Friday, February 17, 2012

Fight Filled Affair in Moose Jaw

The warriors defeated the Tigers 6-0 in Moose Jaw.

Tyler Bunz was out with the flu? (MJ broadcaster mentioned it briefly)
Curtis Valk, Hunter Shinkaruk, Kale Kessy, and Brendan Hurley were also not dressed due to injuries and suspensions.

According to the whl gamesheet Dawson Mcauley was the back-up. Chad Labelle was dressed again. The gamesheet said Gavin Broadhead was dressed however I didn't see him on the Ice.

To be honest I thought the Tigers didn't play bad persay. I thought the ref decided to call everything and every other battle the Tigers were getting accidental type penalties called against them... It was one of those games where nothing was going their way.

MJ capitalized on their powerplays going 5 for 7.
The Tigers went 0 for 6.
That pretty much sums up the game right their.

Fight Filled Afair
Sheen, Mckay, Grbavac, Jensen, Bredo, Dieno all got involved in the fisticuffs department....Even the coaches were getting involved verbally on the benches.

Rhyse Dieno won his fight over Andrew Johnson with a KO punch at the end.

Scott Mckay fought Cody Beach....Mckay used a good strategy getting in close to beach firing off some short rabbit punches, largely a draw...Beach looked a little rattled at the end mocking Mckay after the fight.

Cole Grbavac fought Dylan Mcllrath. Mcllrath landed more punches but they were quicker rabbit type punches where as grbavac landed a couple heavier shots...I'd call it a draw...maybe slight edge to Mcllrath

Spencer Jensen fought Shayne Gwinner...the fight was all jensen untill the end where Gwinner got a good punch in that knocked Jensen over...draw.

Riley Sheen got into his first fight against Jordan Wynton. Sheen got in the first punch and Wynton landed the second one then suprised him with a left that knocked sheen over.

With 7 minutes left in the game their was a point where the Tigers only had 5 extra players untill other penalties were over...Patrik Parkkonen and James Bettauer finished the game on forward.

The re-match goes Saturday in the Hat. I wouldn't be suprised to see the same players not dressed again. Very tough schedule playing against the top teams while a good chunk of players are out.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Broadhead is out sick

longtimefan said...

Acording to todays paper Bunz is out with an injury he has been nursing for some time now. We can probably expect more of the same tonight, nine guys 17 and under and a goaltender whos played in 6 or 7 games probably won't be a recipe for a win.

Anonymous said...

maybe what we saw last night and with the only addition next year being Shinkaruk missing last night is the type of team we have next year. Sure looks now like Bunz and Etem should have been traded at deadline to make a much stronger team next year as this team this year will never get by 2nd round when they play the stronger teams if they get that far this year

Anonymous said...

don't break your legs jumping on and off the bandwagon... Didn't see your comments when they were on a five game winning streak with guys out of the lineup....and these guys are still in third place in a division that anyone can beat anyone on any night ..

CatFan said...

We had only lost 2 games out of 13 before these injuries. Give your head a shake. Nobody thought we would be anything when we lost Vey, Pitlick, etc. last year too. Yes we may struggle but we have some great young talent who could really turn some heads next year.

Anonymous said...

and keep in mind that goals against were all power play goals. Playing 4 on 5 against 1st place team is risky even with experienced team. I am another one who likes Tiger rookies, they will learn from mistakes and gain much needed experience. Look forward to rematch tonight, the new guy's are being thrown in to the deep end and no mercy swimming with sharks. Give the young guy's a chance. Cheer loud, let's show them HOME fan support. Good, loud fan support is our part to help develop a winning team this year and next.
GO TIGERS GO, never back down.

Anonymous said...

I am unsure as to why you did not include Valk, he has a lot of talent. Clearly you don't know the team well enough to be making comments as to what our team will look like next year. Go cheer for someone else - if cheer is what you call it. I also heard we have a very injured lineup. That does not help! I still think we may have Bunz next year.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Cameron is our goalie next year, poor play! He was so out of position. I know he has not played enough at all, but thought the basics were not there. Not sure what else we have coming up for goalies. I too do not think Bunz is for sure gone.