's show up and maybe we can help turn things around, Players deserve the support and fans can make the difference. FILL THOSE SOLD SEATS.
Cheer loud, not only for a goal, but saves, PK or good shift, Have Fun, They hear us.
GO TIGERS GO. It is your time to shine. Play hard.

Anonymous said...

Well two of those empty seats are my family, and we are there but prefer to stand.

Anonymous said...

Agree!!! We drive the team!!! We are the 7th man and need to play our part, especially in tough times!!! Go tigers go!!!