Friday, April 6, 2012

Warriors Defeat Tigers 2-1

First Period
Very unfortunate start to the game. Emerson Etem goes to lay a check on Torrin White carrying the puck out of his zone. At the last second White dodges to the left and etem bowls over him. The refs would initially give Etem 2 minutes, but after seeing Torrin White injured on the play the refs gave him 5 minutes for kneeing and a game misconduct. Watching the replay shows Etem leading with his shoulder and his legs not moving at all. The call was a borderline 2 minutes let alone 5 and a game.

It gets worse.....The Tigers failed to put a guy in the box and when the penalty expired sent a guy on the ice from the Bench...another penalty...meaning the Tigers were shorthanded for a tad over 7 minutes straight.

The Tigers managed to kill everything off, including getting a couple shorthanded chances by Boston Leier, and Curtis Valk. It was a helluva an effort by the Penalty Killers, and Tyler Bunz. 0-0 TIE. Losing Etem is tough...A game misconduct also prompts a review by the league.

2nd Period

UGGGGG.. More bad news.

Right off the bat the Tigers Dylan Bredo gets tossed. 5 and a game for checking to the head. This one was a penalty...idk if its worth 5 though. Don't like how the refs are waiting to see if the player is injured before making a call. The player he hit was back on the ice for the next shift.

The Tigers miraculously kill of two 5 minute majors.

Warriors get on the board first. After Bunz stopped a little tip-in Moose Jaw Defenceman Joel Edmundson smacks at a puck near the net at a bad angle. The puck somehow squeaks through Bunz. 1-0 Warriors
End Of Second.

Tigers are playing really well around their net. They aren't getting a lot of time in the offensive zone, But have created a few really good chances. Grbavac and Shinkaruk had a 2 on 1. Valk had a nice shorthanded chance early. Tigers have done a really good job at limiting the warriors chances so far. They'll be in tough in the final period.

3rd Period
Warriors would go up 2-0. Bunz wasn't able to get good wood on a pass and turned the puck over behind the net. THE puck would get passed out front to Joel Edmundson who rifled a shot top shelf. 2-0 Warriors

Tigers managed to get within 1 late in the game. With the goaltender Pulled Boston Leier would poke a loose puck into the net. 2-1 Warriors

Game Over.
Warriors Take a 1-0 Series Lead.

Tigers lost both Etem and Bredo to 5 minute majors, and the warriors still only won by 1 goal. I think you gotta take that as a positive if your the Tigers. I didn't agree with both majors. The initial calls were 2 minutes, the refs huddled up and gave both Tigers 5 minute penalties......very tough way to start the series.

Both Bredo and Etem will be at the mercy of the league to see if they are playing tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Absolute crock of $&#$ reffing. Where were these refs in teh saskatoon series?

Anonymous said...

Brutal reffing but the boys played hard. Go Tigers Go!

Anonymous said...

Etem did say that he was trying to hit White and he moved at the last minute and they connected knee on knee. That I believe should not be a suspension if White hadn't moved it would have been a clean hit. Although Bredo's I hate to say it could be a suspension - he deliberately hit him in the head. But I don't like how the ref decided on a two minute minor and then changed their minds as if they saw the score board and realized it was more of a major penalty. But if they both get suspended it better be only one game. Look at the Saskatoon player's suspension from round one. League said he had no past discipline issues therefore Bredo and Etem have had the same past and they only deserved one game if they do get suspended.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of the Tigers. Never quit and Moosejaw never let up.
Nobody said this was going to be easy.
The beast is unleashed.

Anonymous said...

Etem got suspended an indefinite amount of time

Anonymous said...

I am a warriors and I would prefer Etem to be on the iceand playing if we win because he is a dynamic player and is a very good player. To be honest I do not think he deserves more then one game plus this now that they say there may be a suspension!

Anonymous said...

The WHL has got to be a total farce, to even suggest this is a suspendable offense.
Etem has no history of being a dirty player , nor was this a 5 minute major to start with.
The defense was solid tonight. And that includes every one in front of Bunz.