Monday, February 20, 2012

Oil Kings defeat Tigers 5-4 SO

Feel bad for the Tigers on this one. They deserved better after a very good start. The Oil Kings were throwing everything on net and got some good puck luck at the end of the game.

First Period
Tigers got off a really good start. 3 goals in the first ten minutes and they were all over the Oil Kings.

Valk went cross Ice to Bettauer who buried a one timer on the powerplay.

Matt Konan fanned on a one-timer but the shot went off the backboards right out to Valk who buried it, also on the powerplay.

On an odd man rush Rhyse Dieno made a perfect cross ice pass over to a rushing Patrik Parkkonen who buried it past Laurent Brossoit. Brossoit would get pulled after that in favor of Tristan Jarry and the momentum would change.

Near the radio time-out Tyler Lewington took a hit and went akwardly into the boards. He did not return to the game. Around the same time the Oil kings started pressuring and the Tigers resorted to more of a defensive game.

Second Period
Edmonton would get on the board late in the second period as St. Croix received a pass in the slot and rifled a shot over Cameron's glove.
3-1 Tigers

Third Period
The Tigers made a bad change in their own end. The Oil Kings had a 4 on 3 and turned in into a 3 on 2. T.J Foster received a pass in the slot and rifled it over the glove of Cameron 3-2 Tigers

Edmonton would tied the game on a very unlucky goal. Dylan Busenus just after coralling the puck would get pokechecked. The puck would bounce off a skate and directly onto Mark Pysyk's outstretched stick who poked it past Cameron. 3-3 Tie

The Tigers weren't done yet. James Bettauer took a hit and made a very nice pass to Emerson Etem who had a step on the Oil kings last man back. Etem would go five-hole putting the Tigers up 4-3, on a mini breakaway.

The Oil Kings would tie the game with 37 seconds left. A slow rolling puck made its way past a scrum in front of the net. Cameron was a little handcuffed by it and kicked out a rebound which was promptly scooped up by Dylan Wruck who shot it over Camerons outstretched pads. 4-4 TIE

Note: Wruck had a crazy celebration pumping his fists into the air and slamming into the boards. He must have injured himself as he didnt play overtime or was in the shootout and went straight to the room.

Would solve nothing. The Tigers had 2 very good chances to score and Cameron made a big save on Henrik Samuelsson.

Tyler Maxwell would do some dispy doodling and shot a puck over the pad and under the arm of Cameron stick side.

Curtis Valk rang a shot off the Iron.

Martin Gernat shot it over Camerons pad glove side.
Emerson Etem was stopped trying to shoot under Tristan Jarry's arm.

Good News Bad News
Brendan Hurley and Curtis Valk returned to the lineup. Kale Kessy, Hunter Shinkaruk, and Tyler Bunz are listed as day-to-day. On the radio Rick Carrier said Bunz took a shot to the ear and is almost ready.

Bad News - Tyler Lewington took a hit and went akwardly into the boards. I did not see him return to the game. Lewington has been playing very well as of late.

The Tigers played real well in the first and second period. They played a very smart first two periods, blocked a lot of shots and kept most of the Oil Kings chances to the outside.

In the third period I thought the Tigers looked a little tired as the Oil Kings pressed. Kenny Cameron made some big stops and played well.

Overall I was pretty happy with the Tigers effort. It was just a disappointing finish. The Tigers still get a point out of it but now the Oil Kings are 8 points ahead with a game in hand with only 11 games left. The Tigers would pretty much have to go unbeaten and hope for the Oil Kings to lose a bunch of games.

The Tigers cannot get 2nd place unless MJ and the Tigers both pass edmonton, due to the rule where the division leaders go 1. 2. no matter the points.

The Tigers magic number is 9, as a combination of 4.5 Tiger wins or Red Deer losses will clinch them a playoff spot.


CatFan said...

A very gutsy effort once again. I am proud of them and very disappointed for them at the same time. It's not easy to beat Edmonton ever let alone with a depleted line-up. Should still be a confidence booster for our team as they know they can still play with the best regardless of who is in the line-up.

Anonymous said...

Good game report. Oilking snipers made tigers pay the price of letting up after 3goal lead. Kenny Cameron was the difference and earned the point for tigers, 3rd star and tigers badly outshot. This goalie is for real. Big saves this game. Great experience for rookie.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dad, good experience for a rookie. Lol

Anonymous said...

Huh? Not anyones dad. But follow Kenny pretty close, I think he is cute and a great goalie. Even got his autograph the other day , YA.

Anonymous said...

Great game given Edmonton had pretty much all their guns and we are still depleted. Proves thwt we are more then Bunz, Etem and Hunter. Will serve us well in playoffs!

Anonymous said...

at this time of year if you are healthy is great but most teams have injuries and we have more key players out than other teams. How about guys like Cameron Leier deino bredo hart stepping up they have been really good

Anonymous said...

A -4 from a 20 year old is unacceptable. This was a huge divisional rivalry.
Cameron, great to see you getting your game legs. These games will bode well for the future.
Leier, you have a heart of a lion. You have been inspirational with your play.
Hart, your getting better every game. You have a great future in hockey.
Bettauer, good to see your scoring slump is over.
Hope to see stronger play in your own zone.
Theriau, we wish you were healthier. Defensively, your in charge back there.
Parkonen, good to see more offensive from players other than Bettauer, and Konan from the point.
Etem, wow! Nothing more needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

The -4 does not surprise me, I do not see this 20 year as a loss next year, but a gain that we do not have to own the liability.
Leier is amazing! I enjoy watching him and his amazing effort, along with Bredo, Valk etc. I am overall liking this team and feel they have all stepped up to the plate to cover for the significant losses in the line-up, well done boys!

longtimefan said...

Konan was a +3 on Saturday and not a word from anyone. He's tied at +16 for the team lead amongst dmen playing against every teams top line every night. He's certainly not the second coming of Bobby Orr but his game has come miles since his first couple of seasons.

Anonymous said...

But is miles from where a 20 year old should be. If he was 18 I could see you point. Not willing to get in the dirty zones, does not go out of his way much to stop a play ...... has not missed a game with an injury for so very very long, only one way to do thwt, stay out of the way of the rough stuff.

TigerTurf said...

Konan is the best defenceman on the Tigers team, and probably has a decent shot at the ahl.

TigerTurf said...

Their are areas in his game which he can no doubt improve upon.

But he's big, has a long reach, great first couple strides coming out of his own end, and will smash guys in the corners. He uses his stick more often in open ice where his reach is an advantage. Yes he can be soft at times..

I think he has a shot at the ahl. I think Konan still shows more potential than the average 20 yr old.

If a good defensive coach was to work with him at the next level he could suprise us all.

Anonymous said...

This stick of Konan's that you speak of. Where was it being used in the defensive plays in the highlights of last game against Edmonton? No stick checking. No tying up anyone.

Anonymous said...

He is big, but seems to stay away from physical contact. I watch every game and find him to stay away from making any good hits. Nor does he fight - which you would expect of a big vetern. I find his lack of hitting so disappointing and he is too often reaching with that stick rather then taking his man. I do find him good on 2 on 1 rushes. But find that he is inferior to previous 20 year olds such as Carr or Coyle, both were much more valuable. I also find he takes untimely penalities which are usually tripping or hooking, which are lazy pentalities and again show his lack of checking and instead just using his stick.

Anonymous said...

Carr was not afraid of going back for a dump in, both Coyle and Konan will not go in the corner with alot of pressure from F-1 from the opposing team. Unless F-1 is considerably smaller. That won't hold up at the pro level for long.

Anonymous said...

Offensively Konan is getting it done. However, he is the greasiest guy on this talented team..
Coaches need to start holding him and Bettauer more accountable on their defensive woes. They are the oldest pairing in the entire league. How many times do we need to see them not picking up their checks in our zone?

Anonymous said...

Let's go Tigers. We are all cheering for you. !!!