Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tigers Defeat Raiders 3-1

Curtis Valk was a scratch. Tigers mentioned it was just a day to day thing and might be back for Sunday's game against Brandon.

I thought the Tigers came out really hard on Friday. They didnt take P.A lightly and played an excellent first period of hockey.

You could tell that Rhyse Dieno looked pumped for tonights game. On his twitter feed he said his family was in town for the weekend and he was playing with some extra jump in his step.

Both Dieno and Alex Theriau have stepped up their game lately. Both players are on 2 game goal scoring streaks and each have 3 points in their last 2 games.

Emerson Etem looked pretty charged at the beggining of the game in search of his 50th. The Raiders were shadowing him closely all night. Etem still had a few chances to pot that 50th.

The Raiders coach looked determined to prevent Etem's 50th as He choose not to pull his goaltender late in the game When Etem was on the Ice.

I thought the Raiders Netminder Cole Holowenko played a very strong game in net as did Tyler Bunz, it was a goaltenders battle out their.

Next game at Home against Brandon


longtimefan said...

Be glad when the 50 in 50 is over with so they can get back to playing the way they need to to win games down the stretch.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Again, a good game by the Tigers, since that small losing streak they seem to be playing the systems much better and are proving to be a competitive and tough team!

TigerTurf said...

They gotta keep working on their own zone....they are playing better and thier is less confusion.

Brandon will be another good test as they have 2 incredibly powerful scoring lines.

Anonymous said...

"Both Dieno and Alex Theriau have stepped up their game lately. Both players are on 2 game goal scoring streaks and each have 3 points in their last 2 games."
So only if you score points, that is how we define stepping up their play lately?
Dieno has gotten an opportunity with more ice time, because of the absence of Valk, Kessy,and Hurley. Goes to show that we may if given the opportunity provide secondary scoring. Hide no has proven, IF given a chance, the Tigers just might be able to rest some of our top forwards more.
Theriau has played a very strong defensive style since the christmas break. He has shown more confidence and poise with the puck, and has been finishing his checks. D-Zone coverage very seldom receives the nod of approval , unless they produce offensively as well. Defensive defenseman are a rarity.

Anonymous said...

Shinkaruk may be out with a concussion. Look for hit hand Dieno to move up on the 1st line.

TigerTurf said...

Dieno has been playing well since Christmas Break. His hard work has been starting to pay off now that he is getting more ice time.

I thought Theriau has been playing better hockey since the middle of january. Thier were a couple games were he didn't perform that well and he has rebounded quite nicely afterwards.