Monday, April 2, 2012

Matt Konan Signs With Philly

Philadelphia Flyers Twitter feed has reported that Overage Defenceman Matt Konan has signed an entry level deal with the philadelphia flyers.!/NHLFlyers/status/186915591167287296

Congratulations Matt Konan.

I thought Konan has been pretty underated throughout this season with the Tigers, and he kept getting better. His combination of size and mobility are a rare quality. Despite the Tigers getting James Bettauer and Bettauer leading the league in goals along the blueline, it was Matt Konan who developed the proficiency to quaterback the powerplay.

I remember making a couple quotes back in february saying
I think Konan still shows more potential than the average 20 yr old.If a good defensive coach was to work with him at the next level he could suprise us all."

This signing indicates the Flyers also saw that potential in him. I think the Flyers will be a good fit as It should teach him to add another level of toughness in his game.

MH News Article on the Signing.

Good to hear that a few teams were interested in him.


longtimefan said...

Good for him. His play has been much improved this season.

Anonymous said...

Good for him but glad to see him leave. I think he needs to build some toughness as it was often frustrating to see his size yet he would not make body contact. Again, good luck but good ridence!