Friday, January 6, 2012

Hurricanes Defeat Tigers 3-1

Hurricanes gave the Tigers another lesson on what hard work can do. The Tigers played a really good first period but Lethbridge played some really good hockey in the last two periods.

I thought the canes played some really good defense and kept most of the Tigers chances to the outside.

The Tiger forwards weren't supporting each other in the second and third periods.

I think the biggest differences in the game is that the Tigers weren't finishing their checks, and the Canes were. It wore the Tigers down and the Canes fed off the confidence gained from it. They outhit the Tigers by a wide margin.

Emerson Etem in his first game back scored the only goal. He was also stopped on a breakaway in the game and It was interesting hearing the Canes goalie say that Etem frequently likes to go five hole and that he was watching for it. On the play Etem tried to go five-hole.

The Tigers dressed some fresh faces in Gavin Broadhead and Kyle Becker. I thought Becker looked pretty good for only his 2nd game in the whl.

Gavin Broadhead got into an interesting fight. Broadhead is wearing a full face mask so if he got into a fight he would receive an extra penalty if he took his own helmet off. Hurricane player Craig Leverton obliged him. Levington had to undo Broadheads mask straps and took off his helmt while broadhead swiped at Levingtons's helmet to partially knock his helmet off. They seperated then engaged in a figh

Riley Sheen, Spenser Jensen, Rhyse Deino and Alex Theriau were not dressed tonight. I wasn't listening to Ridley so I'm not sure what Theriau was out for.

Tyler Bunz
It was also reported today that Tyler Bunz is being faced with 2 possible impaired driving charges in his hometown (St. Albert) from an incident in may.

He has plead not guilty to the charges.


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Tyler bunz has pretty much been somewhere else these last couple of games . And not too cool Med Hat news starting this DUI thing. Sean Rooney and these folks are only looking for a stupid news story and no interest in integrity. Hope their happy , they got shit spread at Tylers expense. Tigers are just hockey players, this is private and personal. Fricken a,,h,les , hope Tigers players shit on you like you have on them. Shame med hat news and these slugs reporting for them.
Go tigers go. You players deserve better support than this.

Anonymous said...

are there any videos of Broadhead's fight?

TigerTurf said...

When posts the video I'll link to it.