Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tigers Defeat Hitmen 5-3

Short Recap.

I thought the Tigers were lucky tonight. The Hitmen played a very good road game, and took it to the Tigers for long periods of play. Hitmen outshot them 43-24.

I thought the Tigers played with some really good discipline in the third period staying out of the penalty box, and after Cole Grbavac scored the game winning goal, the Tigers found new life and played their best hockey of the game.

Alex Theriau scored his first goal of the season. Rhyse Dieno scored his second goal of the season. Trevor Cox got his 8th of the season.....Cole Grbavac got his 9th of the season, Etem got his 49th of the season.

I thought the Hitmen improved over the last time the Tigers played them. Bunz played real well and the Tigers got scoring from everyone.

Etem came oh so close twice at the empty net for his attempt at getting 50 but just missed. Tyler Bunz also took a shot at the empty net and Boston Leier cut short his shot that looked destined to fall a little short.

This is a huge win in the standings, as it vaults the Tigers 3 points ahead of the hitmen with a game in hand, and 4 points ahead of kootenay with 2 games in hand.

The Tigers are tied with Moose Jaw with 70 points however due to the conference lineup they'll remain in 3rd untill a team passes them or they can pass Edmonton who has 2 games in hand and 6 points.

The Hitmen play Edmonton Tomorrow night. The Tigers are off untill Friday when they face the Prince Albert Raiders again at home.


Anonymous said...

Lucky?? Everyone complains about no secondary scoring - you got that tonight. You complain the defence isn't playing well and the forwards aren't coming back to help - tonight you had forwards and defence blocking shots. Undisciplined play - tonight they allowed 2 Cal PP. And they went 3 for 3 on their own PP. Yup....they sure got "lucky".

Anonymous said...

When you get outshot by almost a 2:1 ratio...yes it's lucky. If the Tigers did not have a goalie the caliber of Bunz, this game would have certainly been a loss tonight.

TigerTurf said...

.... even the coaches said they didnt bring their best game tonight.

Anonymous said...

I was happy, I did not think it was perfect but they changed some little things. A win is a win and we will take it. Cue played well enough to beat them, by a couple of goals. Lucky is a one goal game, we won this one!!

longtimefan said...

Funny how this "brutal" team keeps on winning.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr blogger. Is it possible to spell Rhyse Dieno's name correctly? Including in the twitter links? Thanks so much!
Go Tigers!

TigerTurf said...

My apologies to Rhyse. After someone noticed I was spelling his name wrong earlier I copied it directly from the whl website and was using that spelling in the blog.....

I see they changed it now. Noted for future writings..

Anonymous said...

So Excited For Tonight's Game....Etem is going to get his