Sunday, April 29, 2012

Miles Koules Decides to Join the Tigers

From his twitter feed
"Made my decision to play for the Medicine Hat Tigers next season."

MH News Article

At the Trade Deadline the Tigers traded Reid Petryk and a conditional 4th round pick  to Everett for the Rights to Miles Koules and a conditional 4th round pick.

Koules is eligible for this years NHL draft.

NHL central scouting had Koules ranked as the 151st North American Skater during mid-term reports, but fell to 201 overall for the year end rankings. This coming season will be his 18 year old year. He put up 15 points in 28 games for the US national Team Development Program which plays games in the ushl.

WHL Bantam Draft
Is coming up this week on May 3rd (Thursday)

Emerson Etem Update
Etem's Team the Syracuse Crunch were eliminated from the AHL playoffs 3 games to 1 against the St. John's IceCaps

 Etem scored 2 goals in 4 playoff games, and added 1 goal in 2 regular season games.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shinkaruk Impresses At Under 18's

Team Canada was playing in the Bronze Medal game this afternoon. They previously lost to the U.S.A 2-1 in the semifinals. Team U.S.A dominated almost every team they played outscoring the opposition 26-4..including a 7-0 win over Sweden in the Gold Medal game.

 Hunter Shinkaruk scored a hat-trick including the game winning goal in overtime against Finland to win the game for Team Canada.

The game winner was a highlight real goal, as he drove wide past the Finnish Defender cut to the net and put the puck past an outstretched Finnish goaltender.

Shinkaruk finished the Tournament with 8 points in 6 games(4 goals, 4 assists). Which was tied for 2nd in scoring on Team Canada behind Red Deer Rebel Mathew Dumba who potted 12 assist in 7 games.

Keep your eyes on TSN for the game highlights..

Emerson Etem Update
Etem has played 2 regular season games, and 2 playoff games with Syracuse. He has 1 goal, 6 shots on net and 2 penalty minutes.  The crunch are tied 1-1 in their series against St. Johns Ice Caps

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Next Season Outlook

Players not Coming Back
Cole Grbavac (overage)
Emerson Etem ( NHL Contract)
James Bettauer (overage)
Matt Konan (overage)

Very Unlikely to Return

Tyler Bunz (NHL Contract) - The oilers 2 'tenders in the AHL(Yann Danis, and David Leneveu had very strong years. Oliver Roy had a very strong season in the echl last year and will likely be moved up to the AHL. Where Bunz plays will depend on what the Oilers do with their goalies. It could be likely that Bunz starts in the ECHL next season taking a similar path to Oliver Roy. But the Oilers would likely have to dump someone to make room.

Kale Kessy - Kale Kessy has a contract but I don't believe he is quite ready to make the jump yet. It would be beneficial for him to work on his game for another year in the whl. That being said its up to the coyotes to decide where he plays.

Alex Theriau - Will be having off-season Hip surgery for a torn labrum. This injury was known as the beginning of the season, and he played through the whole year with it. Recovery time could potentially be as long as 6 months..if that's the case I think it would be likely that we would see him back for another season. If he recovers faster he may move on to the pro leagues.

Patrik Parkkonen - 18 year old Finnish Males are conscripted into the military...could play havoc on if he is here for a whole year.

Next Years Overager's
Scott Mckay
Kale Kessy
Alex Theriau

If Kessy and Theriau return it would appear as if the overage situation is set. Mckay is eligible to come back next year. It might be possible that the Tigers look for a younger movement, or put him back on the blue-line if Theriau/Parkkonen doesn't come back. I think at least one of Kessy/Theriau will return...they could be in the market for another overager.

Edit: It was mentioned that Mckay may be looking to go the college route next season. If that's the case the Tigers are definitely in the market for an overager.


Next season will be an experience building year, but that does not mean they will not dress a good team. In 2 years the Tigers have the potential to Dress incredibly strong group of players. A lot of guys are in their draft season this coming year.

.....Their could be some tough decisions with 1 or 2 older players. If your building for 2 years down the road..a couple of next years 19's might possibly be trade bait. (Leier,Valk,Bredo,Hurley,Busenius,Parkkonen,Cameron,Dieno) ..there's always a chance one of them earns a contract and doesn't come back for their 20 yr old year....but I doubt that whole group are still Tigers by the end of next season.


Tigers could potentially only loose Emerson Etem and Cole Grbavac. I think Kessy is a good candidate to be back for another year.

The Tigers will be able to roll 3 solid lines, perhaps all 4 depending on what level the talent coming in has to bring. Pretty much the same depth but a year older..which hopefully means a little more scoring by committee.

(depth purposes only)..includes Kessy...puts Mckay back on defence.

Shinkaruk(18) Valk(19) Leier(19)
Kessy(20) Bredo(19) Dieno (19)
Labelle(17) Hart(18) Cox(17)
Sheen(18) Broadhead(17) Hurley(19)

Steve Owre
Blake Penner
Chad Butcher
Alex Mobray
+ other prospects

I'm really liking the skill of the forward group, this group should remain fairly intact for the season after next as well. They have a very strong group of centerman. If Kessy doesn't come back they will certainly need someone who can throw his weight around.

Parkkonen(19) Lewington(18)
Becker(18) Busenius(19)
Jenson(17) xxx

Alex Theriau ??
Mckay (20) school??
Ty Stanton(17)

A little uncertain. If Theriau doesn't come back, and Parkkonen gets conscripted it will be a very young group.

Kenny Cameron(19)
Dawson MacAuley(18)
Zac Robidoux (16)
+ other prospects

The goalies are in a bit of an awkward position. I wish Cameron was 1 year younger... With the strong 20 year old group for the season after next he would have to play lights out to push someone out of a spot. However this season It will be another battle royal for the #1 spot.

After looking at the depth charts I think Hurley, and Mckay will be in tough to keep spots, just because of the young guys coming back...and more of a youth movement for next season. If Theriau doesn't come back depending on the up and coming prospects Mckay could be very helpful on the blue-line for next season. I could see a guy like Busenius bringing in good value in a trade if depth allows for it.

Next year will be very exciting Hunter Shinkaruk, Jayden Hart, Riley Sheen, Tyler Lewington, Gavin Broadhead,Chad Labelle, Trevor Cox,Spenser Jensen are all draft eligible, which means they will be working hard in the off-season and looking to come back with a vengeance for next season. It will be exciting to see how their game improves over the course of next season, and see how many players get drafted. If these guys all show up next season the Tigers could be a dark horse in the second half of the season.

Late Edit
Their is also a possiblity of an nhl lockout to consider. I really hope that doesnt happen as the nhl has grown a lot in the last couple seasons. However if the NHL were to lockout it could be likely that Emerson Etem, and Tyler Bunz would return for thier overager year.

Emerson Etem UPDATE
Emerson played in his first two AHL games this weekend. In the Second game he scored the Game winner and was named 2nd star!! Go ETEM!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(Re:Edit) Warriors Sweep the Tigers

Moose Jaw Defeats Tigers 4-3 OT

Alex Theriau was out with a hip injury. Kyle Becker dressed in his place and looked really good in doing so.

Short Summary
It was the Tigers best game of the series, unfortunately it wasn't enough. The tigers were able to get a few more pucks out of their end however, Moose Jaw still fired 47 shots on net. Moose Jaw came out a little flat in the first period despite getting the first goal of the game 1:43 in.

Power-Play Success
The Tigers made Moose Jaw pay taking penalties as they scored 3 powerplay goals in the first period to take a 3-1 Lead (Bettauer x2, Boston Leier were the goal scorers).

Momentum Changer
Like the previous game the warriors took the momentum over in the second period with a powerplay goal of their own. The Warriors then tied the game up with about 4 minutes left in the third period as Sam Fioretti managed to handcuff Bunz on a wrist shot just inside the blueline.

So Close
The Tigers had quite a few scoring chances in the third period and overtime. Another post hit and a dozen or so chances that squeaked inches wide of the net. They had 2 incredible chances to win the game in overtime, but it just wasn't meant to be as 15 year old standout Brayden Point snapped a rebound over-top a fallen Tyler Bunz to win them the game.

Congrats to Moose Jaw, they are going to give Edmonton a real good run for their money in the conference final. I don't think I've ever seen a 15 year old callup play first line minutes in the playoffs. The warriors have an absolute gem in their hands.

Closing Thoughts
It was a fun treat to Watch Emerson Etem, Tyler Bunz, Cole Grbavac, and Matt Konan play the last couple seasons, and a pleasant surprise to see newcomer James Bettauer lead the league in Defensive scoring. ALL 5 players will be missed next season.

We weren't exactly sure what type of season the Tigers were going to have this year, and the coach Darren Kruger said the same thing on the radio after the game ended.

I think making it to the second round should be considered a successful season. Its too bad that injuries down the stretch made life a little difficult, but it could also be a blessing in disguise as the Tigers found out that Chad Labelle, and Kyle Becker look more than whl ready, As well as the Emergence of Rhyse Dieno before he got injured.

Initial thoughts for next season is that it will be an experience building year. The Tigers will be younger and could still have a good shot at making the playoffs. They have a lot of young talent that when it matures in 2 years they could be making deep playoff runs, but if they are building for 2 years they might have some tough 19 year old decisions to make for next year, but I'll get more into that in a couple days.

Looking Back to last July (Season predictions for this year)
I'm not sure what to think. If certain combos can gel, they will be the dark horse of the league and surprise, especially with the loss of guys like Pitlick, Vey, and Hamilton. However theirs also the possibility of having the supporting players/ depth not up to par if the 18 year olds don't step up their game.

They have a combo of smart, physical, fast and skilled forwards, They should maintain an average offense at worst. The Question will be on how the secondary offense and defense gels together.

It seems like they have the ingredients of where their not expected to be a power house yet could surprise if things mix together well. Yet they could also cook up a rotten batch of cookies. A safe bet would put them in the middle of the pack 5th-6th. However I wont be surprised to see them fall or rise in either direction.
It was a little general, but the Tigers finished 4th and made it to round two. I think they did slightly better than expectations considering the losses of the previous season.

Whats Next
Sometime over the next couple days I'll do an outlook for next season, and then my annual NHL Arm Chair GM scouting report I do for kicks soon after. As well as a look at how former Tigers of the previous years have been doing.

I just missed it but I thought I heard Kruger on the radio say that Kessy was coming back next season. Anyone else catch or confirm that?


Overtime Heartbreak

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warriors Defeat Tigers 4-2

Warriors Take a commanding 3-0 Series Lead.

Well we saw it live on TV but once you watch this warriors team on the ice you realize that they are the real deal.

I thought the Tigers skated real well with them in the first period, However the second period was a little ugly as the warriors took the game over outshooting the Tigers 23 to 8. The warriors strong fore-check wore the Tigers out and in the third period mistakes were being made.

Tigers are having trouble getting out of their zone, and when they do, its usually time for a dump in and change. The warriors are doing a hell of a job shadowing players looking for breakout passes, and putting lots of pressure on the Defenceman. Tigers gotta try and find some way to get past that.

The warriors defenceman play very big..I thought the Tigers second efforts could have been improved a little as legs would stop moving when they get in close. Keep their feet moving and they might get a few more calls go their way tomorrow.

A couple incidents that happened during the game. Curtis Valk ran over Luke Siemens as he scored the first goal of the game. It was a fight for a loose puck, and Valk poked the puck overtop of the goalie as Siemens dove for it. He was down for a bit but remained in the game.

Trevor Cox took a huge hit to the head, and I don't remember seeing him back on the ice after. Brendan Hurley hit Dallas Ehrhardt from behind. Ehrhardt would leave the game temporarily but was back on the ice during the last 5 minutes.

Game Four Tomorrow Night. Will it be the last time we get to watch Emerson Etem in a Tiger's Jersey?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Etem Back For Game Three

Just checked the whl discipline page, and his suspensions is listed as 1 game.

04/07/12 - Emerson Etem - Medicine Hat
One game for knee major and g.m. at Moose Jaw on April 6
NHL Central Scouting

NHL Central Scouting Released their Final Year End Rankings. No Tigers made the list, however the only Tigers that are first year eligible are Kyle Becker and Dawson MacAulay, both late season callups.

Most of the Tigers '94's have late birthdays. Some Player eligible for next years draft include: Hunter Shinkaruk, Jayden Hart, Riley Sheen, Tyler Lewington, Gavin Broadhead,Chad Labelle, Trevor Cox,Spenser Jensen......The Arena may be a scouting haven next season, moreso If one or more of those players mentioned aside from Shinkaruk has a breakout season

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Warriors Defeat Tigers 6-1

Chad Labelle was scratched after making a hit yesterday, but ended up worse for wear.

First Period

Curtis Valk rang a shot off the iron, and Boston Leier just missed a backhanded attempt.

But minutes later the Tigers Strike First. James Bettauer made a nice bank pass off the boards over to Hunter Shinkaruk as the warriors were changing. Shinkaruk walked in shot the puck to the far-side, and it beat Luke Siemens
1-0 Tigers

Late in the third Shinkaruk was coming out of his zone and his knees were taken out by a charging call.

Second Period
5 minutes in Shinkaruk would ring a shot off the iron.

Midway through the period Quinton Howden would score 2 quick goals. Bunz was screened from a point shot that was tipped. 1-1 TIE

The second one there was a scramble high in the slot and Dylan Bredo put the puck right on a warrior Defencemans stick. Mcfault's shot went off the backboards to James Henry who hit the post, and Quinton Howden Slapped in an easy rebound. 2-1 Warriors

Third Period
The Tigers looked a little worn out in the 3rd. Bunz misplayed a high glove shot, and Eric Arnold was Johhny on the spot. 3-1 Warriors

The Tigers would get a couple chances courtesy of Brendan Hurley. Hurley had a breakaway and a 2 on 1 but both were stopped.

After that the flood gates opened as Moose Jaw would pot 3 more goals. Kenton Miller scored on a 2 on 1. Justin Kirsch scored on a one-timer from the point on a 5 on 3 powerplay. Cody Beach would scoop up a rebound and put it past Bunz.

Final 6-1 Warriors

The Tigers just aren't the same team without Etem in the lineup. The warriors Defence were able to jump up in the play and make it much harder for the Tigers to breakout of their zone. The warriors looked like they had a lot of jump throughout most of the game. It will be do or die Tuesday and Wednesday back in the hat. Hopefully Etem will be back in the lineup. Already Missing Dieno,Hart,Kessy, and Now Labelle its just too much in the playoffs missing Etem against good teams.

Etem Out, Bredo In

Chat TV is reporting that Emerson Etem will be suspended for tonight's game and possibly more. Dylan Bredo will be back in the lineup for tonight's game.

Personally I disagree with the call. Etem was going for the body, Torrin White turned at the last second only getting his body out of the way. If Torrin wasn't injured the refs never would have given Etem a game misconduct. Etem has absolutely no prior history of bad hits.

White was seen back on the ice later in the game, but his status is doubtful for game 2. But its good to hear that Torrin White's Injury is not too serious.
EDIT: Being reported that he is out for the series.

It sets a dangerous precedent of suspending player due to the length of injury, and opens up another topic of discussions. But it appears that the whl may be waiting for the Final status on Torrin White to determine the final length of Etem's Suspension.

Recently Brett Bulmer of Kelowna was suspended only 1 game for a combo of 2 kneeing minors and a kneeing Major and game Misconduct, but I believe none of the Portland players missed games because of it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Warriors Defeat Tigers 2-1

First Period
Very unfortunate start to the game. Emerson Etem goes to lay a check on Torrin White carrying the puck out of his zone. At the last second White dodges to the left and etem bowls over him. The refs would initially give Etem 2 minutes, but after seeing Torrin White injured on the play the refs gave him 5 minutes for kneeing and a game misconduct. Watching the replay shows Etem leading with his shoulder and his legs not moving at all. The call was a borderline 2 minutes let alone 5 and a game.

It gets worse.....The Tigers failed to put a guy in the box and when the penalty expired sent a guy on the ice from the Bench...another penalty...meaning the Tigers were shorthanded for a tad over 7 minutes straight.

The Tigers managed to kill everything off, including getting a couple shorthanded chances by Boston Leier, and Curtis Valk. It was a helluva an effort by the Penalty Killers, and Tyler Bunz. 0-0 TIE. Losing Etem is tough...A game misconduct also prompts a review by the league.

2nd Period

UGGGGG.. More bad news.

Right off the bat the Tigers Dylan Bredo gets tossed. 5 and a game for checking to the head. This one was a penalty...idk if its worth 5 though. Don't like how the refs are waiting to see if the player is injured before making a call. The player he hit was back on the ice for the next shift.

The Tigers miraculously kill of two 5 minute majors.

Warriors get on the board first. After Bunz stopped a little tip-in Moose Jaw Defenceman Joel Edmundson smacks at a puck near the net at a bad angle. The puck somehow squeaks through Bunz. 1-0 Warriors
End Of Second.

Tigers are playing really well around their net. They aren't getting a lot of time in the offensive zone, But have created a few really good chances. Grbavac and Shinkaruk had a 2 on 1. Valk had a nice shorthanded chance early. Tigers have done a really good job at limiting the warriors chances so far. They'll be in tough in the final period.

3rd Period
Warriors would go up 2-0. Bunz wasn't able to get good wood on a pass and turned the puck over behind the net. THE puck would get passed out front to Joel Edmundson who rifled a shot top shelf. 2-0 Warriors

Tigers managed to get within 1 late in the game. With the goaltender Pulled Boston Leier would poke a loose puck into the net. 2-1 Warriors

Game Over.
Warriors Take a 1-0 Series Lead.

Tigers lost both Etem and Bredo to 5 minute majors, and the warriors still only won by 1 goal. I think you gotta take that as a positive if your the Tigers. I didn't agree with both majors. The initial calls were 2 minutes, the refs huddled up and gave both Tigers 5 minute penalties......very tough way to start the series.

Both Bredo and Etem will be at the mercy of the league to see if they are playing tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Best Names In Hockey - Hunter Shinkaruk

Vote For Shinkaruk in Round 1 for the Best Names in Hockey
(At the time of posting he is winning by a large margin)

Unforunately it looks like Boston Leier lost in his first round bracket.

MH News Articles
Parkkonen hits his stride

Divided Loyalties (The Tigers will faceoff against another local kid Torrin White)

NHL Contract Finally Comes for Konan

Moose Jaw Leader Post Article
Warriors ready for Etem

New Edit
An Even Match On Paper (MH News)

Etem, Shinkaruk on the Prowl Against Warriors (Calgary Herald)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Commenting Is now Moderated

Due to one person repeatedly making derogatory comments about the Tigers and players, commenting has been turned on to moderator mode. Comments will not be posted until approved.

I hope this will be temporary.

Tigers Vs Warriors on Shaw

Tiger fans that have Shaw TV will be happy to hear that the Tigers vs Moose Jaw series will be featured in Round 2.

Tyler Bunz Chl Goalie of the Week

This is the second time Bunz has won CHL goalie of the week honors this season.

Best Names In Hockey - Boston Leier

The Hockey news is putting on a "Best Names in Hockey" march madness bracket style poll.

Boston Leier is in the SANSREGRET BRACKET (April 2-4)Here is a direct Link to his Poll

As of this post Leier is trailing by 4%
Update(11:30 mtn): Leier trailing by 2%

Monday, April 2, 2012

Matt Konan Signs With Philly

Philadelphia Flyers Twitter feed has reported that Overage Defenceman Matt Konan has signed an entry level deal with the philadelphia flyers.!/NHLFlyers/status/186915591167287296

Congratulations Matt Konan.

I thought Konan has been pretty underated throughout this season with the Tigers, and he kept getting better. His combination of size and mobility are a rare quality. Despite the Tigers getting James Bettauer and Bettauer leading the league in goals along the blueline, it was Matt Konan who developed the proficiency to quaterback the powerplay.

I remember making a couple quotes back in february saying
I think Konan still shows more potential than the average 20 yr old.If a good defensive coach was to work with him at the next level he could suprise us all."

This signing indicates the Flyers also saw that potential in him. I think the Flyers will be a good fit as It should teach him to add another level of toughness in his game.

MH News Article on the Signing.

Good to hear that a few teams were interested in him.