Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tigers Defeat Rockets 4-3 SO

Very Short Recap. Watched game on webcast.

Tigers had 2 goals called off.

Bredo's Goal Called Off
The puck was knocked was in the air and it looked like Boston Leier was going to catch the puck but a Rocket player swung his stuck up near Leier's head which caused leier to hesitate and pull back, their is a half a second where you cant see the puck then it pops out into the middle of the slot where Bredo scored.

The ref called this goal off saying it was a glove pass.

Konans OT Goal
Hunter Shinkaruk was taken out by Colten Martin into the boards. Emerson Etem scoops up the puck, passed it out front to Matt Konan who scores. The ref decided to call coincidental roughing penalties on Shinkaruk and Kelowna's Colten Martin who had a good hard battle going on down low, and dissallowed the goal.

You can see the ref pointing at the two as Etem scoops up the puck.

Very untimely calls from the Tigers point of view. Lifesavers from Kelowna's. I thought Kelowna got lucky taking 1 point out of the game.

I thought the Tigers largely outchanced the Rockets and deserved the win. Adam Brown played outstanding for Kelowna in net. It coulda been something like 8-3 Tigers.

Good News/Bad News/Injuries
Ridley mentioned that Bunz is likely for the games in Prince George, and that he almost played tonight. Hunter Shinkaruk returned to the lineup tonight.

Cole Grbavac was not dressed tonight.

Looks like Chad Labelle's Midget team won thier playoff series in 2 games so he was able to play for the Tigers tonight. Tigers also dressed Kyle Becker. The Tigers were still down 1 roster player with those 2 callups in the lineup.

Not Dressed due to injury
Tyler Bunz
Tyler Lewington
Cole Grbavac
Rhyse Dieno
Kale Kessy
Spenser Jensen
Gavin Broadhead
Patrik Parkkonen left the game and did not return.


longtimefan said...

Gutty effort tonight. Looks like they may have another injury to contend with as Parkkonen wasn't on the bench after the hit he took in the second period.

TigerTurf said...

ahh....was wonderin why becker was on the ice during the last few minutes, and Mckay was playing the point on the powerplay.

Anonymous said...

Good effort, enjoyed the game! Good to have some key guys back while the young guys were still stepping up!!

Anonymous said...

Confirmed Parkonnen has concussion

longtimefan said...

Interesting to see how few comments there are after a win. Looks like some people find it easier to b**ch than to praise. I suspect the naysayers will be back when the next loss occurs.

Anonymous said...

I too have been waiting for a compliment or two. Many more posts after a loss and defense crapy, rookie goalie is a bum, forwards lazy...
I thought the win against Kelowna was a big plus for our young tigers. Cameron showed he can come back, Shinkaruk has not lost his touch, Therieau, Konan played great defense . Tigers probably will get more support on the road ? Some fans even chirped Cameron when he returned in net,and still managed a shoot out win. Tigers are more than Etem and Bunz and they proved it this game and in the last few. Congrats boy's. Especially rookies.
Naysayers are lame and gutless, and probably never showed up to support MS or the Tigers on their day off. Well said longtimefan, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you have to b@$ch when we who commented all wrote positive things. A bit sad you had to wreck the nice comments on the page. And of course, I am guessing you walk out of the game after a loss and have never said one comment on what went wrong. Oh, you are so mighty!! A passionate fan is excited after a win and depressed after a loss, get over it!!

Anonymous said...

I think the point was not MANY good things are said when Tigers win, or more people chirp about the negative than the positive, or not much praise as compared to when we loose. Excited or depressed fans can also make comments of praise.

TigerTurf said...

No Game recap tonight. I will do a sum up recap for the PG's games tomorow