Friday, July 27, 2012

Hurley Joins the MJHL Dauphin Kings

The Dauphin Kings Hockey Club are pleased to announce the signing of 19-year-old power forward, Brendan Hurley. Hurley is a 6’1, 195lbs, forward who played four seasons in the WHL with the Kootenay Ice and the Medicine Hat Tigers. Hurley won a WHL Championship with the Kootenay Ice in 2010/2011.

Nex season Hurley would have seen  limited ice-time, with the Tigers having some pretty packed depth at forward. Nonetheless I wish Hurley all the best with the Kings. I wouldn't be suprised to see the Tigers keeping him on the 50 PPL for a couple months so another team can't grab him for free, because I wouldn't doubt another whl team with limited forward depth would love to have him.

Updated Depth Charts
Shinkaruk Bredo(19) (18)  Koules(18)
Leier(19) Valk(19) Hart(18)
Kessy(20) Cox(17) Dieno(19)
Labelle(17)  Broadhead(17)  Doty(19) 

Blake Penner
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Theriau(20) Lewington(18)
Becker(18) Busenius(19)
Jenson(17) Daniel Hanson(17 euro)
Ty Stanton

Marek Langhamer
Kenny Cameron
Zac Robideaux
Dawson MacAuley


Anonymous said...

Sad to see him go. Tough player, deserves to be in the WHl. Will miss him in the Hat! Was looking forward to seeing him, Kessey and Doty all on a line. Good luck to him!

Anonymous said...

Good kid.....We will miss you, all the best.

Anonymous said...

oh wow looks like i was right, damn i hate how that happens lets see that makes Moose Jaw sweeping the tigers, tigers trading a small useless forward for Doty and now Hurley leaving the team

longtimefan said...

I'm guessing that Hurley was told by the Tigers he would have a limited role with the team this year so he decided to go somewhere else. Another player with decent size leaving is not something this team needs

Anonymous said...

I think it is a bit tough because he had such a small period of time to adapt from the Kootney trap system to MH's fast pace. I do not think we got to see all that Hurley had to offer. I am willing to bet he would have found his role early next season as he would be able to build his niche as the team was assembled. Good luck to him, he deserved better!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to know the real reason? the huge reason was because he was ruined by the trap system it is insanely hard for a guy who played twoish seasons with a trap system which loves to use grinders and he was so use to have a leading role (as checking units do in trap teams) then he comes to the tigers and we have a better bigger version them him as a grinder (Kessy) and as a power forward/tough guy (Doty) he just became expendable, also the fact he doesn't click with some of the tigers is another reason he was told to find somewhere else to play, he just isn't worth the roster spot if we would of kept him we might as well should of kept Gaudet last year

On those notes i have been hearing great things about Doty and Koules, Doty is clicking very well with players and Koules apparently looks amazing not to mention if the NHL locks out which it probably will Bunz will end up coming back but Etem is for sure gone (scary to think how good teams like Portland and Moose Jaw could get if that happens)

Anonymous said...

Tigerturf, you said in the ost that you think other teams would be interested in him. So why did the Tigers not trade him? I really liked him and think he is better then the MJHL!! Why no trade?

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear about something. Players are put on the proverbial wire, with their parent club when a team is interested in moving him out. Obviously, there were no takers within the Dub for Hurley.
I'm not buying into the "Trap System" either. Kootenay Ice are not the only team in our league that play that system. If he was good enough., he would have been picked up by another team.
Let's just be realistic about this player. I wish him well, with Dauphin.
Can anyone tell me how to open a new topic on this blog? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Blake Penner is listed as probably making it next season and I totally agree. I was also thinking, based on his good showing at the recent camp, was Cole Sanford. I think he is a real talent. It is just crazy the depth we have up front, I wonder if there is not going to be a trade of a forward to get a D-man with some experience and size, especially with losing the size of Hurley!

TigerTurf said...

I wish Hurley well, I hear he is a really good kid. Hurley has limited offensive potential, and his foot-speed was slow.

I think Hurley's game was definitely more suited to the Kootenay style of play, however to say Kootenay wrecked his game is not fair to Hurley or Kootenay.

When I was talking about other teams being interested I was talking about the free kind of interest.

I thought it was obvious that before moving/releasing a player, a team would gauge if their is any interest in the league.

Perhaps come training camp or October/November or so when injuries hit or teams realize they need some help other teams may want a physical presence picking up a 19 year old with Memorial Cup experience....unless of course the Tigers maintain his rights.

If the Tigers completely released Hurley I'm 95% sure he would be in another teams training camp come September.

Anonymous said...

I just think with playing time and a Tiger's training camp under his belt, he would have been a benefit to our team.