Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tigers Defeat Warriors 6-3

Very entertaining hockey game at the Arena tonight. Tyler Bunz recorded his 100th career win.

I thought Kale Kessy had his best game of the season. Very physical and also created some offense. He played very smart, kept his energy up the whole game, and showed why he is an nhl draft pick. Oh yeah he had 2 fights and kept battling and playing tough even though he took some licks in that first fight. Earned hardest working player for sure. Good Work Kale!

Curtis Valk scored a highlight reel goal undressing warriors defenceman Dallas Ehrhardt....probably going to be on the whl plays of the week.

Jayden Hart picked up his offensive game, He drove to the net twice, and created two really good scoring chances. He managed to score on one of them as Brendan Hurley was also drving to the net creating havoc in front. I'd lke to see more of that type of stuff from Hart.

I thought Mathew Konan, and Patrik Parkkonen had very good games on the back-end.

The whole team played pretty well. It was nice to see a full 60 minute effort. Moose Jaw has some real good depth on their roster and some very big physical defenseman. The Tigers offense picked their pockets quite a few times, and created quite a few good scoring chances. They had extremely quick transition from D to O in the first period

Brendan Hurley looked much better. Finished every hit, I still see that Kootenay system ingrained in him.

The Tigers made a few too many turnovers near their blueline..they cut that down and they cut down on a lot of shots.

Tyler Bunz looked tired...but then again he faced 38 shots.

Just looked at the standings and wow. 2 points seperates 2nd from 6th.


Anonymous said...

not sure how shinkaruk gets a star over Curtis Valk.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Turf I agree with the Kessey comments he is like a race horse that can't be put in the stable. He has to be out and get into the game. Many teams would love a guy like this on their team the way he played tonight especially come playoffs he could be the difference like a Bunz"s to go that extra round. Thought Leier got missed on your list tonight he battled hard got to some lose pucks, he'S like a rubber ball out there sometimes getting kicked around but seems to bounce back. Tigers proved tonight they can play will the best!

TigerTurf said...

I probably could have mentioned the whole team at some point or another. I thought even Theriau looked a lot better than as of late.

Leier is usually one of the harder workers on the ice. Not the most talented player but he gives it his all and you can't ask for more than that.

Anonymous said...

Theriau has an undisclosed injury. Surgery off season is not an option. It's a must.