Saturday, April 7, 2012

Etem Out, Bredo In

Chat TV is reporting that Emerson Etem will be suspended for tonight's game and possibly more. Dylan Bredo will be back in the lineup for tonight's game.

Personally I disagree with the call. Etem was going for the body, Torrin White turned at the last second only getting his body out of the way. If Torrin wasn't injured the refs never would have given Etem a game misconduct. Etem has absolutely no prior history of bad hits.

White was seen back on the ice later in the game, but his status is doubtful for game 2. But its good to hear that Torrin White's Injury is not too serious.
EDIT: Being reported that he is out for the series.

It sets a dangerous precedent of suspending player due to the length of injury, and opens up another topic of discussions. But it appears that the whl may be waiting for the Final status on Torrin White to determine the final length of Etem's Suspension.

Recently Brett Bulmer of Kelowna was suspended only 1 game for a combo of 2 kneeing minors and a kneeing Major and game Misconduct, but I believe none of the Portland players missed games because of it.

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Anonymous said...

Etem out absolutely cripples our Tigers offense. Very unfortunatefor the Tigers!!