Saturday, April 14, 2012

Next Season Outlook

Players not Coming Back
Cole Grbavac (overage)
Emerson Etem ( NHL Contract)
James Bettauer (overage)
Matt Konan (overage)

Very Unlikely to Return

Tyler Bunz (NHL Contract) - The oilers 2 'tenders in the AHL(Yann Danis, and David Leneveu had very strong years. Oliver Roy had a very strong season in the echl last year and will likely be moved up to the AHL. Where Bunz plays will depend on what the Oilers do with their goalies. It could be likely that Bunz starts in the ECHL next season taking a similar path to Oliver Roy. But the Oilers would likely have to dump someone to make room.

Kale Kessy - Kale Kessy has a contract but I don't believe he is quite ready to make the jump yet. It would be beneficial for him to work on his game for another year in the whl. That being said its up to the coyotes to decide where he plays.

Alex Theriau - Will be having off-season Hip surgery for a torn labrum. This injury was known as the beginning of the season, and he played through the whole year with it. Recovery time could potentially be as long as 6 months..if that's the case I think it would be likely that we would see him back for another season. If he recovers faster he may move on to the pro leagues.

Patrik Parkkonen - 18 year old Finnish Males are conscripted into the military...could play havoc on if he is here for a whole year.

Next Years Overager's
Scott Mckay
Kale Kessy
Alex Theriau

If Kessy and Theriau return it would appear as if the overage situation is set. Mckay is eligible to come back next year. It might be possible that the Tigers look for a younger movement, or put him back on the blue-line if Theriau/Parkkonen doesn't come back. I think at least one of Kessy/Theriau will return...they could be in the market for another overager.

Edit: It was mentioned that Mckay may be looking to go the college route next season. If that's the case the Tigers are definitely in the market for an overager.


Next season will be an experience building year, but that does not mean they will not dress a good team. In 2 years the Tigers have the potential to Dress incredibly strong group of players. A lot of guys are in their draft season this coming year.

.....Their could be some tough decisions with 1 or 2 older players. If your building for 2 years down the road..a couple of next years 19's might possibly be trade bait. (Leier,Valk,Bredo,Hurley,Busenius,Parkkonen,Cameron,Dieno) ..there's always a chance one of them earns a contract and doesn't come back for their 20 yr old year....but I doubt that whole group are still Tigers by the end of next season.


Tigers could potentially only loose Emerson Etem and Cole Grbavac. I think Kessy is a good candidate to be back for another year.

The Tigers will be able to roll 3 solid lines, perhaps all 4 depending on what level the talent coming in has to bring. Pretty much the same depth but a year older..which hopefully means a little more scoring by committee.

(depth purposes only)..includes Kessy...puts Mckay back on defence.

Shinkaruk(18) Valk(19) Leier(19)
Kessy(20) Bredo(19) Dieno (19)
Labelle(17) Hart(18) Cox(17)
Sheen(18) Broadhead(17) Hurley(19)

Steve Owre
Blake Penner
Chad Butcher
Alex Mobray
+ other prospects

I'm really liking the skill of the forward group, this group should remain fairly intact for the season after next as well. They have a very strong group of centerman. If Kessy doesn't come back they will certainly need someone who can throw his weight around.

Parkkonen(19) Lewington(18)
Becker(18) Busenius(19)
Jenson(17) xxx

Alex Theriau ??
Mckay (20) school??
Ty Stanton(17)

A little uncertain. If Theriau doesn't come back, and Parkkonen gets conscripted it will be a very young group.

Kenny Cameron(19)
Dawson MacAuley(18)
Zac Robidoux (16)
+ other prospects

The goalies are in a bit of an awkward position. I wish Cameron was 1 year younger... With the strong 20 year old group for the season after next he would have to play lights out to push someone out of a spot. However this season It will be another battle royal for the #1 spot.

After looking at the depth charts I think Hurley, and Mckay will be in tough to keep spots, just because of the young guys coming back...and more of a youth movement for next season. If Theriau doesn't come back depending on the up and coming prospects Mckay could be very helpful on the blue-line for next season. I could see a guy like Busenius bringing in good value in a trade if depth allows for it.

Next year will be very exciting Hunter Shinkaruk, Jayden Hart, Riley Sheen, Tyler Lewington, Gavin Broadhead,Chad Labelle, Trevor Cox,Spenser Jensen are all draft eligible, which means they will be working hard in the off-season and looking to come back with a vengeance for next season. It will be exciting to see how their game improves over the course of next season, and see how many players get drafted. If these guys all show up next season the Tigers could be a dark horse in the second half of the season.

Late Edit
Their is also a possiblity of an nhl lockout to consider. I really hope that doesnt happen as the nhl has grown a lot in the last couple seasons. However if the NHL were to lockout it could be likely that Emerson Etem, and Tyler Bunz would return for thier overager year.

Emerson Etem UPDATE
Emerson played in his first two AHL games this weekend. In the Second game he scored the Game winner and was named 2nd star!! Go ETEM!!


Anonymous said...

Scott McKay is going to school i know his parents and he has already applied to Mount Royal....I think Tigers should keep an eye on Portland for 20 year olds they have some good ones that they won't be able to hold on too, plus I also hear Hurley isn't liked in the locker room and might get traded. Ty Stanton will also be the police man in the future the guy is crazy tough and will fill the void we lose with Cole. Id let go of Parkonnen and go with a young D group trade for a more well rounded euro then release Dieno/Scheen (more spots for rookies) and build the team for a run in the future. Also with Parkonnen gone lets us bring in two euro forwards to try out

CatFan said...

Great post Tiger Turf! Just one question: who do you think will be Captain next year? I'm thinking Boston Leier.

TigerTurf said...

I think Dylan Bredo may be a good candidate for captain. He was an assistant this year.

That's interesting to hear about Mckay..

Anonymous said...

I like Dylan Bredo, but I just don't see him as setting an example. It has always seemed strange that he can never hit the net, most rookies have more goals then him. In addition, he has been very poor as of late on the face-offs. He also lost the centre position on the power play. Do you think he is still the guy? Don't get me wrong, love him on the team, he is the best defensive forward out there, just not sure if he shows enough on the ice. I think Boston Leier does not that. As for MacKay, I think it is a good move. I was wondering what would happen to him next year. He seems to have been run out of a spot on the team. Interesting bit on Hurley, I did not know that! Too bad!

Anonymous said...

Tiger Turf, who do you see being potentially traded next year? Do you think they may make lots of trades to make room for guys like Penner? And what do you think will happen with goalies, do you know anything about the 16 year old? I head Dawson is not what they were hoping, lazy with training and has made it this far based on his size but now lacks in talent. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

They kept Dawson away because he would get way more experience in Midget starting every game then sitting on the bench and I also hear Bredo will be captain as for McKay his parents and I were talking and he apparently is getting tired of hockey and wants to go to school and get his education done and with Hurley it was an attitude problem, just like with Tochkin when he got traded no one wanted him in the locker room. But believe me out of everyone to be excited for its this Stanton guy I've seen tape on him and he is like a Pronger he is big and physical and takes no prisoners

Anonymous said...

Stanton also a nice kid, met him when he was pulled up, good attitude and very pleasent. Always good to see, attitude can make you or break you!

TigerTurf said...

MacAuley was the 2nd/3rd stringer with Yorkton this season. Only played in 13 games...sub .900 save percentage...not really what you want to hear for a possible incoming goaltender.

The 16 year old goalie they drafted in Zac Robidoux made Manitoba's AAA midget league all star game, and was named the Pembina Valley Hawks playoff MVP. He had a .909 save percentage on a sub .500 hockey team...stats sound good... We will have to see what he is made of come training camp.

I've also heard good things about Stanton. I remember being impressed with him when the Tiger slaughtered swift current in an exhibition game this year.

Anonymous said...

Personally if Im the Tigers I trade Scheen, Hurley, and maybe Leier preferably Dieno and then it would be great if Rehak (i think thats how you spelt it) came back he was great out their but if not another young euro on forward and then let some 16 year olds make the roster and trade Theriau for an upgrade, then get another veteran forward (like Farmanara) to shape the young guys and build the team for the future. The tigers defiantly made a mistake not trading Bunz and Etem because it will bite us now and we won't go far next year considering Saskatoon is going to gear up because they host the memorial cup and Edmonton will be a power house as well. But if you make small changes like trading those player, upgrade the D, keep vets like Leier, Bredo, Valk, Kessy, Patrik and let the team grow a little and let those young players develop next year they could be a force considering we would lose 3-5 players but not as badly as this next year because we will have young guys ready to step in. Also let Dawson and Cameron fight for starter keep the 16 year old, personally you keep Dawson (bigger, more agile in his net, and most importantly younger) basically the system we should use it what the Hitman have been doing since losing Kozun and that good team build small positions rotate the rookies on a consecutive nights and put in veteran presence to help the rookies along the way.

Anonymous said...

Shinkaruk(18) Valk(19) Koules
Kessy(20) Bredo(19) Leier
Labelle(17) Hart(18) Cox(17)
Penner, Butcher, Owre and other rookies rotation into the bottom line, also the other euro would compete for that spot, Rehak also couldn't come back because he was 19 when he came here.
***If Kessy does not come back keep Hurley in for physicality
*** You also forgot Miles Koules the guy that playes for USA who we traded Reid for, he is a good friend of Hunters and the stats he has put up the guy is a stud

Parkkonen(19) Lewington(18)
Becker(18) Busenius(19)
Jenson(17) Overage Dman ( Cody Castro would be the McCue of before, Rutkowski would be another great add and a great upgrade to Theriau)
Stanton, and also a young rookie possibly that we draft.

This is my take anyway on how to build an elite force in the future for the Tigers

longtimefan said...

I thought I had read somewhere that Koules had commited to a US college. One guy I would have no problem moving is Busenius. Just don't think he performs well under pressure. Also think goaltending is going to be an issue. Both Cameron and McCauley barely played this year. In my opinion Cameron isn't capable of being a full time starter and I know the team was dissapointed in McCauleys performance in camp this year and with his lack of playing time he didn't get much of a chance to work on his game.

TigerTurf said...

I don't think koules is coming. His twitter account has lots of posts about joining the NCAA. Portland will loose a lot of their 20's to the ahl/nhl.

Stan said...


With regards to the goaltenders, I think next season is fairly straight forward. The Tigers will start the season with Cameron and McAuley battling it out for playing time and the starting job...not just defaulting the starting gig to Cameron. As the next best goaltender on their list is 16 year old Robidoux, I expect they'll finish the year status quo and the following season Robidoux pairs with McAulay, with Cameron then being a 20 year old and not returning.

With regards to the defence, and based on comments above along with Tigerturf's summary, I would think the defensive depth chart next season will be...

Theriau (92)
Parkkonen (93)
Busenius (93)
Lewington (94)
Becker (94)
Jensen (95)
Stanton (95)
Hunker (95)

**Depth chart ages included because the Tigers playing time relies so heavly on age with this coaching staff.

Depending on Theriau's surgery recovery and Parkkonen's potential military commitments/pro offers back in Finland, I can certainly see the Tigers bringing in a 20 year old defenceman next season (Kessy and Theriau being the other two 20s). Another situation I can certainly see is the Tigers going with 8 defencemen on their roster as they did two years ago, however I do not see them taking a 16 year old defenceman next year, and in fact the only 16 year old I can see them having on the roster is first round forward Penner.

Anonymous said...

I would think that they would include Penner on the roster. Last yr during training camp he was such a physical presence. I watched a number of the scrimmages and thought he outplayed guys like Sheen. I have no doubt that he will be on the roster. With goaltending, I hope they let the performances speak for themselves. I think both tenders will get more time as no one will play like Bunz. If Dawson is outplaying by the 16 year old (which he apparently was last year) then I hope we play Robidoux next year as potential back up. It will all come down to commitment and training over the summer for that position.

Anonymous said...

I still am holding off on replacing Bunz in mind. The Oilers have a number of gosltenders thwt did well this year. We will have to wait and see, one will have to be moved for Bunz. Oilers may keep him in the WHL to log big minutes rather then sharing a starter role or acting as a back-up. Not sure if it will help his development if he was a back up in the ECHL.

Anonymous said...

Etem scored in the Crunch game tonight, game winning goal. Not bad!!

Anonymous said...

Great for Etem, scoring the game winning goal.
As for Theriau, he apparently had his right labrum 60% torn last summer , confirmed at the Mayo Clinic by the Dallas Stars.
I checked out Theriau's stats, seems he only missed three games all year. I'm told he has a a great positive leadership role in the dressing room, and holds players accountable.
Theriau has my vote for captain next year, has a calming presence on the ice.

TigerTurf said...

Great News about Etem!!!! I thought the crunch played their last game yesterday but I was mistaken.

With the goalies its a wait and see what happens at training camp...who knows maybe a list player comes in and steals the show like Cameron this season for the backup.. The #1 spot is up for grabs......

Theriau would definitely be a good candidate for captain if he comes back as well.

Anonymous said...

Hart got rookie of the year at banquet, congrats, we'll deserved!!

TigerTurf said...

Link To All awards:

longtimefan said...

Just looked at Alan Caldwells blog from earlier this year to check the Tigers protected list and one word comes to mind, small, no two words, real small. The list has probably changed somewhat from earlier this year but about half or more of the players on it are 5'7" to 5'11". Would sure like to see them start drafting some size up front. Defensively it isn't to bad but the forward group needs a size upgrade in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Good call. And maybe some players with some kahunas!! You can score 49 goals, but when the playoffs come... U can't be scared !

Anonymous said...

In drafting Penner they have a tough character. If you went to any of the games at camp you would have witnessed that he was not afraid of anyone. He has decent size and given that he is not 16, he will grow. I would like to see a few more of this type of player who plays tough, hard and fearless. He will be valuable next year! But would like even 1 or 2 big d-men and a big guy upfront, would be good infront of the net......but, don't want to see them pull Jensen up to forward, we see how well that works out in guys like MacKay, who has horribly low numbers for a 19yo. I do not imagine he will be on the team next year if he decides to return.

Anonymous said...

Having two big guys doesn't help the team they need to evolve the basis of a checking line every year they have gone far they have big bodies that check and grind out teams like Moose Jaw did to use once they started hitting the Tigers everyone disappeared and they took over

Anonymous said...

What is up with that Wilson kid on D? I remember reading a post on him a while back. Lead the Alberta Midget leagues in dman scoring, could really use a guy like that to replace Konan/Bettauer on the PP.

Anonymous said...

The Wilson kid is suppose to big good but it's a big step up from midget to the WHL. He won't put up a quarter of the points he did this year in midget to next year!!!

Anonymous said...

Wilson has committed to play in the BCHL so will not be coming here. Seams to be more and more that we list kids who go play elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Why is that? The Tigers have one of the best reputations for producing quality players and the WHL is the best junior experience you can get. I am baffled as to why you would want to play at a lower level, assuming his goal is the NHL, why not play in the best junior league?

TigerTurf said...