Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rebels Defeat Tigers 6-3

Not a good game to watch from a Tigers point of View.
Too many turnovers and Bad Decisions. You can't blame your goaltender when your team is giving up 40+ shots.

Bright Spots
I thought Spenser Jensen and Patrik Parkkonen played pretty well, and Emerson Etem of course scoring a hat-trick. 3 Goals away from 50 and 5 points back from the whl scoring leader Ty Rattie.

Also Boston Leier had a pretty good game scoring a decisive win in a fight vs Rebel Cory Millette.

I 100% agreed with Emerson Etem's Comments on the Radio after the game saying each player needs to be accountable, whether it be thier pre-game routine, preparation, or sleep patterns and work on doing all the small things right.

The Rebels dressed a young 15 year old Haydn Fleury. He saw some ice time in the first period alongside Alex Petrovic, but didn't see much ice after that. The Rebels were missing Mathew Dumba who is away at the top prospects game, and 3 other players including Adam Kambeitz and Justin Weller

Kale Kessy is listed as out week to week on the Injury Report that Just came out today.


CatFan said...

I don't have much hope left for a successful post-season. Too many players taking the night off, especially in home games. I think a rebuild is in order and we need to start looking for more hard-nosed and dedicated players like we had in the past (Darren Reid, Derek Dorsett, Steve Marr, come to mind). Build around Shinkaruk and Hart, and lose some of the dead weight that show up once every 3 games. As you can tell I am very discouraged after the last 2 games, and I also think Bunzie looks wiped out. He needs a rest!!!

TigerTurf said...

Well...I thought for sure they would try to improve over the trade deadline, and I still think they should have done so....but that's another topic in itself.

I agree about Bunz. Any player will say they are not tired....its not a politically correct answer in sports to say don't play me I'm Tired.

You can see it in Bunz's game and his reaction time and how quickly he recovers after a shot...He has been overplayed for about a month now...and his save percentage for the month reflects that.

Anonymous said...

Too many giveaways by our top pairing on defense . They both struggled in their own zone.
Playoffs are not that far away, and we have to be more accountable on our back end. We were too many times tonight , soft in our own zone. Secondary shots are inexcusable.
Too many guys are trying to pad their own selfish stats, instead of going for the team win.
All too often, people can't see past Etem, Shinkaruk, Bunz, Valk, Leier for the unsung heroes. Who give their all and never get the accolades from the media, announcers, and people who are picking the stars. Give me a break, their are more players on this team than the five I mentioned earlier. If that's all we are goin to give credit too , then she is likely goin to be a short post season.
I would like to see more of an effort to praise some of the unsung heroes on this team. Players who don't rack up selfishly the points, players who battle every night wether they are healthy or not, and never say a word. How about the younger players who are trying to find their identity on a club like ours.
When this team enjoys team success, individual accolades will follow. Players will score career highs , goalies will set records, but unsung players allow these players to succeed. Without little or no appreciation for what they do.
Its a Team game fellas. Last week we had a player who was on the ice for all five goals against in a game. Yet someone up in the broadcast booth , saw him as a star. Stop looking at the score sheet, next time you select your hardest worker or three stars.

Anonymous said...

I agree, there are more then those players on the team but no one is stepping up to the plate, so it is difficult to praise poor effort and a B level play. McKay is a no show, Konen was horrible, Bredo could not score to save his soul, Theirau is average at best, Busnieus likes to wing his stick around with one hand and not hit anyone...... where can you find something to praise?
Now saying that, I think we do have a team that can play a simple game and win. I do think we should unload some dead weight in the offseason but in the meantime we need to play simple defensive hockey and use our speed. Heads-up passes, and make sure they go to our team, not theirs!!!! Simple clearing the zone.
Very frustrating to watch. Bunz needs a break and some of our defense needs to be benched or sat for a game to consider if they want to play or not.

longtimefan said...

Better record on the road this year than at home, hmmm, I wonder why that is. Maybe some of these guys would prefer to play away from the supposed friendly confines because they aren't worried about being booed by the home town fans. Started last night in the first period and continued throughout the game. Medicine Hat used to be known as the best fans in the league but that couldn't be furthest from the truth now. I've said this before and I'll say it again that it wouldn't be a bad thing for this franchise to miss the playoffs for a couple of years so the fans would pull their heads out of there a**es and appreciate what we've been able to watch for the past ten years. And by the way, right now we are 4th in the conference with a team that is not real talented so they must be doing something right on most nights.

TigerTurf said...

The Tigers have the exact same amount of points 52 games in that they had last year.

They just need to get back to doing the small things right.

They should ignore us fans atm..and get the fun back into the game.

They still have 20 games to work out all the kinks....Perfect Time to give Bunz some rest, and maybe get the guys to try and rally around the backup

Anonymous said...

Idiots who know nothing about hockey critize Bredo, Bredo is by far the best defensive forward we have and with etem and hunter they can go way up in the play and Bredo can cover them if they get cut plus Bredo sets up etem on the pk all the time

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,
Have a look at the highlights next time you think Theriau is average at best. He is a defensive defenseman, who seldom gets caught out of position, and moves the puck up ice as well as anyone in the league.
Bob Ridley has commented a few times recently that Theriau has been hurt all season. Theriau has obviously put his team first, instead of a pending surgery.

Anonymous said...

If our defense is so good, explain the recent high shots on goal and high goals against games. Stats speak volumes, there is a defense problem.

Anonymous said...

Check out how many guys are on the back check in our Tiger Highlights !! Very few guys are on the right side of the puck in the D-zone coverage.
And even fewer legitimately have their checks within reach. Who are the guys that are tying up players and or sticks religiously ? I suppose, it helps to know what your looking for out there. Too harm intended with that comment. Lol