Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughts on the Trade

Essentially they traded for Hurley to replace Petryk, and traded a 3rd rounder for everett List player Miles Kouls.

Tigers are basically saying either the prices were ridiculous and we didnt want to pay them, or we are content with our history of icing good teams every year and are patient enough waiting for a couple years when the young core develops into whl stars.

This is kind of a strange year where all 3 scenarios of: standing pat, selling, or buying have validity. The only cons to staying pat is that an early playoff exit would leave the tigers saying damn we should have been sellers.

Edit: To clarify a little I think they did the right thing in not selling, despite that fans will say we shoulda been sellers, moreso if their is an early exit in the playoffs. So yeah we can be a little disapointed that their were no flashy moves, but the Tigers have a history and a certain way of doing things and they didnt deviate from the plan.

From this point out the Tigers need to concentrate on a couple things.

1. Stop bunching up in front of thier net and get better at swatting away all the rebounds. This includes the penalty kill

2. They need to be aggressive and finish their hits. No need for highlight reel hits, just make the other team know they are going to get hit.

3. Use the defenceman to create space in the offensive zone and get them shooting at the net more for rebounds and tips.

I think a 2nd round in the playoffs would be deemed a successful season. It will be interesting to see if a team like Regina or Brandon can make their was back up the standings with thier significant adds at the deadline. Tigers still have potential to do more damage if they can get consistency in scoring, I think if they hit more and use thier defenseman more they might be able to get that.

Tigers GM Brad Mcewen's thoughts on the trades

Also swamped with work and fun today, will try to give scouting reports on these players tomorow.
Added Brendan Hurley's Twitter Link ----------------->

Also the CSS Mid-Term ranking came out today. Prior to yesterday none of the Tigers made the list.(The Tigers '94 born players have late birthdays this year, and they have no first time eligible players on the roster)

However Recently Acquired Miles Koules is on the list ranked as the 151st North American Skater


Anonymous said...

OR if it is an early exit from playoffs, it could be damn, we should have listened to that guy who runs that little blog...NOT

TigerTurf said...

Hey your the one that chooses to read it.

CatFan said...

Though I would have liked to see some help in secondary scoring I like that the Tiger staff basically stays loyal to their core players. This year there is so much parity that there is always a chance for upsets in the playoffs. We have one of the best goalies in the league and if he plays like he can we could surprise some teams. 2 rounds in the playoffs would be great, we can't win it all every year.

TigerTurf said...


Anonymous said...

Have you heard what chances there are that Koules will come to the tigers? And, if he did, would that be for the start of next season as the soonest possible time?

CatFan said...

I read somewhere (can't remember where to) that there were certain teams that he would play for and Med Hat is one of them, but not until next season. He is friends with Etem and Shinkaruk so that also might have something to do with it.