Monday, April 9, 2012

Etem Back For Game Three

Just checked the whl discipline page, and his suspensions is listed as 1 game.

04/07/12 - Emerson Etem - Medicine Hat
One game for knee major and g.m. at Moose Jaw on April 6
NHL Central Scouting

NHL Central Scouting Released their Final Year End Rankings. No Tigers made the list, however the only Tigers that are first year eligible are Kyle Becker and Dawson MacAulay, both late season callups.

Most of the Tigers '94's have late birthdays. Some Player eligible for next years draft include: Hunter Shinkaruk, Jayden Hart, Riley Sheen, Tyler Lewington, Gavin Broadhead,Chad Labelle, Trevor Cox,Spenser Jensen......The Arena may be a scouting haven next season, moreso If one or more of those players mentioned aside from Shinkaruk has a breakout season


Anonymous said...

this is a good sign. Hope the rest of the team shows up. Go Tigers, let's kick MJ ass < they have had it too easy so far.

Anonymous said...

Etem back, new team, will be 2-2 when we are done in the Hat. New series.

Anonymous said...

AND THIS HAPPENS TO BE 2 GAMES for Etem. Hope the WHL refs show up this time. Minor league zebras not wanted.
Let the players decide the game, PLEASE.
And yes I'm getting pumped to see tigers hockey.
Game ON

75flyersbestteamever said...

Fans, do your Maximus said in the movie GLADIATOR quote
"at my command unleash hell" unquote
--"the Jaw" won't know what hit em if 4006 crazies fill the barn.

Proximity said...

Now it's about time that there should be a second verse added to the Hip-Hop Medicine Hat Tigers good feeling song. If you do not know it then check it out on MY96fm!!! Post your thoughts song the song lyrics.

Anonymous said...

I heard that LaBelle will be playing. Good news as we can use all the guys we can get! Go tigers go! Let's go get em!!!